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Name: Tazz
From: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Weight: 240 lbs.
Height: 5'9"
Theme Song: Bad Boy 4life
Finisher: Tazz Mission
Tag Team: none

Known as the "Human Suplex Machine" Tazz is by far one of the prolific mat technicians in the history of modern wrestling, as well as a master of almost all variations of the suplexs. Originally saddled with a very questionable "Islander" type gimmick and known as the Tazmaniac, Tazz eventually became his own man and was managed by Bill Alphonso who turned his back on Tazz during one of his first feuds with former tag-team championship partner Sabu. Tazz was one of the few remaining ECW wrestlers who have been with the company since their inception as Eastern Championship Wrestling. Dubbed "the most miserable son of a bitch on the planet" by announcer Joey Styles, Tazz has lived-up to this name, never settling for anything and always being hostile to almost everyone and everything. Despite seldom being pinned, Tazz has had to overcome some serious injuries on his rise to being the current ECW Heavyweight Champion. The most serious being a legit broken neck at the hands of Too Cold Scorpio and Dean Malenko. Having faced and beaten almost everyone in ECW and winning every belt in the company - not to mention creating the unrecognised FTW (F--k The World) belt during his feud with Shane Douglas and the Triple Threat. Tazz refuses to back down from anyone in ECW or in wrestling for that matter challenging many of the WWF's and WCW's top stars on a regular basis. His matches are by far some of the most hard-hitting and stiff ever seen and his willingness to push the boundaries of the extreme both in the ring and outside make him a champ not only to be respected but to be feared. Tazz was a human wrecking machine in ECW. He didn't care for the title's but went out to kick some ass. He is nicknamed, The Human Suplex Machine, for a purpose. During the 2000 Royal Rumble, there were hints of his arrival at WWF. When his theme music began, the crowd rose to a huge ovation and Tazz came out with his Black towel on his head. I have a picture when I was at MSG for the 2000 Royal Rumble of Tazz suplexing Kurt Angel in the Air!, but my scanner is broken, so we will just have to wait to see the awesome pitcure.Joining the WWF at Royal Rumble 2000, Tazz has already become a noticeable force in the WWF. The toughness of this 13-year veteran will become painfully obvious as he makes his way through the WWF ranks. He's got all the tools; the only question is who's going to be stupid enough to stand in his way. As Kurt Angle stood in the center of the ring at Madison Square Garden addressing 19,000 people, a 5-foot-9, 238-pound man readied himself backstage. This highly touted free agent was about to make his World Wrestling Federation debut in Madison Square Garden in front of 19,000 screaming fans at the Royal Rumble, the first Pay-Per-View of the millennium. Tack on the fact that he was stepping in the ring against an undefeated Olympian, and it's easy to see why this was such a big moment. The fans at the Garden sensed that this man might be Angle's mystery opponent. Knowing of his past and his reputation, the fans started to chant his name, as if they hoped their cheers could bring this man to the ring. Suddenly, that orange symbol which had haunted the TitanTron for weeks once again made its appearance, to an ovation surpassing anything the Knicks have ever received in the Garden! Moments later, this specimen emerged from the locker room, his head covered with a ripped-up towel. The crowd went nuts. Tazz had arrived!