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Name: Sable
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Weight: 120 lbs.
Height: 5'3"
Stable: Team WWF
Theme Song: Sable Theme
Finisher: Sable Bomb
Tag Team: none

Before coming into the World Wrestling Federation Sable worked as a model. She was first seen in the WWF at Wrestlemania 12 in 1996 when she accompanied Hunter Hearst Helmsley to ringside for his match with The Ultimate Warrior. Little did we know at the time that Sable was not just another one of Hunter's escorts but was in fact to be a long term personality in the WWF. Before she even stepped into the WWF she accompanied her real life husband, Marc Mero, when he went to meet Vince McMahon. Mero wanted Sable to be his manager in the WWF and Vince agreed as he felt that a face like Sable's just had to be put on TV! How right he was! After her first appearance in the WWF with Hunter Hearst Helmsley at Wrestlemania, Hunter blamed Sable for the loss and Marc Mero came to Sable's rescue. The next night on Raw, Sable's status as Mero's manager was solidified. She was sitting at ringside during a Marc Mero match when Helmsley came out and confronted her. After a bit of a scuffle Sable slapped Helmsley and left in the arms of Mero. In real life Mero and Sable had been together long before they came to the WWF. They met in a bar under strange circumstances! Mero was with Page Falkenburg (Diamond Dallas Page) and Marcus (Buff) Bagwell at the time. Rena (Sable) was sitting at another table. Well the story goes that Bagwell dared Mero to give the beautiful lady on the next table (Sable) his best pick up line! Mero wrote a note to Rena which said 'Do you like me? Yes or No. Circle one' and gave it to a waitress to take to Rena! Rena read the note and then crumpled it up! Bagwell and Falkenburg then started to joke with Mero and say sarcastically 'Good Line!' but, to Marc Mero's and his friends surprise, when the waitress returned the note to Marc, Rena had added an extra reply to the note of 'maybe' and circled that! The rest as they say is history! (Credit: Scoops Wrestling Headlines Magazine) Considering the incidents involving Sable, Mero and Helmsley at Wrestlemania 12 and the following night on Raw, it was was no surprise that the first angle Sable was involved in with the WWF was one between Mero and Helmsley. The two wrestlers met at In Your House 8: Beware of Dog, and Helmsley, still being punished by the WWF for the 'Kliq incident' at MSG, lost the match. The next month Mero lost in the King of the Ring Semi-Final to Steve Austin. Sable was much more involved in the next angle Mero was a part of. Sable was stalked by first Goldust and then Marlena and even Mankind for a number of months which eventually led to a Mero vs. Goldust match at Summerslam. This was a match which Mero lost and in which Mankind scared the living daylights out of Sable! Sable played a small role in Mero's next angle with Mr. Perfect and Hunter Hearst Helmsley (yes him again!). Mero won the Intercontinental title in 1996 and dedicated the victory to Sable. However he lost it about three weeks later to Helmsley. Signs of Sable getting some attention of her own began to show in January 1997. She was involved in a mid-ring argument with Mero on a live edition of Shotgun Saturday Night, Rocky Maivia came out to comfort her but was he was attacked by Mero! Following the argument a change came over Sable and she became much more aggressive. In a match between Mero and The Undertaker, Sable attacked (yes I did say attacked!) The Undertaker on a number of occasions with kicks. She was also instrumental in Mero's victory over Leif Cassidy at In Your House 13: Final Four. Following The Undertaker incident, rumours began circulating that Sable was about to become the new manager of the man from the darkside. However this never happened. Who will ever forget the 1997 Slammy Awards?! It was here that Sable took a huge step towards becoming a star. She picked up two awards, 'Dressed to Kill' (which she most definitely is!) and 'Miss Slammy'. Nobody will ever forget that VERY revealing swimsuit Sable wore in the Miss Slammy competition! Only two other people picked up more than one award that night... Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. Yet it was not The Undertaker or even Michaels who came out as the biggest star of the show... it was Sable! Unfortunately an injury to Marc Mero meant that Sable's push had to be put on hold slightly. Between March and October, Sable spent most of her time as a guest ring announcer or involved briefly in other angles. The most memorable thing Sable did in those months was the photo spread in the March/April Raw Magazine... these were the most revealing pictures of any woman ever featured in a WWF publication. In my opinion the pictures of her in that magazine were also the hottest pictures ever featured in a WWF publication. The photo shoot certainly helped Sable on her way to the top. In October 1997, with Marc Mero's knee injury fully heeled, Sable returned full time to WWF television. Although she continued to play a minor role for the rest of 1997, this very talented lady was bound to go to the top in 1998 and a feud with Luna early in the year was a major turning point in that journey. After months of on-screen dissension between Mero and Sable, she had finally had enough... During a match between Mero's then friend, Goldust, and one of the Headbangers, Sable went against Mero's requests when she stormed out from the locker room and attacked not only Luna but Goldust as well! At In Your House: No Way Out, during a tag match pitting Mero and Goldust against The Headbangers, Sable exploded again! She attacked Luna once more and shoved Marc Mero down to the canvas as well! The tension between Mero and Sable was now put on hold for a while as Sable began a memorable feud with Luna. After Luna humiliated her during a match between Mero and Goldust by giving her a very bad 'make over' a mixed tag match was signed to take place at Wrestlemania 14 in March... the match was one of the biggest surprises of Wrestlemania and was very entertaining. Sable shocked the world with some of the wrestling skills she showed and the fans reacted very positively towards Sable. She not only nailed Luna with a deadly superkick and a powerbomb but also used Marc Mero's finishing move, the TKO! It was perfectly executed and was the move that got Sable the win over Luna on behalf of her team. The feud between Sable and Luna was far from over though... With Marc Mero out for a few weeks with illness, Sable got another opportunity to shine and 'get over' with the fans and she certainly took that opportunity! After weeks of build up the much anticipated Evening Gown Match between the two ladies would finally take place at In Your House: Unforgiven. The idea of this unique match was to strip your opponent down to her bra and panties, and although Sable lost the match she did get the last laugh as she stripped Luna naked! The on-screen tension between Sable and Marc Mero now took centre stage once more. At Unforgiven, it was Mero who cost Sable the match against Luna and on an episode of Raw a few weeks later, Sable and Mero had a public confrontation. After exchanging a few words Marc Mero looked set to deliver the TKO on Sable but instead released the hold and demanded Sable apologize to him for ruining his career! Sable apologised with a kick in the groin and then followed that up with the Sable-Bomb! At the next WWF Pay Per View, In Your House: Over The Edge, Marc Mero defeated Sable in a one-on-one match under very dubious circumstances. The stipulation of the match meant that Sable would now have to leave the WWF forever! But, just as her loyal fans were starting to contemplate life without Sable, she was brought back to the WWF by its owner, Vince McMahon, just three weeks later on an episode of Raw (Sable never actually left the WWF as this was only an angle). During Sable's three weeks off Mero acquired a new manager, Jacqueline, and not surprisingly a feud between the two ladies began almost immediately. Following a challenge from Jacqueline a Bikini Contest was signed between the two to take place at In Your House: Fully Loaded which would take place on July 26th 1998. It was on this date that Sable shocked the world when she revealed the skimpiest 'bikini' ever seen... the only thing covering Sable's breasts was the shape of a hand painted on each in black body paint! The next night on Raw, Sable was disqualified from the contest by WWF Owner, Vince McMahon, because of her 'bikini' and the victory was awarded to Jacqueline! The feud with Jacqueline eventually got to the point that the two ladies met in the ring as part of a mixed tag team match at Summerslam 1998. Sable teamed up with a mystery partner who turned out to be the newcomer Edge while Jacqueline teamed with Marc Mero. In the end Sable's team were victorious with Sable putting in another impressive performance and scoring the pinfall on Mero after a stunning double team move by her and Edge. Sable and Jacqueline would have a one-on-one encounter a couple of weeks later on Raw... in the second ever Evening Gown Match. Unlike the previous Evening Gown Match in which Sable had lost to Luna, Sable was victorious this time but she still revealed her undergarments after the match to the delight of her many fans. The WWF realised the attention this feud was getting and signed another match between the two women for the WWF Women's Title! This Championship had not been in existence in the WWF since 1995 but now either Sable or Jacqueline had a chance to win it. Sable put in a great effort but in the end was unsuccessful in her bid to win the belt. A couple of months later though, at the 1998 Survivor Series in November, Sable avenged that loss to capture the gold! Of course once you win a championship you must defend it and Sable was scheduled to do exactly that on the final Raw of 1998. However, before the match got started, Sable's opponent for that night, Spider Lady, viciously attacked her! Spider Lady then unmasked to reveal Luna! Just six months earlier Sable and Luna had apparently settled their differences but this attack by Luna ended their brief friendship. The two ladies met for the gold in a Strap Match at the 1999 Royal Rumble with Sable holding on to the gold with a little help from a 'fan'. 15th February 1999. This was the date that Sable shocked fans everywhere by emerging on Raw with a new arrogant and bi*chy attitude. Sable spent much of her interview with WWF broadcaster, Kevin Kelly, talking about how hot she is and how everybody wants her. She also verbally abused the 'fan' (who's name turned out to be Tori). This attitude continued in subsequent weeks... only it was even more noticeable. Sable constantly ignored Tori's attempts to impress her and in the end attempted to humiliate her by stripping her of her clothes. Tori eventually 'saw the light' and challenged Sable to a match at Wrestlemania XV... a challenge that Sable accepted. At Wrestlemania XV, Tori became the second of Sable's challengers to fall by the wayside... although, WWF newcomer, Nicole Bass was certainly one of the main reasons for this. Bass would now play the role of Sable's bodyguard. Three months after her attitude change, Sable was robbed of the Women's Title in an Evening Gown Match with Debra. Although Sable easily won the match by stripping Debra in a matter of seconds, WWF Commissioner, Shawn Michaels ruled that the lady who was stripped of her clothing was in fact the winner and not the lady who had done the stripping As a result he awarded the title to Debra. Obviously Sable and her bodyguard, Nicole Bass, were not best pleased but Michael's decision, none the less, would stand. Outside of the WWF, Sable had become a main stream media star as well. First she made an appearance on Pacific Blue and then she really hit the big time when she was featured in the April 1999 edition of Playboy Magazine... she even appeared on the cover. This was the first time Sable had ever posed nude but it won't be the last... she's signed a deal to make another appearance in Playboy later this year. The photo shoot for this issue took place at the beginning of May. Following the Playboy appearance, Sable was featured on numerous television programs and in numerous other magazines... and she gained all these television programs and magazines huge ratings and sales in the process. Sable is already a big name in the wrestling world and she's well on her way to becoming a big name in the real world as well. On June 3rd 1999, after much speculation on her status with the company, fans were shocked to find out that Sable (Rena Mero) had quit the WWF and filed a $110 million lawsuit against them. One of the main complaints was apparently related to the finish that the WWF had scripted for her Women's Title defense against Debra. The finish would have involved her bra being 'accidentally' removed and her breasts being exposed to both the crowd and a live television audience. This was not the first time the WWF had tried to get her to do this and Rena Mero believes that her refusal to do so lead to her eventual downfall. The other main complaints were that the WWF tried to get her to participate in a lesbian storyline and also to appear in sexually degrading photographs. It didn't end there either. Other complaints believed to be a part of the lawsuit included other WWF superstars tampering with her possessions, that the details of her WWF contract prevent her from opening negotiations with World Championship Wrestling and that she would not be able to use the name 'Sable' outside of the WWF.