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Role Play TipZ

Secret TipZ:
* Note: Change all of da (, ), with <, and > *
Change Font Color: (font color=red)
Change Font Size: (font size=3)
Change Font Face: (font face="Courier New")
Add Picture: (IMG SRC="picture address")
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To cancel bold, italics, underline, scrolling text:(/b)(/i),(/u),(/marquee)

AlwayZ Practice:
Do you think anyone has become an E-Fed legend over night? Hell No, so da only way 2 be better at roleplaying is by practicing. Da more practice you get, the more matches you win

Do not, I repeat Do not make your roleplay short cause you prob. gonna lose your match or your opponent won't roleplay but just in case, please roleplay as much as you can. Dat'Z all I ask.

Have a good subject 2 your roleplay:
When you blabble on and on about many different subjects in one roleplay the reader tends 2 get lost and eventually loses interest.

Create scenery 4 your roleplay:
Be creative with your roleplay. Make it like you are in da locker room or at your crib drinking some Jack Daniels. Adding scenery to your roleplays help da reader understand where you are, what your mood is, what your attitude is, and in a nut shell, who your whole wrestler is.

Be creative with your sneak attack:
Use different weaponZ & location

Check your roleplay 4 spelling or grammer mistakes:
Look I know nobody is perfect but I want you 2 check your spelling and grammer cause it makes your wrestler look bad.