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Name: Paul Heyman
From: Greenwich, Connecticut
Weight: 230
Height: 6'2"
Theme Song: " Here comes the money. "

Once a highly successful manager, Paul Heyman helped develop a cult following in Extreme Championship Wrestling. After provides his vast and valuable experience and knowledge to the World Wrestling Federation as a color commentator on RAW IS WAR, Heyman helped re-launch ECW and its assault on the Federation! Heyman first became a star as manager Paul E. Dangerously under the old WCW regime, where his Dangerous Alliance enjoyed a long reign of terror. When he first arrived in ECW, the "Psycho Yuppie" was the manager of many up-and-coming ECW superstars, including the Tazmanian Devil - now known as Tazz. But Heyman quickly became an icon in the business when his fresh and innovative influence helped build ECW and spearhead the continuing growth of sports-entertainment. Supported by the financial backing of ECW owner Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Heyman is back where he belongs in ECW. But don't think he's resting on his laurels. Because many former Federation Superstars were also former ECW stars who worked for Heyman, it quickly became apparent how much their loyalty to Heyman carried over from the ECW days. Proving that there's more than one evil genius in sports entertainment, Heyman used that loyalty to his advantage!