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Name: Jeff Jarret
From: Nashville Tenessee
Weight: 240 lbs.
Height: 5'11"
Stable: NWO
Theme Song: Double J Theme
Finisher: The Stroke
Tag Team: none

Jeff Jarrett has had an amazing career in pro wrestling and it dosen't look like is stopping anytime soon. At 31 years old Jeff is a 13 year veteran in the business. He started out as a referee. In April of 1986 he made his ring debut, something he always wanted to do since he was little. He grw up idolizing wrestlers such as Jerry Lawler, Jackie Fargo, and of course his father Jerry Jarrett. Early in his career he was a three time AWA SouthernTag Champion, and five time NWA Mid-American Champion. In 1988 Jeff entered Word CLass Wrestling (WCWA). There he won the WCWA Wold Lightwight belt twice and the WCWA World Tag Titles with three different partners. He also won the CWA Wold Title that same year. In August of 1989 WCWA and CWA were unified and became the United States Wrestling Assocation (USWA). During his year there Jeff won the USWA Southern Heavyweight title seven times and the USWA Tage Tiltes ten times. with various partners like Brian Chrictopher and Jerry Lawler. In 1992 the WWF and USWA were doing CO-promotion thing where WWF borrowed the USWA wrestlers and visa versa. The WWF were in Memphis, TN abd Jeff showd up to challenged Bret Hart, then the IC champ to a match. Bret lost the belt to Davey Boy Smith and the match never too place. The WWF and USWA had a falling out and stopped the CO-promotion. Jeff won the USWA Southern title three more times and the Tage team titles four more times. Jeff signed with the WWF in 1994 calling himself "Double J." Hi chacter claimed to be that not only was he the worlds greatest wrestler but the worlds greatest singer too. He won the IC championship from Razor Ramon (Scoot Hall) in the Royal Rumble thanks to the Roadie (Road Dogg). The timeing was right for the world to hear him sing at the July In Your House. After he lost his match with Shawn Micheals the same night Jeff the WWF with Roadie because they didn't like how the storyline was going. He returned to the USWA soon after he return, he fued with Ahmed Johnson. Jeff later retuned to the WWF in late 1995 to countiue hisfued with Ahmed. After only a few months back he left the WWF again due to the same reason, he returned to the USWA. In a USWA World Title match Febuary 14, 1996, Jeff wrestled Ahmed, during the match jeff jumped off the apron for a forearm and his back went out. It was a fluke back injury, he had a back problem since he was in a car accident in 1992. He sat out for a while and later left the USWA and went to WCW. October 1997 was his WCW debut. Ric Flair appointed him as a new member of the 4 Horsemen. He teamed up with Steve "Mongo" McMichael to win the WCW Tag Titles. After a few months of wreslting the horsmen to prove that Jeff was Horsemen material, Ric kicked out Jeff for not being horsemen material. Debra McMicheal sided with Jeff which did not make Mongo happy. Jeff managed to win the US title. Jeff and Mongo feuded untill Jeff's contract was up. WCW choose not to renew Jeff's contract untill last minut the follwing year but refused the offer so he went abck to the WWF in October of 1997. Jeff went threw may changes in theWWF. He first aligned himself with Jim Cornet and the NWA but that didn't work out well. He then went back to his old gimmick "Double J" again with Temmessee Lee as his manager. During that time Jeff was riding white horses and wore the blinking white sutie and hat. He did sing again with Sawyer Brown. As time went on the chacter fell apart and Lee was soon gone and Jeff's attitude changes slowly. He fought X-pac in a hair vs hair match at Summer Slam last year. Jeff laot the match and the hair. Debra McMicheal joined the WWF and rejoined Jeff as his manager. He teamed up with Owen Hart. the team won the tag team titles from Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock. They lost the titles to X-Pac and Kane. for a while the tean had sepreated and Jeff fuded with Val Venis. On May 23, 1999, tragedy struck when Jeff's tag team partner, Owen Hart fell to his death. Jeff and Debra had to go on next to wrestle their match. I don't know how they did it but they did. The next night on Raw the WWF paid tribute to Owen. The first match of the night was Test vs Jeff Jarrett. Jeff use Owen's submission hold to scor the win. The follwing week on Raw Jeff won the Intercontinental belt from the Godfather. Jeff faced D-lo at summer SLam 1999 in a title for title match after D-lo, eroupean champ, won the IC title in a same match on Raw weeks before. Jeff won the match with help with Mark Henry. Jeff had put up an open contact for the IC belt. chyna signed it. After that Jeff made cooment how women should not be in the ring and should stay home cooking and cleaning. he put many women in the figure-four to prove that women don't belong in the ring. One night on Raw Jeff challenged Test and Stephine McMahon to a mixed tag match with Debra and himself. Test and stephaine won the match with Debra refusing to tag in. Jeff got mad and put the figure four on her. During the September PPV Debra gitin the ring and hit Jeff with his gutair, knocking him out and causing chyna to win but the desion was refursed when another referee came in and showed the replay. Chyna asked for a rematch when Jeff challneged Debra and Chyna against himself and Tom Pritchard. Chyna got the rematch for the next PPV "No Mercy" in a Good House Keeping match. Jeff's contract expired Saturday October 16, 1999. The WWF tried to get Jeff to stay but Jeff said no. The reason is that Steve Austin refuse to work with Jeff because he feels that Jeff wasn't over enough for Austin to work with along with other things. There is heat between the two--mostly with Austin's part. Jeff Jarrett has since gone to the most elite federation on the internet today, the WCW - ECW ALLIANCE vs. WWF.