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Name: Francine Fournier
From: Philadelphia, PA
Weight: 117 lbs.
Theme Song: Boiler by Limp bizkit
Finisher: Extreme Killer
Tag Team: none

Francine may be the Queen of Extreme, but she's also the most celebrated manager in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Others may claim to be the "Manager of Champions" but since her debut in 1995, Francine has gone on to lead her charges to the greatest of heights.Trained by early Extreme Championship Wrestling standout JT Smith, Francine made her debut after many months of training in ECW's House of Hardcore, trying to gain the attention of then-ECW World Tag Team champion Dancin' Stevie Richards, which brought her into immediate conflict with long-time rival Beulah McGiullicuty. Beulah, Raven's valet, wanted Francine as far from Richards as possible, in order to ensure Richards would remain loyal to the morose slacker. This led to several catfights between the two. In August 1995, Francine made her official in-ring debut for ECW, taking on Beulah McGuillicuty in a sanctioned Catfight. Before the match, Richards was revealed as the guest referee, leading many to think he would be biased towards Francine. Upon Raven's orders, however, an unhappy Richards Steviekicked Francine, leading to her defeat at the hands of Beulah. Francine found herself wanting revenge, and that revenge led her to her first charges, the Mad Dogs of War, the Pitbulls. Under Francine's management, the Pitbulls, Anthony Durante and Gary Wolfe, chased Richards and Raven for several months over the ECW World Tag Team championships, finally winning them in September 1995 at ECW's Gangstas Paradise event in a Double Dog Collar Match. Their championship reign was short-lived, and immediately led into a feud with the Eliminators, Perry Saturn and John Kronus. It all began when the Pitbulls' former manager, Jason, confronted them, asking to manage them again. When they refused, Jason insulted Francine, who jumped on him and began beating him down. The Eliminators hit the ring, and in the ensuing chaos, Francine was hit with their finishing maneuver, Total Elimination, a deadly combination high-low kick. Bruised and beaten, Francine showed an early taste of her devilish side a few weeks later when she offered to manage the Eliminators after they won the ECW World Tag Team championships, luring them out of the their locker room, only to set them up to be attacked by the Pitbulls. Francine went as far as to cut Saturn's long hair, leaving him with the crew cut he wears to this day. Francine continued to manage the Pitbulls, and even scored a pinfall win over her former beau Stevie Richards, but a combination of injuries kept the Pitbulls down. Gary Wolfe was out with an arm injury, and in June 1996, Pitbull2 and Francine came to the ring to assist in removing several wrestlers who had been injured by "The Franchise" Shane Douglas when he was going on a rampage. Douglas insulted Francine and challenged Durante, who hit the ring and went on to win Douglas' ECW World Television championship, sparking a new feud. For the next few months, Durante and Douglas battled over the championship, and even when Durante dropped the belt to Chris Jericho, Douglas maintained his focus on both the belt and Durante equally. This all led to a four corners match at Heatwave '96 between Douglas, Durante, Jericho, and 2 Cold Scorpio where Douglas not only regained the ECW World Television championship, but Francine showed exactly how down and dirty she could get