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Name: Diamond Dallas Page
From: South beach Colorado
Weight: 258 lbs.
Height: 6'5"
Theme Song: Bang!!
Finisher: Diamond Cutter
Tag Team: none

Once while paying a visit to Norma Jean's Dance Club in Fort Myers, Fla., World Wrestling Federation agent Blackjack Lanza sought out the nightspot's 6-foot-5 manager and asked a question: Why aren't you wrestling? Although Diamond Dallas Page performed as a manager in the small AWA, he had been told by Pat Patterson, another Federation official, that the company had no use for a manager with Page's height It's a hard road to be a wrestler, Lanza told Page, but you've got the tools to do it. Diamond Dallas Page eventually would become a star on the mat, but it wasn't until June 18 that his ultimate dream became fulfilled. On that day, the WCW veteran faced millions of anxious fans as he unveiled his identity as stalker of the Undertaker's wife from a Federation ring. "I think timing is everything, and I couldn't have a better spot to come in on," said DDP, known by friends and family as Page Falkinburg. "I never dreamed I'd get to work with someone like the Undertaker. It's a dream come true coming in like that." After WCW went on sabbatical following the final episode of Monday Nitro, Page began concentrating on preparing for the day when his battle-tested body would reenter the ring. Page said that taking countless falls to the mat over several years takes a harsh toll on joints and muscles. "Pretty much my life revolves around constant rehab," he said. " I'm constantly fighting to hold back the hands of time."Page recalled his first visions of bouncing off Federation ropes at just 8 years old. Although he toyed with training at age 20, he admits he lacked the proper mindset to properly learn the craft. He would later find work as a manager and announcer until Lanza's encouragement prompted him to take a shot at living the dream.Obviously, the move turned into a wise one as DDP became a top WCW Superstar. Even though he held the WCW Championship on three occasions and accomplished virtually everything a superstar could possibly want to, Page became determined to break into the Federation and finally see his vision of Federation stardom become reality. At the invitation of the Big Show, Page attended a Federation live event shortly before WCW went into hiatus. The glitz and electric atmosphere of the show along with a lighthearted showdown against The Rock refueled Page's desire. "I hadn't seen a WWF show in quite some time," Page said. "'I was like "Wow!" They've got the lighting and the pyro and this is just a house show!'" Afterward, the Big Show asked if Page would like to meet The Rock, an offer that couldn't be refused. "I like to see how far the guys are from their real personalities," Page said. "I believe that every guy who really makes it in this business has a character that is really just an extension of his real personality."As I'm leaving there, me and Show are walking down the main alley, and all of a sudden I hear 'Hey Diamond!' Show moves out of the way so I could see into the corner to see the Rock putting on one of his $1,500 shirts and I could see him rolling into character. He says: 'Ya know, there's only one People's Champion.'Page fired back. "You know Rock? You're absolutely right. And you? You're looking at him!"I thought to myself, God, with that much chemistry just in that one little moment of total improve when we were just kidding around with each other. It really sparked that thing of really wanting to get to the WWF." Then, Page adds, there's the golden incentive of competing in sports entertainment's crown jewel. "Everybody knows that WrestleMania is the Super Bowl. It's the whole deal. It's what it's all about. If you've never worked WrestleMania, you never really hit it." Page knows that time to realize the few remaining pieces of his dream is ticking downward. "In our business you could get hurt tomorrow and it's over," he said. "I don't care if you're 21 or 51, it doesn't matter. The bottom line is that one day you take that one bump and it's a bad one, it's over."When the day comes for Page to retire the Diamond Cutter, he'll have plenty of other projects to keep him busy. Struggles with illiteracy plagued Page through most of his life before he decided to combat them. Last year, he published his first book, "Positively Page" which, he said, attained modest success. "We never had the monster marketing machine that WWF has," he said. "It wouldn't even compare to one of those books. But for an independent book publisher it did pretty good and it still continues to sell well."His break from in-ring action allowed Page to break ground on his second book, "Positive Thoughts for Kids from A to Z with DDP." The book coincides with the mission of Page's charity foundation, "Bang it out for Books," formed to fight illiteracy among children.A confrontation of some sort against the Undertaker looms at Sunday's King of the Ring, which leaves Page with little time for reading and writing these days. "I'm truly focused on being in the best shape I can be," he said. "When you get in there with the American Bad Ass, you better be in damn good shape. He's a big 'ol bear who moves like a cat and he never slows down. Taker never stops."Nor, apparently, does Diamond Dallas Page, who can't wait to resume the demanding life of a superstar. "It's really going to be brutal for me in the first two weeks being on the road," he said. "But I'll get through it and it'll get easier. Whatever they have planned for me to do, I'm going to do it to the best of my ability."


(1) WCW Tag Team Champion