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Name: Cactus Jack
From: Long Island, NY
Weight: 300 lbs.
Height: 6'3"
Theme Song: Scar Tissue by R.H. Chilli Peppers
Finisher: Pulling Piledriver
Tag Team: none

Cactus Jack represents the most sick, the most twisted, the most delusional side of Mick Foley's personality.The "Cactus Jack" character has been around for years. In his best-selling book, "Have a Nice Day," Mankind explains how he first got the name:"I wanted to be Dude Love," writes Foley, "but I knew that I just didn't have the experience or the talent to be Dude Love yet In the meantime, I needed another name I thought back to a wrestling fantasy game that I had ordered a few years earlier, in which I had been Mick 'Big Train' Foley, and my dad had been Cactus Jack so when [ring announcer] Hank [Hudson] asked me my name, 'Cactus Jack' was the answer that came out."Foley then picked the fictitious hometown of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, which he says fit the character like a glove. Soon after, he added his famous catchphrase "Bang bang!" to the mix.Working in Texas, Japan, and everywhere in between, Foley gained a reputation as a Hardcore superstar. Knowing that he didn't have the traditional wrestling look, his deranged and maniacal attitude set him apart from the pack. Indeed, Cactus Jack was known worldwide for his toughness and his daring ways.After stints in nearly every organization in the world, Foley finally packed his bags and headed to the World Wrestling Federation in 1996. But Foley was re-packaged as Mankind. But Cactus Jack never graced a Federation ring. Until September 1997, that is.The event was a live RAW at Madison Square Garden. And Foley's opponent was Triple H. The two superstars had been in a huge feud every since Hunter defeated Foley in the finals of the King of the Ring tournament, and Triple H was set to face Mankind that night in a street fight.But as Hunter stood in the ring, Mankind appeared on the TitanTron and said he wasn't in the mood to compete that night. And neither was Dude Love. So the man who would face Triple H was Cactus Jack!After a dynamic brawl, Cactus actually delivered a piledriver through a table to secure the win.Fans thought that would be the last time we ever saw Jack in the Federation, until later that year, when Cactus developed an issue with the New Age Outlaws. Cactus brought in his friend Chainsaw Charlie, and the two men started a few with the Outlaws, which culminated in tag team gold at WrestleMania XIV.After that, Cactus Jack disappeared for a long while, as Foley instead competed as Dude Love for a few months before reverting back to his Mankind persona, a persona that helped him secure three World Wrestling Federation Championships and numerous tag title reigns in the ensuing months.In May 1999, Cactus Jack was brought back for a night when Commissioner Shawn Michaels decreed that Cactus would have a one-night-only performance against Mideon and Viscera in a Handicap Match. Cactus won the match and then disappeared But on the Jan. 13, 2000 edition of SmackDown!, which aired just days after Mankind was badly blooded by Triple H, Mankind said he wasn't ready to take on Triple H in their scheduled Street Fight for the Federation Championship at Royal Rumble. But he said the fans deserved a substute, and peeling off his Mankind mask and white button-up shirt, he named him -- Cactus Jack!Cactus and Triple H battled in an incredible and brutal match at the Royal Rumble, which ended when Triple H Pedigreed Jack onto a bed of thumbtacks. Take a look at the ending:The war between Triple H and Cactus wasn't done after Rumble, however. Jack still wanted a piece of both Triple H and the main event at WrestleMania. Declaring that an appearance in WrestleMania's main event was the one and only goal he was yet to accomplish, Jack put his career on the line at February 2000's No Way Out in the Hell in a Cell. If Jack won, he'd get to go to WrestleMania as the WWF Champion, and finally take part in the main event. However, if Triple H won, Cactus agreed that he'd retire. The match that saw Cactus fall through the Cell and break through the canvas below; it featured barbed wire, fire and lots of bloodshed. In the end, a Triple H Pedigree ended Cactus' career. Even though his career in the squared circle has come to an end, Cactus has created a legacy that won't be forgotten.