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Ian Rotten

Weight: 240 Lbs.

Height: 5"11'

Hometown: Louisville, KY

HighLights in his Career

Ian Rotten has had a Wrestling Career like none other. The Only People that has never heard of Ian Rotten is non-wrestling Fans. He is a Legend in The Hardcore Style Like him or hate him he has earned Everyone's Respect as a Wrestler. And I know everyone looks at Ian and then See The Barbed Wire Bat and They see The Scars but here is something alot of Wrestling Fans don't Know. Ian Is one of the Best Mat Wrestlers The World of Wrestling as ever known. He has Studied alot of Tapes of the Greats from The 70's and 80's and He was one half of the Most Feared Tag Teams of all time. With his Brother Axl Rotten Ian and Axl were in The ECW where they was a Hardcore Tag Team. They never Really Made a Big Name for themselves until there Violent Break Up. Which involed some of the Most Burtal Matchs of All Time Ian has been in the Ring with Such Greats as "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, SABU, Mad Man Pondo, His Brother Axl Rotten. And has Taged with The Living Legend himself Abdullah The Butcher Ian has Held alot of Wrestling Titles World Wide which include The MAW and IWA Titles. He is The Runner of IWA Mid-South Hardcore Wrestling and He is The King of Hardcore and is The King Of The Deathmatch there is not nobody that can do Hardcore Like Ian Rotten because Ian is The King Of Hardcore and if You didn't Know you should have.