Paul Levesque & Stephanie McMahon: The Engagment

It was Feb.14th 2003, on Valentines Day when the rumor mill starting going crazed. Every news site you went to read Breaking News: Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Engaged. These reports all saying Paul Levesque had popped the question earlier that morning to girlfriend, Stephanie McMahon.
On Feb.18th 2003, only four days later the reports/rumors were confirmed one hundred percent true, the couple was in fact engaged to be married, and Stephanie McMahon has been seen backstege wearing the prized piece around her finger. Congratulations to them both, they deserve true happiness. Now, I need your Help! Much like when we found out the couple was dating, I want you to send in your E-Mails on what you first thought when you found out, how you found out, and just your emotions. Feel free to make it long, or short and sweet, just tell the world what you think of the WWEs First Couple!

Posted By: Ashley Wow! There are so many things you can say about these two, I simply think they are perfect for one another. You have Stephanie McMahon, born with the business in her blood, and who better for her to be with then the man who was born to be in this business? It was a perfect match from day one. I think we all feel the same about the chemistry these two have shared on camera, it is simply incredible so there is no doubt that would eventually rub off in real life. When I found out they were dating I was shocked and amazed, but never dreamed it could get any better. Then on V-Day morning when I read they were engaged to be married, I practically cried of happiness. I think they are what a perfect couple truly is. I wish them all the best. They both have shined in the spotlight, and certainly deserve to shine in thier hearts.

Posted By: LuckyLady I was very happy about Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon becoming engaged. They look so adorable together and they are truly meant for each other. I actually found out about their engagement on this website and I couldn't be happier. I was jumping up and down when I found out.

Posted By: when I first found out--I cried.  Well not literally, but I really almost did.  I called all my friends freaking out because they were engaged and I could only PRAY they were true, and they are!  I am so... happy and I always and forever wish them only the best of luck, along with a HUGE congratulations!

Posted By: Kacey OMG where to start umm when i 1st watch them on camera i knew like many of you that they would be gr8* together off camera then when i read they were i was so HAppy and know that the r going to be getting married i am lost for words when i read it on Valentines day i cried and ran down telling everyone i was so happy for them and what  day better to ask (there is a plus for paul) it must have been so romantic best wishes go out to them they were made to be together i hope they stay together and i also  hope that they work this into the story line later cause i really miss those mcmahon helmsley days , one ofstephanie and HHH  biggest fan Kacey (oh yeah i hope we get to see a picture of the ring he gave her soon)

Posted By: Hi my name is Valentina and i just wanted to share my thoughts on the Steph and Paul engagement news. All i can say is WOW!  when i first turned on my computer on Valentine's Day and i went on i read BREAKING NEWS: Stephanie Mcmahon and Triple H engaged i started to cry!!!!! i was soooooooooo happy for them!! i couldnt believe what i just read! i was in shock. All i can say about these two lovebirds is i wish them a happy and healthy future together!! They obviously love eachother and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Posted By: Rachel Wow! I read that too from and i was like "woah are you serious?" Then i did see that it was 100% true and i was like literally jumping up and down with joy. It was actually your site that i found out that Paul and Steph were really dating in real life. When i read that i was happy. They truly do deserve to be together. They make a great couple and even if you didn't even know them if you saw them you would have to say to yourself "hey they would make a good couple" I have only been watching wrestling for 3 years and when I first started watching wrestling HHH and Steph and just got married onscreen and something drew me to them and they have been my favorite since day 1. So congrats to Paul and Steph and god bless them.

Posted By: McaBall50 what i did whrn i heard about the engagement was went crazy i mean i LOVE paul and steph

Posted By: Holly I was soooo happy when I heard that they were engaged. I came online and right when I got on my friend told me, and I was so excited! They are so cute together as a couple and now they are gonna get married for real! I hope that we are all gonna be able to see her ring soon! Steph is a lucky girl. And he asked her on v-day, how sweet is that.

Posted By: Sydney ok i am SOOO happy Paul and Steph finally got engaged! i mean i have been wait for it for a llooooonnnngggg time! they are SO cute together and are always so happy when they are with eachother. their kids will we beautifull! i mean look at their parents!! haha! omg im too happy for them! i just wish they were back together, happy, in the storyline! but this is such GREAT news! omg-wow its soooo cool! im still so blown away! Paul is so romantic i mean he propsed to Steph on the day of love, Valentines Day! And did she once say she was such a romantic?! THey are TOO perfect for eachother! The only bad part-its going to be harder for me to still Paul away!! They are an amazing couple and i wish ALL my happyness to them!!!! It made me so happy to find out it was made offical on my birthday (Feb.18th) They deserve to be happy!! YEY!!

Posted By: Paul About time the best couple ever got engaged. Both on and off screen the the couple look as if they are meant for each other and that why they deserve all the true blessing of marriage. Three cheers for the golden couple. dm  

Posted By: PsycGurl Well first of all I have to say congratulations to the couple! It's wonderful news and I'm glad they're happy together. Not only was it a shock to realise that one of the most dominant couples on television were actually together in "real-life", but now to learn that they are engaged is even more shocking. They really are made for each other, which is clearly evident from the chemistry they shared onscreen. When I found out on Valentine's Day through one of the news sites of their engagement, I literally shrieked with happiness and I sadly even clapped for them. I wish them all the happiness and the best in their future.

Posted By: Stephanie I have been out of the loop this week.  The news about them being engaged is GREAT.  I really wanted them to stay together.  Now all we need is them back together on the show.  That would be WWE over the top again. 

Posted By: Renee I had no idea the engagement has been made official! My first thoughts when I heard they were engaged was "Show me the proof!" I hope that they are happy together. What could be more romantic than being proposed to on Valentine's Day? Who ever said Paul wasn't a romantic! Just wish I could have seen it!

Posted By: Michelle I found out Saturday morning when I read it on the internet that they were engaged and I was like "Oh my God", I couldn't believe that they had gotten engaged, I certainly didn't think it would have got out so quickly so I did secretly have my doubts about it.  I can't believe that it is true, they seem so perfect for each other and it is like one of those things which seems like a dream because you never think it will happen.  They always had this great on screen chemistry and before I knew that it was all fake I actually did think they were married and I thought that they were meant to be together. They look so good together and they seem so in love with each other that I just hope they are happy and they deserve all the happiness that the other will bring along with marriage.

Posted By: Krityna I am so happy that Stephanie and Paul are engaged. I love both of them and I think there is no one in the world who deserves to be together more then they do. I really want to say congratulations. Stephanie and Paul just seem to complete each other. I wish them only the best in their life ahead, congratulations once again.

Posted By: Meghan When I found out I was shocked. I was happy for them they are so great for each other. I found out by this site. I am so happy. I might of just found out today. Thursday 20 2003. But it is so cool. I have waited so long for this. I wish them all luck. And much love.

Posted By: Mindy I was totally shocked. I remember going into Lords Of Pain at about 5 p.m. and I seen it, it was the first headline on the page. I first thought, 'No Way!!' but as I read I started to believe it and go partially excited. But I didn't want to get overly excited and it come out to be nothing more than 'A Rumor.' So naturally I kept going into Lords Of Pain and constantly trying to find out if it was a rumor or not. Four days later, I seen the headlines say, "Stephanie McMahon/Triple H engagement confirmed!!" I got extremely extremely excited. I was like "FINALLY!!" I'm just extremely happy for the two of them. I knew that it was gonna happen I just didn't know when. Congratulations Paul and Steph!! Hope ya'll have a happy life together!!

Posted By: Allie When I first found out, I freaked out!! I thought, it's about time & Steph's so lucky. I'm glad that it has been confirmed & we know for a fact that it's true. I hope they have a good life & live happily ever after.

Posted By: Brittany I was so happy when I found out, I was not shocked though...I knew it was destined to happen. Those two are a perfect match, and deserve all the happiness, and love in the world!

Posted By: Debs On Valentine's Day morning I went onto the Internet and saw the rumours everywhere: Triple H and Stephanie Engaged. Strangely enough the day before I'd said to my friend Sophie that if they were to get engaged it would be on Valentine's Day. But I didn't believe the rumours, frankly I didn't WANT to believe the rumours. I have a huge hatred of rumour sites, and I didn't choose to believe it until I heard it from the horses' mouths, so to speak. Then Michelle came online and was so happy about it, it was hard not to get caught up in it. Then when I saw Steph wearing her ring, I was so happy. I mean I still hadn't heard them confirm it, but surely the ring was confirmation enough? I'm really happy about it, they look so cute together!