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Gen X News

8.21.02: Gen X Inaugural X-Cup announced; Prophet challenged:
GXW has had some major breakthroughs and announcements in the past 48 hours. Gen X founder, Chance Prophet, has been challenged by a man known only as "Rosh" to an "I Quit" match. The only information known about this behemoth of a man is that he is 6'5", 300 lbs. and has no traceable background. Rumor has it that he has found a "benefactor" in an enemy of the GXW owner.

The biggest piece of news is that there will be a tournament held to showcase the top talent of the surrounding states. This tournament, dubbed the X-Cup Invitational, will be held the same night as the first show. The rules for the X-Cup are as follows: 1.) There will be 4 semi-final singles matches to determine a final four. 2.) The remaining 4 competitors will face each other during the semi-main event, in a Fatal 4 Way in which the first competitor to score a pinfall or submission will become the first ever X-Cup Champion.

The Gen X Championship will be decided in a match inspired by the XMCW Promotion. 2 men will enter the ring at the start of the match. At the 2 minute mark, 1 more competitors shall enter the ring. No more than 4 competitors may be in the ring at once. After a combatant has been eliminated via submission, pin, or being thrown over the top rope, another competitor will enter the ring. There will be a random lottery to determine the 9 competitors who will participate in this one night tournament. The remaining competitor shall be crowned the first ever Gen X Champion.