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HCW-Dream to Reality

HCW's beginnings:

Hardcore Championship Wrestling was the dream of two teenagers from the Huntington area. Kevin Myers (Buzzard) and Chris Vega (TJ Allen.) After years in their backyard fed and growing success, they began to branch out and contacted other backyard wrestlers in the area and it began to grow rapidly. Shows began to be performed in Huntington's Riverfront Park with the additions of Hazard (Gavin Napier), Prophet (Joey Nelson), Mad Dawg (Adam Richardson), and Daddy Mack aka Sensational Shaun Edwards (Shaun Podunavac), along with the infamous Hollywood Humongous and Notorious, the league spread from Huntington to Logan and eventually having members in Ceredo Kenova and the surrounding areas.

After months of shows in the aforementioned Riverfront Park, HCW moved its shows to the now CWA Arena outside of Huntington. Which brought newcomers Erik Darkstorm, Superstar Shane Matthews, Dino Banks, Wolverine Drew Wellman, Windstorm Pickle, and Manson Smiley completing the roster and making the best backyard fed in the area in many people's minds.

Within the following months a contact was made with Mad Dawg about forming an independent promotion and from there HCW became an independent promotion. Due to travelling difficulties, the Huntington contingent decided it was best to sever the two groups and form the CWA. Which has grown in leaps and bounds and is by far, THE BEST in underground wrestling to date.

In the formation of HCW as an independent federation, months of preparation turned into an exciting promotion with loads of young, exciting, and talented individuals who had been held back by promoters who only respected the "old guard." HCW accomplished something that no independent federation has done in recent memory. It drew consecutive crowds of 100+ in an area that had been dry to the wrestling community for over 20 years. Packing out the Williamson Armory and having a product that people were excited about.

As of January 26th, 2001, HCW is on a hiatus for an unknown length of time. Could it be the end of HCW? As the old saying goes, never say never. HCW will survive. It began as a dream, became a reality, and still has unlimited potential. We will see what the future holds.

--Joey Nelson: Webmaster

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