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HCW's first stop of the "Urban Chaos" tour hit Whitman Community Center the 8th of December. A brief run-down of the show saw Brian Gilbert and BJ the DJ take on Bobby Storm and King Cobra with Storm and Cobra taking the victory.

CWA's Wolverine Drew Wellman and Superstar Shane Matthews put on a stellar technical display with Matthews pulling a win via rollup.

In another CWA contingent match, Eric Darkstorm defeated Manson Smiley in a brutal match.

The insane one, Psycho, faced "Super-Daredevil" (who was later revealed to be Gordy,) and led to a double DQ.

In a grudge match, Hardcase James Stephens defeated Gangsta Z to move up in the HCW singles ranks. After the match, Z's nemesis, Brutal Bud Brewski attacked only to be nailed by Z with a steel chair.

In another stunning display of technical skill, Jessy Lundas won via DQ after Christopher Michaels' relentless assault.

In the main event, Mad Dawg faced Appalachian Champion, Sensational Shaun Edwards, and HCW World Champion, Prophet in a two falls match. Mad Dawg took the first fall to become the new HCW Appalachian Champion. In the second fall, a ladder match, Sensational Shaun Edwards laid claim to the HCW World Championship after powerbombing Prophet from the top of the ladder.

HCW HOstile TaKeOver went off without a hitch! From the opening bell the action was non-stop. With a hardcore war for the beginning match, Brutal Bud Brewski took the 2nd match in the Hardcore Invitational Tournament by upset when he hit a top rope Hangover to score the victory.

In the second match, BJ the DJ teamed with HCW newcomer Maxwell Payne, to take on King Cobra and another debuting superstar from the Storm Shelter, Bobby Wonderful. With the opening bell, BJ the DJ began to dance and got walloped by a fired up King Cobra. After tagging in the oh-so-smoothe Bobby Wonderful, BJ and Payne began to take advantage. But that was cut short when King Cobra was tagged in and slapped the Cobra Clutch for the submission win. Meanwhile on the outside, Brian Gilbert attacked King Cobra as he rolled out of the ring and Bobby Storm came out and laid the unsuspecting BJ out with a chair shot. After the sides were cleared, Bobby Storm challenged Brian Gilbert for a match at the next HCW show.

In the third match, and by far the most technically sound match of the night, Eric Darkstorm defeated Wolverine Drew Wellman. After a grueling back-and-forth battle, Darkstorm won with a drop toe hold into a bridging rollup.

Bobby Storm took on hometown favorite Jesse Lundas in another technical showing which saw Storm win by nailing the "Eye of the Storm" for the 1-2-3.

In a brutal showing, Stable teammates, Sensational Shaun Edwards faced Hardcase James Stephens, for the Appalachian Title. After a series of countered moves, Edwards nailed Stephens with a vicious lariat and hooked the sharpshooter in a rare submission victory over Stevens..

A fast-paced, high-flying, bone crunching war was what best described Nathan Kidd taking on Christopher Michaels. Kidd picked up the victory by hooking a fisherman's suplex on the unsuspecting Michaels.

In the main event, Mad Dawg faced Prophet for the HCW Championship in what turned into a virtual bloodbath as Mad Dawg split Prophet's skull wide open with a springboard bulldog into a chair. Prophet attempted to whip Mad Dawg into a barbed wire wrapped piece of metal shelving, but ended up on the receiving end of his own weapon. Prophet made a comeback and nailed a high-release jacknife powerbomb and went to the top nailing a spinning heel kick. Mad Dawg resumed control after hitting an Acid Drop and then hit the Riverdance Leg Drop to add insult to injury. Prophet finally gained the victory by applying a new version of the Inferno DDT from a fireman's carry to retain the HCW Championship. After the bell had been sounded Shaun Edwards, Gangsta Z, and Hardcase James Stephens rushed the ring and attacked Prophet. While holding Prophet, Edwards got nailed with a chair by Mad Dawg and a brawl ensued with the Stable members and Mad Dawg and Prophet. Commissioner Dave Gilbert took the mic and declared that since the Edwards, Mad Dawg, and Prophet were so intent on fighting one another, that the main event for HCW's next show will be a three-way-dance for both the HCW Appalachian Title, and the HCW Championship.

HCW’s first show, Hardcore Anarchy, from the National Guard Armory in Williamson, WV lived up to its name from the opening interview. What was supposed to be a scheduled interview between Sensational Shaun Edwards and his opponent for the Appalachian Title, Mad Dawg, turned into an all out brawl as Big Daddy Venus and Mike Sledge (special guest commentators.) Prophet came and stopped an attack on Edwards. After setting the record straight with Edwards on why he helped him out, Prophet annnounced that Edwards would be facing Mad Dawg for the HCW Appalachian Title. Venus made his way back into the ring and Edwards and Prophet attacked both him and Sledge proving that the New Breed sticks together regardless. Mad Dawg’s music began to play and he came out oblivious to what had happened and challenged Edwards in a match for the HCW Appalachian Title.

In the opening match, CWA’s own Eric Darkstorm, Superstar Shane Matthews, and “Wolverine” Drew Wellman, lit up the ring with a tremendous three-way-dance that took the action everywhere. Wellman and Darkstorm hit numerous double-team manuevers onto the Superstar, but Matthews prevailed after senching in the Boston Crab for the submission win.

In an unscheduled interview, Hardcase James Stephens cleared the ring of the remaining CWA superstars and proceeded to bash his opponent for the HCW Heavyweight Title, Chance Prophet. Already worked up from the attack on Edwards, Prophet stormed the ring and the two began to brawl resulting in the emptying the locker room to keep the two apart.

In HCW's first in a series of 3 matches for the Hardcore Title, Gangsta Z and Brutal Bud Brewski (accompanied by the lovely Alexis), put the Hardcore in Hardcore Championship Wrestling. Using everything they could find as a weapon, the two combatants slammed, crushed, and blasted each other senseless to the crowd's delight. Brewski started off the match by slamming an alcoholic beverage (spelled B-E-E-R) onto the head of Z. From that point it was on so-to-speak. They went all over the outside and made use of the Armory's fine selection of steel chairs. After hitting the Hangover it seemed that it was academic for Brewski to take the first in this series, but Z came back and delivered a devastating Drive-By and got the pin. Setting the record Gangsta Z-1, Brutal Bud Brewski-0.

In the third match of the night, BJ the DJ faced King Cobra in a short match which saw King Cobra decimate BJ and clinch the victory with the Cobra Clutch.

The fourth match saw Cincinnati’s own, Brian Gilbert vs. hometown favorite Jesse Daniels. In the single most technical display of the night, Gilbert and Daniels hit numerous high risk moves. Jesse hit a springboard swanton bomb and then hit an asai moonsault on the still dazed Gilbert. But Gilbert regained the advantage with a series of kicks and a flying leg-drop across the back of Daniels. Taking advantage of the situation, Gilbert scored the win with a 5-Star Frog Splash.

After a short intermission, Bobby Storm took on Jason Lowe in a Storm Shelter Match which pitted teacher against pupil Lowe sustained a severe amount of punishment as Storm took him down with a series of chops and suplexes. Lowe gained advantage after a missed splash in the corner by Storm and continued his assault with a suplex of his own and teased the crowd into thinking he was going to use the People’s Elbow. Instead Lowe hit off the ropes and began to choke Storm senseless. After laying Storm out with a vicious DDT, Lowe mounted the rope for a moonsault and missed giving the opportunity for Storm to hit his finisher the Eye of the Storm (a modified neckbreaker) and hook him in the sharpshooter to score the victory.

After a period of non-interrupted wrestling, the Appalachian Title Match began and Sensatonal Shaun Edwards was forced to come out early for his match due to backstage interference on the part of Venus and Sledge. Mad Dawg’s music kicked up and he came out to the biggest heat of the night. In a solid wrestling match, both Mad Dawg and Edwards took it to the next level as they competed for the second highest prize in HCW. Mad Dawg took an advantage after hitting a low-blow on Edwards and nailed him with two chops in the corner followed by a flying chop and a big splash. Dazed, Edwards took a vicious tornado DDT, which sent him careening across the mat. Mad Dawg sent Edwards flying over the top rope and pursued him landing a DDT on the outside. After returning to the ring, Edwards regained control with a chairshot to MD’s head and hit the Ground Zero tombstone piledriver and went for the pin, but to no avail. After sending Mad Dawg into the ropes, Edwards went for the second Ground Zero only to have it reversed into the Dawg Pound Drop. At this pont the referee began to show extreme bias with a very slow count. Letting his temper get the best of him, Mad Dawg let the ref distract him and was nailed with another Ground Zero as Sensational Shaun Edwards became the NEW HCW Apallachian Champion.

Continuing with the theme for the night, Venus and Sledge came out with a surprise and announced that they would be competing tonight in a match of their choice. Little did they know that HCW had a little surprise of their own. A 6’8”, 282 lb. surprise to be exact. Scott Thunder walked to the ring accompanied by the newly crowned Appalachian Champion, and Hardcase James Stevens. As the match began, Venus found out just why Thunder is the most dominating force in HCW. Thunder overpowered both workers and sent them crashing to the mat after a series of clubbing blows. The two got the advantage on Thunder and hit a devastating Rock Bottom cracking the side supports of the ring. Even after receiving all of the punishment, the crowd watched as Thunder pummeled Venus and powered him up for the pump-handle powerslam for the win.

In the Main Event, Hardcase James Stephens faced Chance Prophet for the HCW Heavyweight Title in a grueling match that stayed outside the ring for the main part. Stephens sent Prophet into the steel-mesh lockers of the armory and busted him wide open. Prophet then took advantage back by nailing a low-blow and two shots to Stephens’ back with a steel chair. As soon as he gained the advantage, Prophet lost it again after jawing with the fans on the outside. Stephens regained his bearings and nailed Prophet with a shot to the head from the same steel chair used on him earlier. Sending it back into the ring, Stephens latched on his bow-and-arrow submission wrenching back on Prophet’s neck. A rake to the eyes gave Prophet the advantage needed to nail a jumping DDT and climb the ropes for a swanton. Instead of taking the pin, Prophet nailed a low-blow leg drop, and a baseball slide to the groin, risking a DQ. Stephens nailed Prophet and sent him into the corner where he hit the Stardust (flipping stunner) and spiked him head-first into the mat. Prophet barely escaped the count and got to his feet and attempted a spinning heel kick only to connect with referee Mitchell “The Machine” Kirk . With the ref knocked cold, Prophet turned around only to be caught in position for a DVD. With a forearm to the back Prophet reversed Stephens and hit the Inferno DDT. Prophet covered Stephens, but with Kirk out there was no count to be made….until the newly named Commissioner of HCW, David Gilbert slid into the ring and made the 3 count and announced the NEW HCW Heavyweight Champion, Chance Prophet.

HCW's next event is scheduled for 10//00. The card for the show will be posted in the upcoming weeks.

**Card subject to change.**