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Well as much as I hate to do this, and as much as I hate to break my word, I'm going to tell it like it is. Call it a shoot, call it betraying your word, but I think those that visit this site and are involved with HCW need to know this. It looks as if operations will be shutting down unless something happens soon. Whether HCW survives as an entity with the same backers that it has had this past year is unknown, but somehow and somewhere HCW will stay alive. IF worse comes to worse, it will be just keeping up with the former roster. So until word comes to me, HCW is on hiatus with no known end. --Prophet

As the New Year has begun, it looks as if there could be some major problems headed our way. We'll keep you informed, but thanks for making HCW a reality. From the guys in the back, to the fans. You proved that "a bunch of backyard wannabes" had the talent to entertain. God bless.

The first Urban Chaos show left carnage behind. Concerning the main event, newly crowned Appalachian Champ, Mad Dawg, received a concussion from a double-team manuever in the first fall but came out on top. former HCW World Champion, Prophet, received two broken ribs and a bruised rib cage as a result of the attack before the match and the powerbomb off the ladder from new World Champion, Sensational Shaun Edwards. Edwards came out of the match virtually unscathed except for having bruised ribs.

HCW will be on a short leave for the holidays but will resume activity after the New Year. Keep checking here for updates.

The HCW Urban Chaos Tour will be hitting Whitman Community Center in Logan County, December the 8th with a bell time of 7 o'clock. The main event will include a 3-way dance double title match with Chance Prophet defending the HCW World Title and Sensational Shaun Edwards defending the HCW Appalachian Title in a 2 falls match with Mad Dawg rounding out the trio. The stipulations for this match are still being plotted out by Commissioner Dave Gilbert, but its said that this will be a most interesting match. More matches will be announced in the upcoming days.

HCW has announced the name for its next shows. They will be apart of HCW's Urban Chaos Tour starting in the month of November with a possible show in the Whitman area. The dates will be announced in the upcoming weeks so keep checking back at HCW Online for the latest news.

You want news, you've got news. HCW hits the Williamson Armory, Friday, November 3rd. The lineup so far will feature a return match from Anarchy 2000 with Eric Darkstorm taking on "Wolverine" Drew Wellman with Superstar Shane Matthews as the special ref. Sensational Shaun Edwards has a scheduled defense of the Appalachian Title, along with HCW World Champion, Chance Prophet. The Original Dancing Fool of the HCW, Mad Dawg will be in action after coming off an elbow injury. Look for Hardcase James Stephens to try to exact some revenge for the outcome to the outcome of Anarchy's main event match with Prophet. Gangsta Z and Brutal Bud Brewski will fight their second in a series of three matches for the HCW Hardcore Title. "King Of Groove" BJ the DJ will be in action, as well as "Sexy Boy" Bobby Storm, Christopher Michaels, Jessy Lundis, and Brian Gilbert.

Latest News is that HCW is in for some MAJOR exposure in the next couple of months. Some visible changes in the future. Emphasis on the VISIBLE. You'll have to wait for specifics. But the next HCW show is still up in the air as of now. Pushing for an Oct. show, but there will definitely be a show on Nov. 3rd at the site of HCW's debut, the Williamson Armory. Look for some new faces to show up in the next weeks as HCW's roster will be expanding. Keep it hardcore.