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**With the current schedule of the HCW superstars being as hectic as it is, we finally caught up to current HCW World Champion, Chance Prophet to get the low-down on the happenings as-of-late in Hardcore Championship Wrestling. When we met up with him, well needless to say, he had some interesting comments.**

Prophet: Seeing as how I'm the one being interviewed, let me take time out to address some subjects I feel need clarifying. 1.) HCW is not your run-of-the-mill indy fed as some have described it. 2.)We don't have "a few good workers that put on some good matches." We are the new breed elite in wrestling today! You've got people who've never stepped their foot into a wrestling ring commenting on the hottest new fed in the tri-state area. We don't have to bring in the name talent to draw a crowd. We allow our in-ring talent and overall attitude, drive, and determination to speak for itself!

HCW Online: ...having stated that, what is your current view on the situation concerning the upcoming match at the first "Urban Chaos" event, where your title and Shaun Edwards' Appalachian Title will be up for grabs? You'll be facing Edwards and a man who took you to the limit at "Hostile Takeover," in Mad Dawg.

Prophet: First off, I have no problem with taking on these two. Heck, I welcome it. I admit it, I kind of overlooked Mad Dawg at "HT," and nearly lost the belt for it...but you see who's still the champion! As far as Edwards, if he wants to put that second-rate belt up for grabs let him. I'd be glad to take it off his hands too.

HCW Online: While we're on the subject of Edwards, what's your take on this "stable" that appears to have formed between Hardcase, Edwards, and Gangsta Z?

Prophet: My view? My view is that if these boys need to align themselves together in order to get over, so be it. Its really nothing of importance to me. Just another aggrevation to deal with.

HCW Online: On to another topic, what is this rumor we hear of you yourself joining forces with a soon to debut superstar?

Prophet: Rumors are never to be believed. The last time I aligned myself with anybody, I got left to defend myself against basically a whole federation. I doubt very seriously that you'll ever see me teaming with anybody. An ally is just another reason to watch your own back.

HCW Online: Any last remarks concerning the upcoming "Urban Chaos" tour?

Prophet: *Prophet begins to laugh and shakes his head...* They didn't name it "Urban Chaos" for nothing! You'll be seeing everyone of the New Breed taking it to another level. Should make for some interesting outcomes.

**Wonder how the other two participants in the double-title main event reacted to Prophet's comments? Check here in the upcoming weeks for an interview with Mad Dawg and Sensational Shaun Edwards.**