Pain? or Love? (for Matt Hardy) by Becca Martin

You say" Life is what you make it!"
well I have made it hell.
Your the only one who can help me,
But you don't even know I exsist.
I've been given information,
Way to much to take in.
My head is spinning,
My heart is broken.
I need you to help me,
So why do you ignore me?
You say you care,
You say you'll do anything to help.
It turns out your a liar,
Who never cared and doesn't want to help.
So when I'm gone and your still here,
I hope that the gulit eats you up inside.
I hope that you finally experience my pain,
I hope you are forced to cry your self to sleep, just
as I do every night.
But what i hope for most is ...
For you to love me~!