Jeff Pics Page 1- Thanks to Jacey's old site for these Pics

Introducing his butt to Hardcore Holly
Getting Measured
He should probly move
Watch the Face!
In a ladder
Rainbow Brite
He looks funny
This doesn't look too good
flipping in the air
He almost looks mad
It looks like his hair is glowing
Bad Position (lol Jacey!)
That's gonna hurt
Poor Jeff
Swanton Bomb on Scotty 2 Hottie
Wrong People
That probly hurt
Very orange
Very interesting...huh, Jeff?
Crawling in the air
He looks sooo cute! (and i'm even a Matt fan!)

Being thrown over the top of the cage
At the Wedding
Coming to the Ring with Terri
OUCH! Face first into the cage
Very suicidal
I think he looks cute in this picture
On the floor with Al Snow
Al Snow choking him
Are you ok, Jeff?
Diving over the top rope
That will give him a headache!
Being saved by Terri
Jeff Wins!
Head scissors from X-Pac
Kicking X-Pac in the face
Getting Scolded
He looks confused
A depressed Jeff
Awwww.. He's about to cry
BuhBuh Ray costing the Hardyz their Tag Team Title
He looks like a ragdoll
Trying to get up
Did he hit his head?
Going for the Pin
Between a ladder-atleast his hair looks good!
Practicing for his NSYNC Audition
Is he gonna Cry?
Grabbing the Bag of money
He's writing something
His eyes are red
Do his shoes have heals on them?!
With other superstars backstage
Low Blow
He's Surrendering
Is that when he was in OMEGA?
This just looks too wierd
he is so cute
Fixing his hair
"ohh..ouch...Matt, that's gotta hurt"
In the shower?
How old was he? He was cute
That's a little high
He jumped!