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The House of the Galaxian Villains could best be described as a madhouse. Evil incarnate runs rampant through the Villain ranks. Mistrust, back-stabbing, double-talking, all are traits of a Galaxian Villain. They all share only one common goal, total leadership. And, they're all willing to slit each other's throat along with the Heroes if it means getting closer to that goal. Factions in this House seldom last long, as egos usually get in the way.

(no manager)
Rogue (Phoenix Rising)
Scourge (Phoenix Rising)
Feuds With: Champions Of The Galaxy
Here's The Beef: Chaos thinks now that Omega is out of the picture, the Heroes are in shambles, and the GWF is ripe for the picking. He wasn't counting on Alpha Force to be there as well. Chaos has brought his finest fighters with him, and he plans to make easy work of both the Champions, and the Heroes. Then, he will rule the GWF with an iron fist.

(bodyguarded by Thunder)
Massacre (Gladiators)
Vengeance (Gladiators)
Feuds With: WAR
Here's The Beef: The Gladiators feel insulted that they would be challenged by "low-life colonist peasants", and have turned their attention to the rebel team of WAR. Fully aware of the rebellion growing, the Gladiators will use WAR as proof to those who oppose the Aethran might. There's also rumors that this may be a staging ground for their assault of the "New Aethran Order" in the GWF.

(no manager)
Doomsday Creature
Comrade Terror (XenoFlux)
Tongsoon (XenoFlux)
Feuds With: All-Earth Squad
Here's The Beef: Comrade Terror, in an attempt to wipe out the Earthlings for good, recruited the help of Dreadnaught. Seems as though Dreadnaught hired Terror on a number of occasions during the Galactic Wars for random terrorist acts. As new commander, Dreadnaught sent for Doomsday Creature, a Cygnusian in military prison, sent there for his ultra-violent acts against others. he then recruited the alluring but venomous Serpentine, a pit fighter/exotic dancer from the slums on Cygnus Prime. Terror has since settled into a tag-team front with Tongsoon, but there's whispers that Tongsoon has been craving singles action.

(managed by Johnny Rocket)
Splatter (AssassiNation)
Whiplash (AssassiNation)
Feuds With: Royal Court
Here's The Beef: After losing Magnus Colby, and 3/4 of the Fighting Titans, Darkos found himself and his Assassins alone in a big pond. Secretly fearing his career over already, Darkos assembled his Assassins, and literally stole Johnny Rocket from the announcer's table. Rocket has refined the Masked Assassins, but is he using his new team to repay some old debts? And, if so, what's his deal with the Royal Court?

(no manager)
Bounty Hunter
Vigilante (The Mercenaries)
Soldier Of Fortune (The Mercenaries)
Feuds With: Galactic CarnEvil
Here's The Beef: Krakan has assembled an elite fighting force, and he's willing to prove that to anyone in the GWF. Confident that the Hitmen will be ruling the GWF within the year, Krakan has become side-tracked by the rantings of one Cannibal, who's out to make a name for his liitle carnival. Krakan intends to have CarnEvil be the first to see what the Hitmen-4-Hire can do, but he already has bigger plans in mind.


Bishop Hell (managed by Royal Overlord)
Feuds With: Defender Of The Realm
Here's The Beef: Not only does Bishop Hell have to watch his back from the Royal Court, he now has the Defender Of The Realm claiming he is openly cheating during matches, and allowed by officials to get away with it. Bishop sees Defender as another loud-mouthed punk, someone who needs to be tought "who the master of Hell is in the GWF".

Mr. Galaxy
Feuds With: Sectarian
Here's The Beef: Mr. Galaxy wants that disgusting, smelly, flea-ridden monstrosity out of the GWF once and for all. Mr. Galaxy knows he's the sexiest thing alive, yet the fans all cheer for Sectarian. When Sectarian gets hurt, the fans weep for him, yet they do nothing when Galaxy gets hurt. He's jealous over the fact that he's 100 times better, yet Sectarian gets the pop.

Count Necros
Feuds With: Mesmer
Here's The Beef: Please see Mesmer Beef for details.

Feuds With: Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
Here's The Beef: Avalanche doesn't know how he got to this whole new universe, but he loves it! Quick to gain a footing back in professional wrestling, "King Kong" Bundy shed his image, and adopted that of The Avalanche. Avalanche plans to be back in the spotlight and hold titles again soon. However, in his way is another familiar face to Avalanche, Greg Valentine. Valentine knows Avalanche's ring style, and his weaknesses (though Avalanche claims he has no weaknesses). Valentine just wants to go home, though Avalanche is just getting started.

Maxine Babe
Here's The Beef: Much like Wolf, Rhea is deemed rogue in the GWF. Rhea chooses to allign with no one, and is considered Neutral for all intents and purposes. Rhea's only goal is to gain a championship belt.