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First off, here's a quickie on how my fed works (whether you wanted to know or not). My GWF is an inter-structural organization, more like a political structure then an entertainment industry. Currently, the GWF is split into two "Houses", the Galaxian Heroes and Galaxian Villains. Inside each House are a number of factions, rather than teams. These are treated as loose alliances based around similar beliefs or agendas.

While the Heroes House maintains order through communication and information, the House of the Galaxian Villains is much different. Backstabbing, social climbing, betrayal, all to get to the top spot and gain control and leadership over the House.

Most of the time, the veterans of the GWF are reserved for the higher rated time slots (Meltdown and BattleZone), while the show GWF UnLoaded is usually for the newer talent trying to gain a footing.

The links below will take you to my current rosters. These rosters will be updated on a need-be basis.

The GWF Ruling Political Body

The Alliances

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