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The Galaxian Heroes are the preservers of the "Old Ways", of the early days when the Galactic Code prevented alliances for evil purposes, and wrestlers were judged by their abilities. Some Heroes fight to keep the Galactic Code intact, while others choose paths of a personal nature. Regardless of which, the Galaxian Heroes are the light that keeps the darkness in check, and the GWF in balance.

(no manager)
Alpha Force
Star Warrior (GameMasters)
Thantos (GameMasters)
Feuds With: The Phoenix Project
Here's The Beef: Alpha Force realized that Chaos had emerged in the GWF after hunting him for so long, and he called upon "Omega's Children" to stop Chaos and his Phoenix Project. Always considering Thantos a son, Omega made a wish in his will that Star Warrior and Thantos resolve their differences once and for all. With the help of younger sister SuperNova, Alpha Force made it happen just in time for Chaos' invasion of the GWF.

(managed by Destructon-3000)
Mace (New Order)
Dreggs (New Order)
Feuds With: Gladiators Of Aethra
Here's The Beef: WAR is a plinter group to a much bigger rebellion army, one that has had enough of Aethran control! As part of a "divide and conquer" strategy, the WAR Rebellion is attacking Aethra on all fronts, both politically and militarily. Thanks to some financial and support aid from Andromeda, WAR has managed to hold their ground against Aethra, and liberate the colonies who fell under Gladiator control in the Galactic Wars. WAR themselves are the embodied power of that fight, as they take the war to Aethra in the GWF as well. Rebel intelligence learned of an Aethran group in the GWF, and feared that it would grow. Upon hearing of the Andromedans tragedy aboard the USS Viking, WAR scrambled a surprise strike. Now, WAR goes to war with the Gladiators, and it's going to be a long one.

(managed by Solaris)
Commander Sam
US Patriot
Ms. Liberty
Proteus (Gods Of War)
Actagon (Gods Of War)
Feuds With: Alien Empire
Here's The Beef: Commander Sam and Comrade Terror are still in the thinking that the Galactic Wars aren't over! Sam has rallied his troops, and gained Ms. Liberty as a fighter in the new Women's Division. His biggest shock, however, was when he was approached by the Greek Gods and Solaris. He didn't have to think twice before offering rank in the Squad. Sam has dug his soldiers in deep, but they stand against the Alien Empire, who has rooted themselves in quite snuggly on the other side of the border.

(no manager)
King Lear
Killer Queen (Royal Blood)
Jack Of Diamonds (Royal Blood)
Feuds With: Masked Assassins
Here's The Beef: Royal Overlord expressed "concerns" over the well-being of the Royal Court under King Lear's leadership, after losing Mad Jester in the USS Viking. King Lear expressed his concerns with Royal Overlord being given too much "ambassador control". Overlord and Lear went to words, and Bishop sided with Overlord, cracking the Court right down the middle. Now under an uneasy alliance with the Heroes, the Court finds themselves targeted by the Masked Assassins, but they don't know why. King Lear also questions whether Thantos has gone soft for joining the Heroes as well.

(no manager)
Death's Head
Creeper (Creature Feature)
Mutant (Creature Feature)
Feuds With: Hitmen-4-Hire
Here's The Beef: After losing the entire MIA team, Cannibal went quite mad. He found a partner who was equally insane, in the way of Death's Head. Together, they managed to lure Creature Feature into their ranks, and they formed the Galactic CarnEvil, a traveling freakshow hell-bent on causing trouble. They've gone after the dangerous Hitmen-4-Hire, just to prove they are truly evil. No matter how evil they are, however, the fans still love them.


Defender Of The Realm
Feuds With: Bishop Hell
Here's The Beef: Defender thinks there's way too much rulebreaking going on, and he's made it his personal goal to rid the GWF of such slime. His first target is his most dangerous, Bishop Hell. The single-biggest rulebreaker in the GWF so far. Defender thinks if he can put an end to Bishop Hell, others will think twice about breaking the GWF Law.

Feuds With: Mr. Galaxy
Here's The Beef: Mr. Galaxy thinks Sectarian is the ugliest thing he's ever seen, and he wants to hurt Sectarian bad for it. Sectarian doesn't know why, he's done nothing wrong. However, he's smart enough to defend himself, and until Mr. Galaxy quits hating him, he'll continue to fight back.

Feuds With: Count Necros
Here's The Beef: Mesmer once had a bride, a beautiful woman named Fionna. However, the jealous love of another who couldn't have her drove him to a fit of passionate rage, and accidentally killed Fionna. Mesmer believes that man is Count Necros, who had made claims for years of Fionna's beauty. Mesmer somehow lured Necros into the GWF, and now plans to use the squared circle for his revenge.

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
Feuds With: Avalanche
Here's The Beef: How a legend from the professional wrestling of the late 20th Century wound up in the GWF is still a mystery. But, he wasn't alone. King Kong Bundy, another wrestling legend from the same era came with him. Cloning? Temporal Displacement? Unknown. Greg Valentine distrusts his new "home", however. He feels the fans forgot him once, they'll do it again. A man out of his time, Greg Valentine wants Bundy to stop flaunting his new "second wind" in the GWF, and has taken to aggressive measures to make his voice heard. As another master of the figure-four leglock, Greg Valentine has also taken an interest in Thantos and his MASTERLOCK.

Feuds With: Maxine Babe

Wolf (managed by Amazonia)
Here's The Beef: Wolf and Amazonia have gone rogue, and have alligned with no one. For all intents and purposes, they are considered Neutral in the GWF. They will fight Hero and Villain alike. Wolf sees it as a chance to hone his hunter skills and combat, while Amazonia sees it as an oppertunity to learn more about the mat, now that she has established the Women's Division.