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Bad News Brown

The Repo Man

The Guardian Angel

The Shockmaster

Steve McMichael

Koko B. Ware

The Zodiac

Papa Shango

The Shark

Dink the Clown

The Juicer

Big Bully Busik

The Goon

The Patriots


My Dream was to wear a tight black suit with big yellow polka-dots too! How weird!

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes. Arguabley one of the greatest wrestlers of our / all time. He could entertain the crowd with his wrestling and could pump up anyone with his beautiful promos. Two things he could not do are as follows : 1. Pull off that Black outfit with Yellow Polka Dots. (When I say pull off, he couldn't get pops with it on and he LITERALLY could not pull it off..surprised he even pulled it on) Then, let's add Sweet Lil Sapphire to the picture. Yes, that lovable little Sapphire. Now, I'm not going to say anything stupid or bad about her, because if you didn't know, Sapphire is in a better place now. God rest her soul. Sapphire worked her lil butt off though to make Dusty the man in WWF. Unfortunately for Dusty, she couldn't get it done. So, Dusty needed a change. He got a change in outfits (FINALLY!) Yes, he went from tight black suit with yellow polka dots, to a tight black suit with RED polka dots. Dusty had a few good feuds with the Macho Man, then with the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. However, Dusty wasn't able to get himself over, let alone his outfit.

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