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Thursday Night Thrashing
Thurday Feb 15th

{The show opens to the camera overlooking the crowd. It slowly moves around the arena. Then suddenly rockets start shooting of in all directions and the camera focuses on the announcers making their way to ringside. The Thrashing theme song is playing and the crowd is going wild. Then the music lowers a little and the announcers take over.}

Marty Miller: Hello everyone and welcome to the second Thursday Night Thrashing of the new improved CNW. We are live from the United Center in Chicago coming to you via the new cable network channel Sports Entertainment Channel (SEC)

Monty Clark: That we are Marty and what a show we have tonight. With less than a week til the PPV who know what will happen. So lets get right to the action.






{Hardcore Match}

{Jason Deathstar and Lonewolf one by one make their way down to the ring. New comer Synn is the last to come down to the ring. He than enters the ring by stepping over the top rop and the ref ring the bell.}

{Hardcore Match}

Marty: Wow can you believe the size of this man!!

Marty: My records show he is the largest man in the CNW right now!!

Deathstar and Lonewolf hit a double clothesline on Synn but he doesn't go down. They try again and still they just rock him. Third time and Synn grabs them both and does a double choke slam. He picks one up at a time and give them a big boot!!

Monty: This guy is destorying these two!!

Marty: Yeah it does look good for them does it.

Synn does a couple more moves before hitting each man with the Confessional and he pins them both.

Monty: What a monster!

Marty: Clearly undermatched here!!

Monty: Well on Meyhem Rich and Wyck-ed proved they weren't over matched by going up 1-0 in the best of three matchups for the tag titles !

Marty: Yes they did. Know lets see if Salted with Fire can rebound or if Rich and Wyck-ed will wrap it up tonight!!

Salted with Fire


Rich And Wyck-ed

{Best of Three- #1 contender for tag titles}

{Salted with Fire come out first followed by Rich and Wyck-ed. Both tag teams seem fired up and the ref ring the bell.}

Busta and Rich lockup first. Rich wins and starts to mount some offense. Rich and Wyck exchange many tags and keep Busta away from his corner. One mistake by Wyck though allows Machine to be tagged in. Machine just clears house and nobody is left standing but him. Machine does a few more impressive moves and Rich looks like he is mounting some defense but is soon cut down by a massive clothesline. Machine than hits The Byte goes fo rthe pin. Busta jumps over the pin and hits Wyck with a shoulder black befor ehe can break the count and Salted with Fire get the win.

Marty: And it is all knotted up!!

Monty: Yep what a battle these two are having and it comes down to the decisive third matchup on Meyhem!

Marty: Next here on Thrashing though we have a revenge match!!

Monty: Yeah Dreamer and Iron Dix meet at the PPV but tonight Iron Dix wants some sweet revenge on Shocker, Dreamer friend of some sort!

{When the show comes back Shocker is already in the ring and Iron Dix comes down pointing at Shocker and shaking his head. He enter the ring and the two battle as the bell rings.}



Iron Dix

{Normal Match}

The match starts off in a see saw battle but Iron Dix soon takes control. He is hitting move after move on Shocker. As if he was trying to dismantle him. It is much longer and Iron Dix goes for the Iron Bomber but Shocker slips out and slides out of the ring. Shocker grabs a chair and throws it at Dix but Dix ducks and Shocker than pulls out his feet and drags him out the ring. Two exchange punches before Dix once again gains control and tosses Shocker back in the ring. Two moves later he goes for the Iron Bomber and hits. Just than down runs Dreamer adn he slides in the ring. Dix sees him a moment to late and when he jumps up he is plantes with a neck breaker from Dreamer. Ref rings the bells, but Dream keeps stomping away. Dreamer and Shocker than hit a double powerbomb on Iron Dix. Suddenly out come new comer Synn. Synn climb up on the apron and Shocker goes to punch him. Synn blocks it and grabs a handful of hair and pulls Shocker over the top rope and on to the floor. He than climbs over the rope rope and points at Dreamer. Dreamer quickly slides out of the ring and gathers Shocker and the two escape up the ramp.

Monty: Dix wins this match but the battle gets deeper !

Marty: Yeah and why did Synn come to Dix's aide!!

Monty: I don't know but someone is going to need some aide after this next match!




{Tables Match}

Charger and Crow begin battling right away. Exchanging punch after punch. Crow gains the upper hand but is only for a short time. As this matchup once again is a see saw battle. Each one takes their turn at controlling the match with impressive moves after impressive moves! Charger gains control long enough to setup a table on the outside he gets back in and as soon he stands up he is hit with a clothesline and and both wrestler go over the top rope and through the table. The ref raises Crows hand and awards him the victory.

Marty: Talk about your controversy!!

Monty: Charger will fight the one! This is not over yet

Marty: You want to know who is in for a fight. Bronx is out numbered here. Black Scorpion said Bronx was on his own so this match is like a three on one.

Monty: Yeah it is not going to be pretty for Bronx.

Pitbull, The Doctor, Mystery Man


Black Scorpion and Bronx

{Tag Team Match}

{When the show comes back on Pitbull The Doctor and The Mystery partner are in the ring and Black Scorpion is on the ring apron. Bronx is making his way down to the ring and you can see he is not happy.}

When the bell rings The Doctor steps in first and Black Scorpion can't help but get in first as well. The two lockup and The Doctor wins control with a hip toss. The Doctor and Pitbull make frequent tags and Black Scorpion is taking a pounding. Eventually Black Scorpion ducks a clothesline and hits a neck breaker. He slowly crawls his way over to Bronx and Bronx makes the tag and everyone rushes in and one after the other they go down and Bronx lets out a roar and raises his arms to the roar of the crowd.

Marty: The Heavyweight Champion is cleaning house!!

Monty: Yeah look at him go!

Pitbull the legal man in slides back into the ring and quickly tag The Doctor. The Doctor and Bronx lockup and Bronx over powers him with a scoop slam. Bronx goes to come off the ropes but is kneed in the back by the Mystery Man. This gives the Doctor control of the match. Once again there is frequent tags made between The Doctor and Pitbull. Finally Bronx hits a double clothesline on The Doctor and Pitbull. Bronx makes his way over the corner for the tag but when he get there Black Scorpion jumps down from the apron. Pitbull than grabs Bronx and the beating continues. Until once again Bronx gets the chance to tag and again Black Scorpion jumps down. This time when Pitbull grabs Bronx, Bronx comes up with an uppercut and knocks Pitbull right off his feet. Once again everyone rushes Bronx and once again he knocks them down until only Pitbull is left in the ring. He hit a huge back body drop followed by a powerslam on Pitbull and singals for the Bronxlock. Black Scorpion than quickly reach in and tags Bronx runs in and makes the cover. Before Bronx can realize what happened Black Scorpion picks up the one two three.

Marty: Black Scorpion just stole that pin from Bronx!!

Monty: They are partners a win is a win right!

Marty: Not that way that is just wrong. Bronx had to fight just about that whole match by himself and Black Scorpion steals the pin !!

Monty: Like I said they still got the win!

Marty: It no use explaining it to you. However we are out of time, Please tune into Meyhem the last show before the PPV!!

{The camera goes back to the ring and Black Scorpion and Bronx are nose to nose yelling at each other. Bronx throws his hands in the air and turns to walk away but it nailed by the doctor and the mystery man. Black Scorpion looks like he is going to help Bronx but gives a dirty look to the Doctor and walks away. Pitbull than hits the Dog Bite on Bronx and the scene fades to the three standing over Bronx.}

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