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Sunday Night Meyhem
Sunday Feb 18th

Huge pyros begins exploding as the CNW Sunday Night Mayhem's theme hits the PA system and the show comes on air. The crowd is going crazy as the pyros and fireworks continue to explode all throughout the arena. The pyros finally stop and the arenas overhead lights come on lighting the ring and the announcers Stephan Styles and Craig Simmons up.

Steve: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Sunday Night Meyhem!!Coming to you live on the cable nework channel SEC!

Craig: Even though we have been cut to an hour tonight we still have a great card? We have Rich and Wyck-ed against Salted with Fire for the decisive third match to see who is tag team titles #1 contender, than we also have Crow and Charger in the rematch tables match with Crow possibly gets a title shot and a match everyone has been talking about Bronx in a handicapped match verse The Doctor and Pitbull.

Steve: Yeah I am not sure what went through Bronx's head when he asked for that match. But it would be cool to see him do it.

Craig:That will be interesting but right now we have a Iron Dix teaming up with new comer Synn against the team of Shocker and Dreamer!!

Steve: What a monster this Synn guy is. He saved Iron Dix last week so it is only fit the two tag tonight. Lets get to the action.

Dreamer and Shocker are in the Ring and Synn and Iron Dix make their way down the ramp. Synn climbs over the top rope and Dreamer and Shocker slide out of the ring. Synn goes to the outside apron and Shocker enters the ring and the bell rings.

Dreamer and Shocker
Iron Dix and Synn

{Tag Match}

The match starts with Shocker and Iron Dix locking up. Dix gets the upper hand and makes a couple moves on Shocker. Dix than goes for a clothesline but Shocker ducks and quickly tags in Dreamer.

Craig:Here it is the perview for the PPV.

The two go to lockup but Dreamer gets Dix in the stomache and rakes his eyes to gain a quick upper hand. Dreamer than goes to work on Dix making a lot of tags with Shocker as the two wear Dix down. Dix is finally able to counter one of Dreamers moves and both are down. Dix slowly makes his way over to make the tag and he does. Synn climbs over the tope rope and hits the incoming Shocker with a big boot. Dreamer comes running in and Synn catches him with a side walk slam. Synn than picks up Shocker and power slam him near his corner. Synn tags Dix back in and Dix climbs to the top rope. Synn backs up into the corner and Dix grabs his hands and walk on to his shoulders. Dix than does a front flip off Synn's shoulders with Synn pulling down on his arms for extra force on to Shocker. Dix goes for the pin. Dreamer come running in and gets power slammed by Synn. The makes the three count for both men and Synn and Dix win.

Craig:Wow what a dominating peroformance by Dix and Synn.

Steve: Yeah they worked so well maybe they should think about the tag titles.

Craig: Well you know this next man is thinking about a title, the European Title.

Crows music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Not long afterward Charger comes flying down the ramp and slides in the ring and the two exchange punches as the bell rings.


{Tables Match}

Craig: This is an interesting match here Steve.

Steve: Yes it is. If Crow can pull off one more upset he will earn himself a title shot at the PPV in just two days.

The match starts and seesaws back and forth with a couple good moves. However Charger finally gains the upper hand and starts to dominate the match. You can tell he doesn't want Crow to get a title shot. Charger starts hitting seom very impressive moves and before long Crow can barely stand. One move and Crow is down. Charger goes to the outside and grabs a table and set it up. Charger gets back into the ring. Crow is slowly using the ropes to help himself up Charger goes to run at him with a clothesline but stops and remembers what happen last time. However he throsw his hand up and turns to run again but when he turns he almost runs over the ref trying to check on Crow. He Charger asks the ref to get out of the way but when he turns back to Crow Crow grabs his tights and pulls him in and up over the top rope through the table. Charger is mad he slides back in the ring and Crow slides out and to the back. Charger grabs the ref and draws back his fist as he screams what could only be you cost me the match. Charger than shake his head and gives the ref a slight shove and leaves the ring punching the mat in fustration.

Steve:Well Crow did he will face Charger at the PPV!!

Craig: Yeah but what a disappiontment Charger was in clear control Crow got lucky there.

Steve: Two of these next four men will feel lucky as the go to the PPV for the tag titles!!

Craig: Yes it is the decisive third match to find out who is the number one contender for the tag titles!!

Salted With Fire
Rich and Wyck-ed

{#1 contendership to Tag Titles}

When the show come back from commerical Rich and Wyck-ed are already in the ring and Salted with Fire soon join. Rich and Busta start things up.

The two lockup and Rich gets the upper hand in what turns out to be a tough fought match between both teams. Each team takes their turn at controlling the match and wearinbg down there opponents. But soon Busta makes a great tag to the refreshed Machine and things chance to Salted with Fire with the huge upper hand. Not long after you see M&M Express come down the ramp. They sit outside the ring whispering and pointing but defintely being a distraction to both teams. Just than Machine goes to bounce off the rope and Matt Meyhu grabs his leg. However he actually helped Machine Cause Rich was going for a superkcik but instead missed and spun around setting himself up for the Byte. Machine hit it and got the quick three count for the win. The Meyhus have already escaped up the ramp and Salted with Fire chase after them.

Craig: To think Rich and Wyck-ed where only a supre kick away. What a shame the meyhus had to stick their noses in.

Steve: Yeah well you know both these men won't forget and things will escalate before this is over!!

Craig: Well the anticapation for these match has escalated.

Steve: Yep Does Bronx have enough to defeat two upper class wrestlers? We will find out next.

The Doctor and Pitbull

{Two on One Handicap Match}

The Doctor and Pitbull are already in the ring when the show comes back and Bronx music hits. A clear fan favorite makes his way down to the ring and you can tell he is focused. He takes a fight stance and the bell rings.

A few moments of just circling goes by before both men charge Bronx. Bronx takes The Doctor down with a right hand and turns an hits Pitbull with a left than a right and both men retreat out of the ring. Moments later Pitbull and The Doctor surround Bronx and come in on different directions. The Doctor runs first and Bronx turn and hits him but Pitbull runs in and knees Bronx in the back knocking him down. The two than stomp him and start a ten minute beat down on Bronx. Bronx is bloody and the ref is just about to call the bell Bronx some how hits a double clothesline. Everyone is slow to get up The goes after Bronx first. Bronx kicks him in the gut and goes for a suplex but Pitbull charges in. Bronx barely gets a leg up in time and kicks him in the gut than plants a double ddt on Pitbull and The Doctor. The Mystery Man than makes his way to the ring. No one sees him and picks Pitbull up. Pitbull slides behind Bronx and locks his arms around Bronx's waist and than runs toward the ropes. The Mystery Man jumps upon the apron and blows something but Bronx ducks and it hits Pitbull in the face Pitbull staggering back but Bronx throws Pitbull over the tope rope right into the arms of The Mystery Man. Bronx than turns to see the Doctor running at him and he scoops him up and hits a brain buster. Bronx quickly grabs the Doctors legs and slaps on the Bronxlock. Mystery Man breaks up but hold but not before The Doctor taps and the ref calls for the bell. Bronx jumps up and gabs the mystery man by the throat and choke slam him. Bronx than to the delight of the goes for the mask. He finally rips it of and hold it in the air only to reveal another mask and the Mystery Man quickly rolls out of the ring. Pitbull and The Doctor slide in behind Bronx and attck him. The Doctor brought in a chair and levels Bronx with it the two stomp Bronx and the Pitbull calls for a mic.

Pitbull: Bronx you sorry sack of s**t. This is only the beginning. You haven't bled enough here tonight to even compare to the blood you will shed at meltdown. So you better not forget the heavyweight title because Tuesday Night it is going home with me.

Pitbull drops the mic on Bronx's chest and leaves the ring.

Steve: Bronx may have defeat the odd and Pitbull and the Doctor. But he clearly didn't win the battle here tonight

Craig: You know what Steve. I think Pitbull is right. This only the beginning. Bronx will have to come with even more Tuesday Night than he did tonight. I don't know if he as much left.

Steve: I agree Craig. Who knows what Pitbull and The Doctor will have in store tuesday night. Seems like Bronx is not just facing Pitbull anymore.

Craig: When you are the champ Steve you face everyone and Bronx will be doing just that Tuesday. But for right not we are out of time but call your local cable company today and order Meltdown only on PPV. See you than.

Cameras go back to Bronx where he has pushed EMT off him and made it to the ropes. He lends over the second ropes and the cameras zooms in. You can see Bronx is bleeding hard but you can mostly see that he is really really mad.

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