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February 24th PPV:
Sin City
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February 17th, 2002

Yo fuckers, the results are you. So read them NOW!

--Your Pissed Off President

February 15th, 2002

Good evening, all. A wee bit of news to quench your thrists for updates tonight awaits within this scroller. Just signed to an official WFW contract is one "Twiztid" Tequila Thomas, so be sure to show him a proper welcome to our beloved federation. In other matters, you still have two days left to rp Uprising, so make sure that you do that. And finally, I would like to all of you a very happy and safe Valentine's day. Until next time, this has been...

--Your Friendly Neighborhood President

February 13th, 2002

Good evening to all of my fellow WFW'ites. The Uprising card this week is shaping up to be one the better cards in recent memory. And I would think that, since we are gearing up for Sin City on the 24th of the month, we'll want to put on an excellent show. For us to do that, you need to be sure to do that. In other news, the roster has seen two "New" additions to it. Well, not entirely they are a couple of familiar faces to the WFW family, Mr. Sandman and Isabella Drake. I, for one, am glad to have them back in the fold and I'm sure that all of you out there feel the same way. So, be sure to give them a proper welcome back to their home. Other than that, there is no new news for the night. So, until next time, this has been...

--Your Friendly Neighborhood President

[The WFW Top 10 Rankings] 1. Hades "The Master of Pain" 2. Chris Lancer 3. Unforgiven 4. Revolution 5. Bloodshed 6. Ravage 7. President Harris 8. Mr. Sandman 9. Excursion 10. Isabella Drake

[WFW Wrestler of the Week: February 18th - February 24th]
Isabella Drake

Due to lack of activity and the loss of some of our members, the applications for WFW are once again open for acceptance, so be sure to get that app before our roster is full or else you'll be S.O.L...and we all know what that means!