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1) Don't complain about a lose because 1) It could be a human error or 2) The writer may of thought you didn't deserve to win. 3) It might have fitted better in the storyline.

2) Show respect towards the staff and other wrestler even if you don‘t like them.

3)Please remain active otherwise I will be forced to terminate you. There will be a money award every year for staying active.

4)Tell a member of the staff if you are leaving for a vacation, illness etc.

5) When commenting on the message board try not to swear, use racial comments, or insult other members doing so can result in a suspension.

6) Don’t give out your ID #’s. It will be used as like a password.

7)If you have an idea to make the fed better tell me and I will seriously consider it.

8) Have fun!


Each week there will be two wrestling shows Sunday Night Mayhem and Thursday Night Thrashing, with one Pay Per View Event each month. The results for each card will be post the next day. The winner of these matches will be determined by a number of things. Overall rating of each wrestler, Strength, Endurance, Stamina, Charisma, Experience, Agility, Quickness, Reflex,Toughness, Match Training and Moves ratings of each wrestler . However the most influence on the outcome of a match will come from the storyline rating of each match. This being because the storylines are what makes wrestling interesting. This doesn’t not mean that the training doesn’t matter because to start a storyline you have to wrestle first and also to end a storyline you must choose a winner which will be based on the ratings listed above. Ratings are just as important as storylines but the best ratings might not win a certain match. Below is a list and explanations of each of the 12 ratings.

Overall Rating~

The overall rating of a wrestler is the most important rating. It is determined by adding the Experience,Endurance,Toughness,Match Training,Moves Training,Strength,Charisma,and Reflex ratings up, plus your wrestlers overall match rating, than dividing by 9. Each can go up or down based on what training you do, how much you interact with the media/fans, outcome of matches.

Experience Rating~

The experience rating is the second most important rating. It is determined by adding up your training match rating and your moves rating, than dividing by two. That doesn’t seem to difficult to raise right? However when you start to raise your training match level you will realize that it is more difficult than you think. As is the moves rating , for each has multiple stats you will have to raise for you to raise your overall training rating. One thing is in your favor though a real match will also help raise or lower these stats

Endurance Rating~

Possibly the third most important rating is your endurance rating. This rating is determined by adding up your strength, stamina, and toughness ratings and dividing by three. These ratings will be somewhat difficult to raise as it will take time to raise each individual rating and as you get older the rating will drop.

Toughness Rating~

The toughness rating is the most tricky rating. There are a few things this rating can affect and a few things to help this rating rise. However a number of things can lower this rating. This rating is most directly determined by adding up strength, stamina and match training rating and dividing by three. However certain matches like hardcore and I quit matches etc. Can help raise the level but you have to have a high toughness rating to avoid injury. Other things you will find will help as well but you will see that this rating can fall quickly as time goes on.

Match Training Rating~

As stated above this rating is difficult. There are many things to train for. Training here will determine what kind of matches you will be best at and how well you perform in each of the different matches. The more of these match you compete in the better you will get. Each match will have a rating and when you add them all up you will receive a overall match training rating. Certain matches have stipulations. Males will not wrestle in a Bra and Panties match, and you have to have a certain toughness in order to wrestle in any other match that is not normal rules.

Moves Rating~

Moves rating is the hardest of ratings directly associated with training only. To raise this rating you will have to go to the moves training class and complete each level of moves for each set of moves. There are six set of moves and each has three levels and a finisher level. Adding up all four level ratings and dividing by four will get you the set rating and adding up all set ratings and dividing by six will get you the overall moves rating. The tricky part of this is that you will not be able to perform moves well in a match if the level of the set moves is low. So you want to get all levels up to at least half with you excelling in a couple to make your moves effective and become a great wrestler.

Strength Rating~

The next most difficult training only rating is the strength rating. This rating can be raise by going to the gym and training. What makes this difficult is that there is a lot of things to work on and it will take time to build them all up.

Storyline Rating~

The storyline rating is based on a number of things and can constantly change. For more on the storyline rating check backstage/storylines.

Charisma Rating~

Your charisma rating can be figured out by adding up interview rating(interviews done divided by total interviews),commercial rating(based on ranking in CNW when released),storyline rating, and your last overall match rating than dividing by four.

Reflex Rating, Stamina Rating, Agility Rating, and Quickness Rating~

By far the four easiest ratings these are all easy to raise and all easy to maintain. To raise your stamina,agility,and quickness ratings you just have to go to the gym and train for them. The reflex rating is just the first three added up and divided by three.

These twelve ratings combine to help make the CNW matches what the are. With these ratings we can not only know how is the better wrestlers but we can also create an overall match rating. The overall match rating is the overall ratings of all wrestlers involved in the match, the storyline rating behind the match, and the fan interest(charismas of wrestlers in match added up and divided by the number of wrestlers) all added together and than divided by three. With the ratings of wrestlers and the matches figured out next would be how to keep the ratings up.


Training in the gym will help you increase your Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Quickness. You will not be accepted in the gym from 12pm EST to 11:59pm EST on Sundays, Thursdays, and PPV event days. Also you can not train more than once a day or on any day that you have a match training session. If this stipulation is broken the first scheduled training will only be accepted.


Match training will help you become a better wrestler and will determine the matches you will perform well in. You will not be able to have a match training session on Sundays, Thursdays, PPV event days or on any day you go to the gym. If this stipulation is broken the first scheduled training will only be accepted. There is only one match training session per day.


Moves training will help you increase your arsenal of moves and make them more effective. You can train for your moves once a day.


Interviews are used to increase your charisma and make storylines more interesting. One interview will be taken every week. New interviews will be available every week upon request. If a wrestler doesn’t submit the interview for that week by 9:00pm EST Friday the interview for that week is invalid.