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{The scene opens with the camera circling around what appears to be the inside of a car. It is going in and out of focus until it is finally clear and you can see that it is Dave Styles trying to set the camera to be focused on him. He is indeed sitting behind the wheel of his truck. He finally gets the camera set.}

Ironbull~ Hey guys, Prime Time,Sid, Meyhus,Chris,Jason. its your good pal Dave Styles. Seens how you are all viewing this I bet you have figured out who has mysteriously drop a video tape at your door step. I mean I know you guys are thick headed and all but it is a good bet you realized it was me. I have decided to say the things I have been wanting to say straight to all of you so that there is no discussion that I am the one that said it. Cause unlike a lot of people in this match I don’t stab anyone in the back I bring it straight to their faces. Guys we will meet at Xposure and we all know it isn’t going to be pretty. However the one thing you don't realize is that me and Lance are going to win hands down. We are just too damn destructable to be mess with and frankly with Lance coming back we are going to give him a title to come back to. Matt the worst thing you could have done was turn your back on me. We were like brothers. But i guess when the real "blood" brother comes in the picture it is another story. Prime and Sid, you guys are one of the main reasons I came back. Your cheating BS drove me crazy. Therefore you have pissed me off and to get my first taste of you two is going to be sweet. Chris and Jason you guys are just a couple guys in the wrong place at the wrong time. You guys have no chance and the prez threw you in here like a piece of meat to a pack of hungry dogs. The other three teams are going to beat the hell out of you and than dispose of you two before the match even really begins.Sucks to be you guys.You all have to pay for what you did and the worst part about it is you will pay. You will pay double time…why cause you will have to pay for everyone that has hurt me in the last month. That’s right one month of anger, frustration, pain and sorrow. See it seems as though I can’t trust anyone these days. First you Matt than my wife. That’s right in case you didn’t hear my wife has cheated on me, and all of you will have to pay for this misfortune. And to make matters worst, if that wasn't enough to make you have Lance to worry about as well. Lance has been out for a little while and he is ready to come back and kick some ass and you all have one hell of an ass kicking coming. We are going to take a whole lot of feelings out on you guys leaving you scared and not knowing what the hell happened. It is a done deal your asses are ours and we plan on kicking them all over the arena at Xposure.

{Dave pauses and picks up the camera. He points it out of his windshield at a building across the street. It moves around a bit as he places it on his dash and begins talking again in the background.}

Ironbull~ See that building there. That is where my future ex-wife is working with her new lover/boss. In a few minutes she will be getting off from work and I plan on having a few words with her. I am not going to beat her up or slap her around. No that is something all of you would do. Instead I am going to save it for you guys and depending on how well everything goes depends on how much more frustration I will have to take out on you guys. It is bad enough you all better hope she doesn’t get an attitude, if it gets much worst I recommend moving far away. The only thing that will stop me from beating the hell out of all you will be...Lance Minion. Why is this? Because than he will be beating the hell out of you while I watch with enjoyment. I would like to thank all of you for the warm up match. Gives me a workout before I finish my path to Scott Tyler or whoever has the heavyweight title. That’s right send a message to Scott Tyler that after I get through with you all I am coming for him. He will probably want to get rid of that title so I won't make him look like what Me and Lance are going to make all of you look like. Don’t get too excited you guys I am by no means looking past our match. I still am going to kick your ass first don’t think you are getting out any easier… you can continue crying again. So now you can run back and tell your little friends that I said shit about them and give them a reason to come help you out. But keep one thing in mind. If this match ends because your bitch friends interfere you can guarantee that I will make sure that you get an even bigger ass whipping and that goes for your friends too. So you might want to keep them back and fight this one on your own. Except your beatings like the men that you once were. You all have been running your mouths and playing your games for too long and it is time you faced your fear and realized that you are all bottom string in this match and your time for glory isn't here yet.

{Just than you see Tori come out of the building. She stands there for a minute and lights a cigarette. Dave grabs the camera.}

Ironbull ~Well guys I have said things pretty simple so that even all of you can understand them. Now I have to go and say a few things to my darling wife. Guys cross your fingers and for god sakes wipe your tears and blow your noses. It is only going to be a few minutes of pain and it will all be over. If your friends saw you like this they would leave you guys in a heart beat. I must leave for now I suggest you go train hard…real hard…and prepare for a major ass kicking.

{Dave hits the zoom button instead of the off button and than sets the camera back on the dash. He than gets out of his truck and starts walk over to Tori. She sees him and walks across the street and Dave quickly runs back across the street to catch up with her. He does and spins her around just a few yards from his truck.(Imagine that now we can hear what they are saying too..;))}

Dave~ Hey why are you running? I just want to talk to you. I haven’t seen you in a few days and I was wondering how you were. You act like you did something wrong and got caught.

Tori~ Alright Dave stop screwing around. I know it was you that was in my mother’s house and saw me. I am sorry it had to be like this but what is done is done.

Dave~ Just answer me a few simple questions. How could you? How could you do that to me? What does he have that I don’t?

Tori~ Dave I am not going to have this discussion. We are over and that is all you need to know.

Dave~ Why won’t you tell me?

Tori~ You really want to know. It is because he is home at night to be with me. {starts to cry}He doesn’t drink and neglect his responsibilities. He shows that he loves me and most of all he treats me like a person and not just some back burner object that comes second to his own excitement.

Dave~ OH is that all. I thought it was something bigger than that.

Tori~Oh so now this is all a big joke to you. Well fine than I am leaving.

Dave~ Wait…you need to sign these divorce papers and the court date is the 29th.

{Tori turns back and signs the papers. As she is doing so you can see a guy coming out of the building across the street. It is the same guy that was seen last week with Tori. He sees Tori crying and comes to her defense.}

Guy~ Hey whats going on here? Tori are you alright? Who is this guy?

Tori~ Chuck I am fine. Just had a few things to settle with me ex-husband.

Chuck~ OH so you are that punk wrestler. I am sick of you making this women cry. I say I can kick your sorry ass. Lets go!!!

Dave~ Nah I am not going to fight you. I didn’t come here to fight. So why don’t you take your pencil neck ass and get back out of here before you get hurt.

Chuck~ Pencil neck…that’s it shit for brains. I am going to have to tear you apart.

Tori~ No chuck please go inside. I don’t want anyone to get hurt anymore.

Chuck~ I am sorry dear but it is time for this yellow belly bastard to pay for the pain he caused you.

{Chuck is rolling up his sleeves and Tori is trying to plead with him to go back inside. He refuses and begins to call Dave a few more choice names. Dave stands there and than lefts his right hand over his face. He runs his hand down his face and scratches his chin as if to be thinking. One more name from chuck makes Dave snap. He throws a quick right jab and lands it right on the end of Chuck’s nose. Sending him flying back a good three feet. Chuck hits the ground and holds his face as blood begins to pour out of his nose. As he begins to sob you seen some security guard start to fly out of the building. Dave sees them too and hops back into his truck and speeds off. As he does so the camera falls on to the seat and everything is black. The next thing you see is someone lifting the camera up. It is Dave carrying it out of his truck into is house. He walks for a little bit and sets the camera down. He still doesn’t realize the camera is on. Styles disappears for a minute as the camera is focused on the front door. Ten minutes pass and there is a knock at the door. Styles yells for whoever it is to come in. The door opens and it is four policemen.}

Police~ Mr Styles…this is the police you are under arrest for your incidents at your wife’s job today.

Dave~ I don’t know what you are talking about.

Police~ Don’t play dumb we have you on tape…

Dave~ Alright but you don’t have to put the handcuffs on me I will go on my own.

Police~ Alright lets move along than.

{Dave walks ahead of the Police and is just about to the door when one cop grabs him and another takes out his knee with a knight stick. Styles falls to the ground quickly and three cops hold him down as the fourth puts the handcuffs on him and jerks him back up. Dave shouts profanities at the officers and they shove him out the door. The door slams shut and the house is quiet again. Nothing happens for about 10 more minutes and then the low battery on the camera comes on. Slowly but surely the camera begins to fade and the picture goes completely blank.