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Meyhem Roster
*=injuried/on leave
Wrestler(Manager)Hgt/WgtAlignmentFinishersFinisher Description
Bronx 6'2/252 Good Bronxlock Sharpshooter
Pitbull 6'3/225 Heel/Bad The Dog Bite Razor's edge
The Doctor 5'9/175 Heel/Bad The Throwback Hook arms from the back and toss over head backwards onto opponents back of head
Busta 6'5/250 Heel/Bad Gilotine Scissor Kick
The Machine 6'5/250 Heel/Bad The Byte Bear Hug into a belly to back suplex w/ bridge for the pin
Nightmare 6'5/260 Neutral Dreammaker Airplane spin into a neckbreaker
The Living Highlight 6'1/227 Heel The Highlight Reel Shooting Five Star Frog Splash
Krug 7'0/357 Good Krug Smash Powerbomb
Jason Deathstar 6'0/220 Neutral The Death Star Pedigree
Lonewolf 6'1/230 Neutral Howl Of Death Picks opponent up in a suplex, holds him in the air for a minute than falls in a ddt fashion driving the opponent head first into the mat

Tag Team Roster
Tag TeamMember #1Member #2
The Living NightmareThe Living HighlightNightmare
Salted With FireMachineBusta

Thrashing Roster Roster
*=injuried/on leave
WrestlerHgt/WgtAlignmentFinishersFinisher Description
Black Scorpion 6'5/250 Neutral Sting of Death Stinger Splash followed by a Stunner
Crow 6'4/240 Neutral Crow Driver Double UnderHook Piledriver
Charger 6'6/280 Good The Hemi A piledriver off of the 2nd turnbuckle.
Iron Dix(T-Dawg) 5'11/180 Neutral Iron Bomber Pick him up slam him down
Synn 6'8/280 Heel/Bad The Confessional Running jackknife powerbomb
Matt Meyhu(Tiffany) 6'3/235 Face/Good M-100 Super Kick
Mike Meyhu(Tiffany) 6'3/250 Face/Good Dreamweaver Double arm DDT
Richard Rahl 6'3"/270 Neutral The Saving Grace Running reverse sidwalk slam. Opponent is faced down when slammed into the mat.
Wyck 6'5/320 Neutral Burnout Boston Crab
Aero 6'6/290 Heel Deathlock Figure Four Leglock
The Beast 6'7/300 Heel Light Outs Piledriver from the top rope
Dangerous Damion Jones 6'0/285 Heel/Bad The Dangerzone Pump handle slam from second turnbuckle

Tag Team Roster
Tag TeamMember #1Member #2
M&M ExpressMike MeyhuMatt Meyhu
Rich and Wyck-edRichard RahlWyck

Steve StylesPlay By PlayFace
Craig SimmonsColor CommentatorHeel
Monty ClarkColor CommentatorHeel
Marty MillerPlay By PlayNeutral
Rebecca Jones/Frank JohnsonRoad ReportersFace