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Sunday Night Meyhem
Sunday Feb 4th

Huge pyros begins exploding as the CNW Sunday Night Mayhem's theme hits the PA system and the show comes on air. The crowd is going crazy as the pyros and fireworks continue to explode all throughout the arena. The pyros finally stop and the arenas overhead lights come on lighting the ring and the announcers Stephan Styles and Craig Simmons up.

Steve: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Sunday Night Meyhem!!! We are proud to present the re-opening of the CNW here on new SEC !!

Craig: Thatís right ladies and gentlemen, we are nowlined up against the toughest television competition in the history of professional wrestling! How huge was this TV deal for CNW and your dad?

Steve: Well I'll tell you Craig this is what's going to keep CNW on the scene and the doors open a long time. Don't get me wrong we are going to have our hands full. However I am confident that we can handle the job. Cause tonight is going to be a huge card for the re-opener night, a few newcomers to the federation and a few CNW veterans who are here to teach the beginners a thing or two.

Craig: I canít wait to see what these newer guys have to show off, and itís going to be even more exciting watching the old favorites in action once again!!

Just than the lights fade and Iron man plays over the PA. Rockets and flares shoot up to the left and right. You can just make out Dave Stylesí figure from the glow of the pyros. Than the light come on and Dave Styles makes his way to the ring. He enter the ring and grabs a mic.

Dave: Welcome back CNW fans!!!!

The crowd screams as the camera circles around the arena. There looks to be descent crowd of 8 to 10,000 CNW and wrestling fans all eager to see the reopening of CNW.

Dave: I know everyone is excited about our first show but first I have a few things to say. I would like to start by first thanking all the wrestlers, staff and especially you fans for coming back to the CNW and supporting us once again. I want to let everyone know that there is a no tolerance policy in effect. If you don't obey the rules and/or you do anything that could potentially cause CNW to fall back to our dark ages you will be terminated. To show you I am serious I would to call out Pitbull, Black Scorpion, The Living Highlight and Nightmare.

Moments go by and soon one by one the four men file down to the ring. They stand ine a line in front of Dave Styles

Dave: Two of have broken the rules and yet you know that you shouldn't have. I am not going to have any lazy freeloaders here in CNW. The fans want action and the fans will get action!!! Enough said gentleman dispose of this trash.

Just than Pitbull and Black Scorpion turn and start to pummel Living Highlight and Nightmare. The two try to mount an offense but the attckers are to strong and soon the two lay at their attackers feet. Dave Styles calls them off and walks over to the beaten men. He simple says "no tolerance" and throws two pink slip on the wrestlers chests. With one motion of Dave's hand Pitbull and Scorpion toss the two out of the ring and security drags them to the back.

Dave: Like I said fans we are here to stay this time and I am going to do everything in my power to keep it that way. So let this be a warning to everyone. I am no longer going to be a push over. Things have changed, I have changed, and most of all the CNW has changed. As for you two gentlemen thank you for your work you two earned yourselves first round byes in tonight's tournament. However we have plenty of other great matches so let get on with the show .

Iron man hits and Dave starts leaving the ring. Pitbull and Black Scorpion look at each other shake hands and leave the ring as well.

Steve: Wow just like that a statement has been made and I think it is for the good Craig, my dad is serious this time.

Craig: Yeah remind me never to get on his bad side. Well I guess that is just the type of new action we are going to see here!!

Steve : Well only one thing can prove that lets get to our first match

Danger Damion Jones
Road Rage Page

{Titles Tourney}

{The CNW PA system explodes with Damion Jonesís music and he comes down to the ring with the crowd partially behind him. After he climbs into the ring and bounces off the ropes a few times The PA system changes and Road Rage Page comes out to a reaction similar to Jonesís. He climbs into the ring and stretches a little before the bell rings.}

The match starts off when Jones hits a big right hand to Pageís jaw. Page staggers a bit but retaliates with a right hand of his own. They begin slugging it out with right hands until finally Page ducks one and hits a remarkably fast belly to back suplex on Jones.

Craig: Thatís what Iím talking about! Jones didnít even see that one coming!

Steve: I know I didnít think Page would have that kind of speed.

Page is up first and hits a standing knee thrust to Jonesís ribs. He knees him three more times then pulls him up by his hair. Page lifts Jones into the air and hits a huge over head suplex bringing Jones crashing down to the mat. Page lifts Jones up and pushes him out of the ring over the top rope. Page then falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring himself. He grabs Jones off of the ground and Irish whips him toward the steel steps, but Jones reverses the move and Page goes crashing into the steps and flies into the crowd he hits them so hard!!!

Steve: My God what power Jones has in him!!! It looked like Page was snapped in half there!!

Craig: Heís not moving! Somebody call the paramedics!!

Jones reaches over the barrier and pulls Page back over. He then lifts him up by the neck with both hands and begins choking him in the air. Jones then does a chokehold slam onto the concrete floor!!

Craig: Jones surely is dominating this match now!

Steve: I can barely believe the strength of this young talent, he comes in the CNW and promises big things, and we get nothing but the best from this amazing youth!!

Jones than rolls Page back into the ring and slides in himself. He picks Page up and walks him to the corner. Jones sets page up for the Dangerzone but Page hit Jones with a couple elbows sending Jones flying. Jones lands on his feet but rolls his ankle and falls to the ground in pain. Page sees this and quick throws Jones in an anklelock. Jones imediately taps out and the ref calls for the bell!!

Steve: What a disappointment for Damien Jones!!

Craig: Yeah Page lucked out there. We will have to get an update on Jones's condition later!

Jason Deathstar

{Titles Tourney}

When the show comes back from commerical Jason Deathstar is already in the ring and Charger is making his way down to the ring. he enter and the match begins.

They lock up. Charger with a headlock on Deathstar. Deathstar breaks free by pushing Charger into the ropes. Charger bounces back and slides between Deathstars legs. He gets up and drop kicks him in the back of the head. He than picks up Deathstar and throws him to the corner. He goes up top and begins punching. 1... 2...3... 4... 5... Deathstar pushes him down before he could get to 10. Deathstar with a DDT followed by an arm bar. Charger breaks the hold by tossing Deathstar over his body by overpowering Deathstars armbar. Pile driver by Charger to Deathstar. Back into the corner he goes up again. Frankensteiner by Charger. Once again back in the corner. He goes up and begins punching again. 1...2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10... Deathstar falls to the ground. Deathstar gets up quickly and goes to the outside. He tries to get a chair but Charger baseball slides into the chair into the head of Deathstar. Charger than tries to spring over the top rope onto Deathstar but Deathstar moves. Deathstar gets up and starts punching Charger in the face right left right left with an uppercut to take him off his feet ref starts counting 1..2..3.. Deathstar rolls into the ring 4..5.. Charger gets up and back in the ring Deathstar throws him to the ropes followed by a over the shoulder back toss. Back to the outside. Deathstar waits as the ref starts to count again. The ref get to 7 before Charger gets up and back in the ring. They lock up Charger wins again throws Deathstar into the ropes and hits him with a clothesline that almost decapates him. He picks Deathstar up an dthrow him into the corner. Charger than starts stomping Deathstar into the corner and than a foot choke. Picks him up throws him into the ropes again but it is reversed and Deathstar goes for a clothesline but Charger ducks under and puts Deathstar in the sleeper. The ref runs over finally Deathstar goes faint the ref lifts Deathstars hand it falls. Lifts it again it falls. Ref checks on Deathstar lifts his hand for a third time and it falls. Ref calls for the bell.

Steve: Well a nice see-saw victory for Charger there.

Craig: Yeah a win is a win and that is a great way to start.

Steve: I will tell you about something great that is about to start and that is the next match

Craig: Ah yes former CNW Champion Crow vs former champion himself Bronx.


{Titles Tourney}

The match starts off, and Bronx and Crow walk to the middle of the ring. They stare into each otherís eyes, than Crow pushes Bronx back with one hand. Bronx turns away. He turns back, and pushes Crow over. Crow gets to his feet, and does a running tackle, followed by a bunch of right hands. Bronx pushes Crow off, and rolls out of the ring. Crow taunts Bronx until Bronx finally rolls back into the ring. But when he does so, Crow begins to stomp on Bronx!

Steve: Crow isnít letting Bronx get one move in!!

Monty: You got that right!! Crow is here to prove that he is the champion here in CNW!!

Crow finally backs off, and lets Bronx get to his feet. Crow runs with a clothes line, but Bronx ducks it, and pushes Crow off the ropes. Crow bounces back, and Bronx clotheslines him. Bronx begins to return the favor, and stomp on Crow, but Crow rolls out of the way of a stomp, and gets to his feet. He runs, and takes Bronx down with a shoulder. He picks Bronx up, and whips him into the ropes. Crow excutes a back body drop. Then, Bronx rolls out of the ring, catches his breath. Crow sees this and dives over the top rope onto Bronx.

Craig: Crow isnít giving Bronx room to even breath!! I canít believe how determined he is to win this thing!!

Steve: That's how you win championships.

Crow throws Bronx back into the ring and the reaches under the ring for a table. Crow sets the table up and than rolls into the ring. He tries to pick Bronx up but Bronx lands some rights into Crow's gut. Bronx than gets to his feet and irish whips crow to the ropes Bronx than leap frogs Crow and hit Crow with a drop kick that sends Crow to the outside. Bronx goes out side, and picks up Crow. He scoop slams him right back to the floor. You can hear the impact of Crowís body slapping against the concrete. Bronx taunts, as Crow staggers to his feet. Crow uses the guard rail to help him up, and he turns around to get a hard right hand to the face from Bronx Bronx lifts Crow up, and runs his face into the table, making Crow fall backwards. Bronx climbs up, onto the appronand drags Crow onto the appron too. Bronx and Crow start to have a fist fight on the ring apron. They hit each other, back and fourth, and it goes on, until finally, Crow ducks a punch, and scoops Bronx up onto his shoulder. He holds him upside down for a couple of seconds, and then, jumps off the apron spinning in the air and the two crash through the table Bronx first with Crow on top. !!

Craig: Crow has no respect for his own body!!!

Steve: Yeah I never seen anyone bend like that

Craig: I did... once. It was a movie. A dirty movie.!

Steve: Yeah that's a surprise.

Crow finally gets up limping and he throws Bronx back into the ring. Crow scoop slams Bronx and he winces in pain from his sore leg but still makes his way back to the top rope. He waits for Bronx to get up and goes for a missile dropkick. Bronx steps back and grabs Crow's legs slamming him are to the mat. At the same time Bronx slaps on Bronxlock!! He has into sunk in in the middle of the ring. The ref keeps check but Crow shakes his head no. Crow tries for the ropes but Bronx pulls him back to the center and lends back farther. Bronx starts to shake from all the power he is trying to put into the move. The ref goes back to check on Crow and than calls for the bell. Bronx breaks the hold only to find out Crow passed out from the pain and never tapped out.

Craig: What a match crow wouldn't quit!!!

Steve: None the less Bronx has moved on and has beaten the former CNW Champ!!

The Doctor

{Titles Tourney}

When the show comes back from commerical Lonewolf is already in the ring and The Doctor is making his way down to the ring. He enter and the match begins.

The Doctor and Lonewolf size each other up and then they lock up. Lonewolf gets the upper hand and hits a t-bone suplex on The Doctor. The Doctor gets right back up and is met by a clothesline from Lonewolf. Lonewolf stomps The Doctor while he is down. The Doctor grabs his foot and trips him up. He locks on an ankle bar but Lonewolf gets to the ropes. The Doctor stomps his leg and pulls hism back out to the center where he locks on a half crab. Lonewolf yells in pain but gets to the ropes again. The Doctor looks pissed. He stomps away at Lonewolf and then steps back and lets him get up. The Doctor charges him and goes for a clothesline but Lonewolf ducks under it and hits a reverse ddt. He picks The Doctor up and goes for a powerbomb but The Doctor turns it into his own ddt. Both men lie there and rest. Then slowly they both get up. Once on their feet they trade punches and The Doctor wins. He then picks Lonewolf up in a suplex and hits a hard brainbuster. Lonewolf lies there as The Doctor gets up and stumbles to the ropes. He goes up top and when Lonewolf gets up he jumps off hoping for a cross body press but is caught by Lonewolf and slammed down in a spinebuster. Lonewolf gets up and hits a leg drop across The Doctorís throat. He then goes up top and calls for a frog splash. But The Doctor jumps up and crotches him. Lonewolf sits on the turnbuckle and The Doctor jumps up and hits a hurraconrona. Lonewolf hits the canvas hard. The Doctor then jumps up top and hits a frog splash of his own across Lonewolfís chest. The Doctor goes for the pin. 1....2...kickout. The Doctor cusses and picks him up and goes for the piledriver and hits it. He goes for anouther pin but a kickout after 2 again. The Doctor looks pissed and picks him up and throws him to the ropes Lonewolf comes back with clothesline but the Doctor ducks and hooks lonewolf up in position for the the Throwback. He hits it and goes for the pin. 1...2...3 The bells sounds.

Steve: That does it The Doctor moves on.

Craig: The newcomer Lonewolf put up a nice fight but the Doctor was just too much for him.

Steve: You what though Craig this next match might be too much for you.

Craig: Ah the ladies are coming. What a great addition to the CNW this is.


{Women's Title}

The ladies make their way down to the ring. You can tell that the crowd is very happy about the new addition of the women's division too. Candance is the last to come down.

Candance runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, she kicks Tiffany in the stomach and hits a snapmare on her knocking Tiffany down hard. Jerzee begins stomping her Tiffany along with Candance.

Craig: This is the most amazing match in the history of all matches!!!

Steve: Get a hold of yourself man!!

Candance turns on Jerzee and hits her with a DDT. Jerzee lands on the mat hard and Candance gets back up and starts stomping Jerzee and Tiffany!!! Candance then picks up Jerzee and kicks her in the stomach and hits her with a round house kick to the side of the head!!!!

Steve: My God Candance is throwing these women around like rag dolls!!!

Craig: Rip her clothes off Candance!! I mean rip their heads off!!

Candance than grabs Tiffany by the hair and tosses her over the tope rope to the outside. Candance picks up Jerzee and Irish whips her into the corner, Candance then runs toward Jerzee and hits her with a hard clothesline in the corner. Candance picks Jerzee up and tries to hit her with a piledriver, but Tiffany comes from behind and bulldogs Candance!! Tiffany begins stomping Candance and then Jerzee gets up and begins stomping Candance as well! The two than pick Candance up and hit her with a double powerbomb.

Steve: Candance is getting the pulp beat out of her now! She probably doesnít even know which time zone she is in!!

Jerzee than held Candance for Tiffany to kick but Candance duck and Tiffany it Jerzee knocking her backwards. Candance than went fo the Hotness but just as she was coing out of the cartwheel Jerzee caught her with a reverse elbow knocking her through the ropes and to the outside. Jerzee than trun to Tiffany who was apologizing for the kick and Jerzee quickly hit the baby mama drama on tiffany and got the three count.

Steve: There you have it Jerzee is the first CNW Women's Champion!!!

Craig: Candance is not too happy with that outcome you can bet there will be hell to pay!!

When the show comes back from commerical Dave Styles is in the ring with an annouchment.

Dave: The second round of this tourney was determined by a random drawing and the matches are as follows. Black Scorpion will take on The Doctor, Pitbull will compete against Bronx, with Charger rounding out the second round against Road Rage Page. So with out further a due. Let the second round begin

Road Rage Page

{Titles Tourney}

Dave exits as Charger makes his way down to the ring. Page soon follows running to the ring and the two start to fight. Page hits Charger with a back body drop and than goes out side and grabs a pipe from under the ring. He climbs back in and beat Charger with it. The ref calls for the bell. Page hits Charger a few more times and than leaves. The show cuts to commerical while EMT's attend to Charger.

When the show comes back from commerical you are shown a scene backstage and the word recorded earlier are in the bottom corner. It shows Page trying to talk to Candance when Charger and Jason Deathstar walk by and embrass him in front of Candance. Page shoves Charger and Charger and Deathstar jump Page and leave him beaten as Candance runs away.

Steve: Well that sure explains a lot!!!

Craig: Sure does I wonder what kind of condition Charger will be in for tonight main event!!

Steve: I am sure he won't stand a chance know against this man now!!


{Titles Tourney}

Bronx makes his way down to the ring. Pitbull sits eagerly across the ring as Bronx enters.

Bronx raises his arms to the crowd and Pitbull spears him in the back. Pitbull throws a couple knees into Bronx's side and than stands and stomps on him a couple times. Pitbull than pick Bronx up and whips him into the ropes and on the rebound catches him in the mid section with a knee. He than hits bronx with a suplex followed by a side walk slam. He goes for the pin but Bronx kicks out. Pitbull than pick bronx up and kicks him in the gut and hits him with a knee lift. Pitbull picks Bronx up and Bronx tries to kick him but Pitbull catches his foot. Bronx than jumps up and kick Pitbull in the back of the head. Both man are down and slowly getting up. Pitbull gets up first and goes for a clothesline but Bronx ducks and Pitbull turns around Bronx hits him with a standing dropkick. They both get up and Bronx hits Pitbull with a series of lefts and rights. Before Pitbull shoves Bronx into the ref and the ref briefly falls down. This give Pitbull enough time to reach in is trunks and pull out a pair of brace knuckles. The ref doesn't see and neither does Bronx. Pitbull lays Bronx out and tucks the knuckles back in his trunks. The ref counts three and raise Pitbull hand. Just than another ref comes down and tell the first ref about the knuckles and when the ref finds them on Pitbull he reverses the decision. Pitbull punches both refs and leave everyone down as he walks to the back.

Steve: Pitbull almost got away with one there.

Craig: Yeah that would have been a shame too.

Steve: Well lets find out who Bronx and Charger have to face.

Black Scorpion
The Doctor

{Titles Tourney}

Both man make their way down to the ring. Black Scorpion enters the ring as the CNW fans chant his name.

Craig: Well you can tell who the fans are rooting for now.

Steve: With Crow out Black Scorpion is the last former champion of CNW. The fans want to see him win it.

The two wrestlers lock up and Black Scorpion wins with a knee to the gut of the doctor he follows that up with some fists of fury and a running shoulder block to take the doctor down. Scorpion than pick him up and tries to toss him into the ropes but it is reversed and Scorpion is tossed. The doctor lowers his head for the back body drop but Scorpions sees it and plants the doctor with a hard ddt. He quickly pick the doctor up and whips him in the corner. He goes for the Sting of Death and connects. Scorpion with the pin. The doctor kicks out but not in time and Black Scorpion wins.

Craig: Wow he sure made that look easy.

Steve: Well he is a veteran and the rookie still has a few thinks to work out. Give him time.

Rich &Wyck-ed
M&M Express
Salted With Fire

{Tag Team Titles}

When the show comes back from commerical. The tag team title match is about to begin. The Meyhus are making their way to the ring to a mass amount of cheers.

The Machine and Matt begins trading punches Matt wins the punch out but Rahl delivers a clothesline Machine then charges at Rahl and takes a big boot to the face. Matt pounds on Rahls back taking him to his knees Machine then gets up holding his face and joins in they take Rahl to the floor then stomp on him Machine picks him up and whips him into the ropes Matt and Machine hit a a double clothesline Machine looks happy with him self as Matt kicks him in the gut and delivers a DDT he walks to Mike and tags him in Mike the fresh man picks up Machine by the hair and hits a snap suplex. Rahl makes his way back to his feet and hits a sneaky german suplex on Mike he covers but only gets a two count. As this is happening Machine tags in Busta who running drop kicks Rahl in the back as he picks up Mike sending him over the top ropes Busta then hands out a few big right hands to Mike sending him to the corner Busta then Irish whips Mike to the opposite corner were Machine is standing he runs at mike and goes for a big splash but Mike moves and Elbows Machine off the Apron the fans cheer as Mike builds up a little steam Busta bounces off the corner and turns around Mike sets up for the Dreamweaver but Rahl grabs Busta's leg from the outside and pulls him out he body press slams him onto the barrier. Rahl rolls under the ropes Mike stomps on him as he gets in then grabs his hair bringing him to his feet he kicks Rahl then sets up for a Piledriver but Rahl backbody drops him over the ropes and falls to his knees Busta gets in the ring and rolls Rahl up and gets a two count He then hits Rahl a few times and takes him to the conner were he tags in Machine Machine and Busta beat on Rahl in the corner. On the outside Tiffany is tending to Mike who hit the floor hard as the ref is trying to get Busta out of the ring and from stomping Rahl into the conner. As the ref is distracted Wyck grabs a chair and hits Matt with it as he stands on the ring apron he falls to the floor Wyck beats him with the chair for a while until the ref turns back around Machine picks Rahl up from the corner and bull dogs him into the center of the ring he covers 1,2 Rahl breaks out Machine is getting frustrated Wyck seems to be laughing at him he walks over to Wyck who jumps off the ring apron yet again Rahl is up and is waiting behind Machine ducking down. He runs at Machine and delivers a swing neckbreaker! Rahl covers but Busta breaks it up. Rahl tags Wyck in. Wyck and Machine begin to battle while Matt grabs Rahl off the apron. Busta than entersth ring adn Mahince and busta double team wyck. They whip him into the rope and he comes back off with a double clothesline knocking them both over the top rop. Mike than sneaks in and stands Wyck up and delivers the Dreamweaver he covers and Busta and machine don't break it up in time and The ref counts 1,2,3! Mike gets the pin The Meyhus win! There music hits as they take their new tag team belts.The meyhus make there way up the ramp with there tag titles slung over there shoulder they walk out back leaving a devestated Machine and Busta in the ring holding there heads

Craig: That was no surprise. Did you expect anything different.

Steve: No I didn't but the Meyhus did look a little rusty there.

Craig: You know who is going to be more than rusty is Charger.

Steve: Hey with the main event coming up who knows how he will be.

Black Scorpion

{Heavyweight,IC,European Titles}

When the show comes back from commerical. Charger is seen making his way down to the ring. He has bandages around his ribs. Black Scorpion follows and than Bronx and the main event is set to begin.

The three stare at each other for a moment than both Scorpion and Bronx jump Charger. A couple forearms to the back and Charger goes down. The two than double powerbomb Charger and each one places a foot on him as the ref counts three. Bronx and Scorpion than back off to their corners and the ref rolls Charger out of the ring.

Craig: You had to see that coming.

Steve: Yeah Charger can thank Page for only walking out as the New European Champion.

Bronx and Scorpion lock up. Test of strength as neither get the upper hand and they lock up again. Scorpion wins this time and place Bronx in a headlock. Bronx gets out by whipping Scorpion to the ropes. Leap Frog by Bronx and followed by a hip toss from Bronx. Bronx picks Scorpion up and tries to whip him into the corner but Scorpion reverses and accidently throws Bronx into the ref. Bronx comes out of the corner as the ref goes down with a huge clothesline. Just than Pitbull runs down to the ring. He reaches under the ring and grabs a chair. He calls Bronx and Bronx is pissed to see him and comes over and gets leveled with a steel chair. He pulls Scorpion over Bronx and wakes the ref. Scorpion start to wake as the ref is counting adn hooks the leg. Scorpion figures out what happened as the ref is about to count three and gets off Bronx. He shakes his head than pick Bronx up and whips him into the corner. He yells that he can beat Bronx himself and does need Pitbulls help. Than goes for Sting of Death, but Pitbull is insulted and when Scorpion goes for the splash Pitbulls Bronx down out of the way and Scorpion hits his head on the ring post. Bronx doesn't know what happen and rolls Scorpion up for the 1...2...3. Pitbull than motion from toward the back and out comes The Doctor and A masked man. The Masked Man and The Doctor toss Scorpion out of the ring and Pitbull nails Bronx with the chair again. Pitbull than picks Bronx up and hits him not once but twice with the Dog Bite onto the steel chair. Scorpion tries to get back in but the Doctor hits him with the Throwback. The masked man goes outside the ring adn grabs a table and throws it in the ring. The three set Bronx up on it and Pitbull climbs to the top rope with the steel chair. He is just about to fly when out of nowhere comes Crow and he carrying a crowbar. He hits Pitbull first and knocks him to the concrete floor and than takes one swing at The Doctor but misses and the attackers fade back up the aisle.

Craig: Oh the carnage. The three finalist may have titles but they are all beaten, what will this bring on Thrashing.

Steve: Who knows but we are out of time see you next week and don't forget to tune into Thursday Night Thrashing!!!

The scene fades out on Crow checking on Bronx and Scorpion.