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Sunday Night Mayhem
Sunday June 23rd

(Light flash on and then all over the arena. Signs are being held by just about every fan. A couple read Traitor Styles, Not again Styles, and Go Midnight Stalkers go. The theme song for Sunday Night Meyhem is blarring over the loud speaker and Steve and Craig make their way to their seats as the scene flashes to a back dressing room. Dave Styles and Co. can be seen talking.)

Dave: Relax Kyle I understand that we have lost Kruzty but just think they lost all of XD.

Kyle: So who is in the main event with me and Busta than.

Dave: I am not sure I am going to have to find someone.

Kyle: Who could you possibly find that will help us on this kind of short notice!!

Dave: Will you let me worry about that and you just get ready for your match?

Kyle: Yeah whatever, I will probably have to do it myself.

(Kyle gets up and storms out of the room. Dave stands up with fustration in his eyes he punches the wall beside him and than he talks to Busta and SWF.)

Dave: Damn it I hate when he gets like this. Busta go see if you can calm him down. Everything is still under control. Wyck, Karnage you two get ready you still have a match tonight. I have to go talk to the “lovely” CNW fans.

(Dave Walks out of the room and Busta follows. SWF sits there puzzled looking at each other wondering who they are facing. Scene than flashes to Dave making his way to the ring. Fans boo and some chant traitor and other names. Dave reaches for the mic and begins to silent the crowd.)

Dave: I know you don’t like me for what I have done but trust me it is the best for business. However I am not out here to make peace with you. I have a few things that I have to straighten up before the show can continue tonight. The first is as you pretty much all know Eminem and the rest of XD have retired from the CNW. However most of you don’t know that Kruzty has decided to leave also. So we here at CNW wish them go luck in their future. That bring me to the next order of topics. That leaves spots in tonight’s match ups and title vacant. Eminem wanted to give his title to Boca Del Inferno well see… that just ain’t going to happen. See Boca needs to earn a shot at that title and than win it.

(Crowd boos really loud in discuss but soon are brought back down to almost silence.)

Dave: Yeah I figured you would all be happy to hear that. So what I plan on doing is given the number one and two contenders of the Hardcore and European Titles the chance to battle it out and winner takes home the title. Now as far as the spots in the matches, I am still looking for a person for the main event to replace Kruzty but SWF will face, in a non title match, the Meyhus. Meyhus you want to run your mouths about kicking my ass well lets see if you can handle getting burned for the second time in two weeks.

(Some of the crowd cheers, some are silent still, and some begin a Meyhus chant.)

Dave: That brings me to my final announcement. Some wrestlers just haven’t proved much to me and for one reason or the other have signed their own walking papers. In my hand I have a list of those such wrestlers if your name is on the list than thanks for the ride but the train stops here. The list includes: Richard Gazinya, Drugenstein, Mike “the mizz” Johnson and former hardcore champion Kasper. The following people have been placed on a limited time leave of absence: Lunatik and Lance Minion. Some good news to go with the bad is that the CNW has come to terms with two new wrestlers Authority X and Satanic. Look for these two newcomers to climb the ladder fast. That is all from me, so lets get on with tonight’s matches.

(Dave makes his way to the back as SWF comes out. Dave and the two exchange high fives and continue in their separate ways. Dave disappears into the back and SWF enters the ring. A few minutes later Meyhus music hits up and Mike and Matt come out. They run down to the ring and slide in as the bell rings.)

SWF start to stomp away at the meyhus. Karnage grabs Mike and monkey flips him into the corner. Wyck lifts Matt up and tosses him toward the ropes SWF go for a doubleclothes line but Matt dives at them hitting his own double clothesline. Wyck rolls out of the ring and Matt grabs Karnage. He tosses him into the ropes and hit him with a spinning sidewalk slam. Matt than jumps up onto the second rope and does a moonsault off it and connects with Karnage for the cover. 1..2..Karnage kicks out and Matt lifts him up. He hits him with a suplex and tags in Mike. Mike runs in and hits a elbow drop. He goes to bounce off the rope but is tripped up by Wyck from the outside and lands on his face. Matt jumps down from the apron and nails Wyck with a running forearm. He than tosses Wyck into the steel steps. Mike gets up a little faster than Karnage and whips him into the ropes. Mike bends down for a back flip but Karnage stops short and gives a spinning neckbreaker to Mike. Karnage goes for the pin but it is stopped by Matt. Matt than hits a DDT on Karnage as the ref ushers him out of the ring. Matt doesn’t want to leave the ring and gives the ref a small shove and goes back to work on Karnage. Mike and Matt now continue to tag team on Karnage. Mike even holds him so Matt can hit the M-100. Mike is about to go for his finisher when Wyck enters the ring from behind them with the titles. He nails Mike in the back of the head and the ref calls for the bell. He than hits Matt in the forehead with the other title. Mike and Matt quickly roll out of the ring. They listen to the announcement that SWF has lost due to DQ and smiles come across their faces as they hold their heads and head up the ramp.

Steve: I don’t know about you Craig but it looks to me like the Meyhus are back in their old form.

Craig: That is for certain Steve. I haven’t seen the Meyhus working this good together in a long time. I will tell you want if I was the CNW wrestling staff and especially Dave Styles I would be watches my back very closely.

Steve: You got that right. Speaking of wrestlers watching their backs Black Scorpion has seemed to back a lot of people lately real mad and he doesn’t have many friends. He needs to really watch his back lets see how he fairs in tonights match up against Machine.

The ref calls for the bell. Machine and Black Scorpion stare each other down then come to blows. Rights and lefts flying all over the place. Black Scorpion gets the upperhand after a knee to the gut. Irish whip is reversed however and Machine gets the drop toe hold. He immediately goes for a ankle lock, but Black Scorpion rolls away and onto his feet. Black Scorpion and Machine circle each other and lock up. Machine with a fireman's carry but can't follow up with anything. Another lockup and he gets the snapmare, Black Scorpion rolls around away from Machine and back onto his feet before Machine could do anything to follow up on the snapmare. Black Scorpion and Machine start to circle each other again and they lock up. Black Scorpion gets the hammerlock and quickly hits Machine in the back of the head with an elbow smash and gets the back suplex! Black Scorpion whips Machine to the ropes, who ducks the clothesline and comes back with a flying forearm. Machine grabs Black Scorpion and goes for his own back suplex, but Black Scorpion spins out and hits the atomic drop! Black Scorpion runs past Machine, bounces off the ropes and hits a lariat on Machine. Black Scorpion picks Machine back up and hits the atomic drop and gets the gorilla press. Black Scorpion walks to the ropes to toss Machine over, but Machine slips out and knees Black Scorpion in the back. Machine pounds away with rights and back Black Scorpion into the corner. Ten punch count in the corner is countered by Black Scorpion who carries Machine out of the corner the drops him throat-first across the top rope. Black Scorpion tries to follow up with a reverse DDT, but Machine flips out and onto his feet. Belly to belly suplex by Machine! Irish whip by Machine and he hits the leaping knee, knocking Black Scorpion through the ropes and onto the apron. Machine joins Black Scorpion on the apron and tries for the pumphandle something-or-another, but Black Scorpion holds onto the ropes with his feet to block. Machine pounds on Black Scorpion's back and just pushes Black Scorpion off the apron and into guardrail. Double ax-handle off the apron by Machine. Machine sends Black Scorpion into the ring post and follows up with a lariat. Machine picks up Black Scorpion and rams him back-first into the post! Machine with a fallaway slam on the outside. Back in the ring we go and Machine gets the abdominal stretch. Black Scorpion powers out and gets a hiptoss. Machine lands on his feet though and scoops up Black Scorpion. Body slam with authority! Black Scorpion is lifted up and set onto the top turnbuckle. Machine climbs onto the middle turnbuckle. Northern Lights Suplex from there! Machine whips Black Scorpion to the ropes and hits the lariat and follows up with a gutwrench powerbomb! Irish whip by Machine leads to a back elbow from the challenger and another Northern Lights Suplex! Machine lifts Black Scorpion back onto the top turnbuckle. Superplex by Machine! Machine runs to the ropes and holds on. Black Scorpion rolls back, and runs right into a backdrop out of the ring. Machine quickly joins Black Scorpion and whips him into the guardrail. Machine with a powerbomb into the guardrail!!! Machine grabs Black Scorpion and sets him onto the ring apron. Pumphandle Slam off the apron!!!! Machine rolls Black Scorpion back into the ring. Machine lifts Black Scorpion back onto his feet. Machine picks up Black Scorpion and sets him onto the top turnbuckle again. Another Northern Lights Suplex is blocked and Black Scorpion hits a Tornado DDT from out of nowhere!!!!! Both men are down!! SLOOOOWLY both men get onto their feet. Right hand by Machine is blocked and Black Scorpion hits an inverted atomic drop. Fallaway slam by Black Scorpion! Flying elbow! Black Scorpion sets Machine up for the Sting of Death!!! Machine quickly rolls out of the ring! Black Scorpion simply rolls out of the ring and walks into a thumb to the eye and Machine slams Black Scorpion into the guardrail. Machine throws Black Scorpion back in and than he rolls back into the ring. Rights are exchanged before Machine gets a knee to the gut and tries for the Byte. Black Scorpion slips out. He whips Machine into the corner Sting of Death by Black Scorpion!! Scorpion than grabs Machine and drags him out to the ring apron. He picks Machine up into a power bomb and jumps of the apron with a power bomb right through the French announcement table. The ref checks Machine and calls for the bell.

(Scene than flashes backstage. Kyle is seen sitting on a couch and Busta is across the room. Dave Styles suddenly comes into the room.)

Kyle: So did you find a replacement we are up next!!

Dave: Calm down, calm down, I found you a replacement.

Kyle: Who is it? Is he any good?

Dave: Yes he is one of our best, but you will have to wait until later I don’t want the Stalkers to have any time to prepare at all.

Kyle: Well than lets go meet this mystery man and kick some ass!!

( The three all have smiles and leave the room as the scene fades back up to the announcers.)

Steve: A very impressive win by Black Scorpion to become number one contender for the No Mercy Title. However not trying to cut Scorpions glory short but I would like to see who this mystery man is.

Craig: You and me both. I also want to see who wins this battle it is going to be a doosy. Like go to the ring.

The Midnight Stalkers are already in the ring along with Jason Hodge. Boca is wearing a small air cast to give slight protection to his injured leg. Dave Styles, Kyle and Busta begin to come towards the ring and the three prepare for battle. The ref ushers them out to their corners and Kyle and Bust enter the ring. Kyle is set to start things off with Jason Hodge. The two lock up and Kyle gets the upper hand and shoves Hodge back into his corner. He brags to the crowd and Hodge storms out of the corner and nails him with a clothesline. He picks Kyle up and whips him into the ropes. Jason hits back body drop on Kyle. Jason than tags in Boca. Boca picks up Kyle and hits a huge DDT. He goes for the pin and gets a two count. Boca than hits a suplex on Kyle. He than picks Kyle up and whips him into the ropes. Boca goes for a body drop but Kyle stops short and grabs Boca by the hair and drives his face into the mat. Kyle than gets up and hits a piledriver on Boca. Kyle than bounces off the ropes but is tag from behind by his partner Busta. Busta enter the ring and Kyle turns around. Kyle and Busta exchange words. Meanwhile Boca reaches his corner and tags in Crow. Crow runs in and nails both Kyle and Busta from behind with a clothesline. Kyle falls through the ropes and to the outside. Crow goes to work on Busta with rights and lefts. Crow than toss Busta into the ropes and hits a huge power slam. He than tags Boca once again. Boca sees Kyle get up to the apron and throws Busta into the corner. Kyle sees this and makes the tag and slowly enters the ring. The two lock up and Kyle takes the advantage with a rake of the eyes. He than sweeps Boca’s leg off from under him. He goes to work on his leg with a series of elbow drops and a couple of kicks to his knee. Boca is rolling around in pain. Kyle than locks on a figure four. Boca has no where to go. He struggles but for nothing, the ref asks for a submission but Boca continues to refuse. Soon he is subdued by the pain and seems to pass out. The ref checks Boca’s arm and it falls twice he goes for a third time and Crow runs in and drops an elbow across Kyle’s chest, breaking the hold. The ref shows crow out of the ring and Kyle gets up. He picks up Boca who falls right back down. Kyle laughs at him. He picks him up again Boca staggers but Kyle grabs his arm and pulls him in for a short arm clothesline. He than reaches down and picks him up again. Boca staggers some more but remains on his feet. Kyle than goes for a frankensteiner but Boca is to week and falls forward nail Kyle with a powerbomb. The two are down. Time goes by and soon Kyle begins to move and Boca moves too. Boca is closer to his corner so Kyle goes to stop the tag. He dives on Boca but the tag is made to Crow. Kyle gets up just in time to receive a stiff right hand, than a left, than a right again. Kyle starts to stagger himself and is finished off with a clothesline. Crow than picks him back up and whips him into the ropes. He lifts Kyle up into a gorilla press and slams him hard to the mat. Crow than monkey flips Kyle into the corner. Kyle flies high and hits the ring post. He falls back into the ring and Crow climbs to the top rope. Crow than hits with a nice frog splash. Crow goes for the pin two count. Crow goes to pick up Kyle, but he is hit with a low blow. Crow falls to the mat. Kyle crawls towards his corner finally looking for help. Crow makes it to his corner at the same time Kyle reaches his. Tags are made and Kyle leans back against the bottom rope exhausted. Busta runs into the ring and is almost broken in half by a huge power slam from Boca. Kyle just watches as the refs hand goes down for the third time and Boca stands up. Boca suddenly gets a smile across his face as he motions for Kyle to come back out. Busta is rolled out of the ring and Kyle sighs for he is now alone and slowly gets to his feet. He walks over to Boca slouched over. He reaches Boca and sudden starts nailing him with lefts and rights. Boca fights back and it is an all out slugfest. Boca slowly gains the advantage and slows Kyle down with a knee lift to his gut. He than walks Kyle over to his corner where Jason is dieing to get in. Boca tags him and slams Kyle’s head into the turnbuckle. Jason than give Kyle an uppercut and Kyle falls back into the corner. Jason gives a couple of shoulders to Kyle gut an than whips him into the corner across the ring. Kyle bounces out of the corner and Jason runs towards him. From out of nowhere Kyle hits the plunge of perfection on Jason Hodge. Kyle takes a second and than rolls Jason over for the three count. Crow wastes no time running in and begins to stomp on Kyle. Crow works a few moves on Kyle and than tags in Boca. The two use quick tags and never let Kyle build much of an offense but none the less Kyle kicks out of every pin. Than Boca sets Kyle up for the Mouth of Hell, when suddenly the lights go out and than back on. When they came back on Kyle’s second partner was standing behind Boca. It was Nightmare. Nightmare nailed Boca in the back with a big forearm and Kyle rolled out to the apron. Nightmare whipped Boca into the ropes and hit a big boot on Boca. Boca fell back and tagged in Crow. By this time the ref had kicked Nightmare out to the ring apron. Crow grabbed Kyle from under the ropes. As he dragged him up Kyle came up with an uppercut and followed it with a clothesline. Kyle than jumped back up and grabbed Crow. He planted Crow with a DDT and than a piledriver. He than ran over and punched Boca off the apron. Boca tried to run in but the ref stopped him. Than Kyle tagged in Nightmare. Kyle had Nightmare hold Crow. Kyle went for a super kick but crow ducked and he hit Nightmare with it. Nightmare fell to the ground but jumped back up. He starts to argue with Kyle and than gives Kyle a shove. Kyle comes back with a hard right hand which staggers Nightmare backwards right into a roll up pin from Crow. Nightmare is very angry but is hurried out of the ring as he still yells at Kyle. Crow than runs up behind Kyle and hits him with a Russian leg sweep. Crow than tags in Boca and the two on one starts again. Boca grabs Kyle and whips him into the rope. Boca than bounces off the other side and runs at Kyle. Kyle side steps Boca and scoops Boca’s leg off from under him on the way by. Kyle than begins to stomp on the injured leg once again. Kyle works the leg a while and it becomes very sore again. Kyle than goes for the figure four again. Boca pushes Kyle off with his other foot and Kyle goes shoulder first into the ring post. Kyle falls to the mat holding his arm. Boca takes a minute than limps over to Kyle and starts to pick him up. As he does Kyle grabs Boca and cradles him into a pin with a small package. Boca slams his fists on to the mat as the ref points to the lockerroom. Crow runs in but is meet with a drop over toe hold. Followed by an elbow drop to the back of his head. Kyle than hit a series of suplexes and power moves before Crow started to fight back. The fight went back and forth for a while until Kyle whipped Crow into the corner squishing the ref in the corner behind Crow. Kyle than gave a signal for his finisher. He picked Crow up and just as he did Nightmare came out from the crowd. Kyle let go of Crow and swung at Nightmare. Nightmare ducked and lifted Kyle into the Dreammaker. Nightmare than left the ring with everyone down.Crow was the first to move. He saw Kyle down and than looked at the ref. He walks over to Kyle who started to move and picked him up. Crow goes for a pile driver but Kyle blocks it. Kyle goes for a back body drop but Crow blocks. Finally Crow gives a knee to Kyle head and hits the Crows Nest on Kyle. The ref makes a slow but defiant three count.

Steve: Nightmare turned out to be a nightmare for Dave Styles and Kyle Cartier here tonight.

Craig: I will tell you what I know the champ and he is not going to let nightmare get away with this.

Steve: I am sure Dave will have something to say about this also, but as for now Crow’s team will be credited with the victory and we invite you to see what happens next week on Sunday Night Meyhem.

Both: Goodnight CNW fans.