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This will tell you you're overall weekly rankings, and then the top 3 in each division. If you aren't in the top three it's not likely you'll get a title shot in that division, but it is possible.


World Title
2.Black Scorpion

Intercontental Title
Champion:Black Scorpion
1.The Doctor

European Title
2.Iron Dix
3.The Doctor

Hardcore Title

Tag Team Title
Champion:M&M Express
1.Salted With Fire
2.Rich and Wyck-ed
3.The Doctor and Pitbull

Editor's Note
These will be updated as time goes by!

1.Bronx~(Last Week 1)Bronx struggled a little this week but hey he is still the Heavyweight Champion.
2.Black Scorpion~(Last Week~2) Didn't lose a match he was in all week
3.Pitbull~(Last Week~4)Though he used help, the standings still show he defeated the Heavyweight champ and was crowned wrestler of the week.
4.Charger~(Last Week~3)Has struggled with Crow but who wouldn't. Euro Title says he is still in the top five.
5.Crow~(Last Week~9)Two wins against the European Champ has Crow looking like the old Crow and eying a title.
6.Iron Dix~(Last Week~N/A)Jumped into the CNW with both feet and could be the first Harcore champion since the reopen.
7.Salted With Fire~(Last Week~10)Won the second of a three match up series and inch out Rcih and Wyck-ed for this spot.
8.Rich and Wycked~(Last Week~N/A)One the first of three match up series with Salted with Fire but was beat pretty decisively the second.
9.Doctor~(Last Week~6)Didn' win any of his matches this week but still has the shot at the IC title.
10.Synn~(Last Week~N/A)Impressive debut for this guy and a lot more looks to be in store.