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News and Rumors
by Jack Roberts

Feb 20 2007


CNW first PPV Meltdown has had more cable buyers than any other PPV CNW has had in the past. CNW seems to be more popular than in the past and is really making a push in the wrestling business. When asked to respond about the increase president Dave STyles had this to say:

"Well I hate to tell you I said so but I said this time was going to be the last time and the greatest. Just glad the fans took us back in."

Vice President Stephen Styles says that he will make an announcement at the PPV. He does give no hints on what it is about but he is quoted as saying "It will rock the foundation of the CNW".

President Dave Styles has decided to let Road Rage Page go. Stating that he is a good wrestler just has not lived up to potential and continues to slack off. Road Rage Page is just the third wrestler to be fired since the reopen but the president says there will be more at tonight's PPV.


The main rumor going around is that the Women's Division is over. President Dave Styles is said to be making it offical tonight at the PPV.

The matchup for tonights PPV between Charger and Crow has been turn into a two man battle royal. It is rumored that Charger asked for the match after the two have had controversy on the last two tables matches where Charger was twice tossed over the ropes in controversial ways.

Tonights PPV tag team match has also been changed to a tornando tag match. Meaning both members of each team will be in the ring and no tagging will be needed. Rumors state that The Meyhus are irriate at the change feeling it is giving the less experienced team a handicap so they don't have to worry about tagging and stratedgies of being a tag team.

Fresh off the rumor mill is a rumor that states the president has something interesting planned for the hardcore matchup tonight. Dave is rumored to have said that this will be no ordinary hardcore match but one with more action.

Well that is all for now stay tuned for more News and Rumors coming your way in the near future.