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Welcome to Cyber Net Wrestling Online! ITS HOT! The Lastest news: With the merging of the feds came a hugh feud between the diferent feds wrestler. Leading to two serious attacks on the Heavyweight champions/leaders of the two feds. Look for Dave Styles to try and can control of this situation and continue to try and improve the CNW.
The Wrestler of The Week: Matt Meyhu...... Match of the week: Cage Match...New Signees:......Roster count:24

Updates:IMPORTANT NEWS AND CHANGES REGUARDING THE PPV ON THE OOC BOARD ALL READ!! Captians Get Your Lists Into Me ASAP! Card has been and most links are updated.Please rp your best rps seens how there is only one event a week. Also remember the new rp rules that are posted on the rp board. Thanks and enjoy!!!!

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