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Moves Training

When you are ready to go to moves training there are some things you might like to know. These things include what do you need to train for, how your training will affect you, what does this training help you with and lastly how do you do match training.

1)You can find out what you need to train for by going to the roster page and clicking on your name. Everything you can work on will be there. From the moves training to other areas and beyond just find the moves training stats and look for what you can improve on.

2)Here will tell you how much you will gain from moves training. You will receve three points for every first level moves training, Two points for every second and third level moves training, and One point for every finisher level moves training.

3)Moves training will help you increase your arsenal of moves and make them more effective. The higher the moves rating the better the wrestler and the more highlights he can perform.

4)For moves training you must click on the link below and fill out the form that follows. You must fill out each section. You can practice your moves anyday or time, but just once a day.

Enter Moves Training