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Match Training

When you are ready to go to match training there are some things you might like to know. These things include what do you need to train for, how your training will affect you, what does this training help you with and lastly how do you do match training.

1)You can find out what you need to train for by going to the roster page and clicking on your name. Everything you can work on will be there. From the match training to other areas and beyond just find the match training stats and look for what you can improve on.

2)Here will tell you how much you will gain from match training. Everytime you wrestle in a match (training and event matches) you will receive one point toward your rating for that match. When you reach the milestones of 25, 50 and 75 you will recieve an additional 2 points. If you compete in and win a Hardcore Match, Cage Match, Ladder Match, First Blood Match, I Quit Match, Last Man Standing Match, Lumberjack Match, or Guantlet Match you will receive a plus one toward your toughness as well. You can also lose points from time to time for poor performance in a event match.

3)Match training will help you become a better wrestler and will determine the matches you will perform well in. It is good to train in a variety of matches so you can increase your rating, experience and win in all sorts of matches.

4)For match training you must click on the link below and fill out the form that follows. You must mark one circle for type of match and style of match. You will not be able to have a match training session on Sundays, Thursdays, PPV event days or on any day you go to the gym. If this stipulation is broken the first scheduled training (match or gym)will only be accepted. There is only one match training session per day.

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