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~The scene opens up in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center as the crowd capacity is jam packed for the first sell out since the return of CNW. The scene opens up with Steve and Craig. ~

Steve: The atomosphere is electric here in Los Angeles.

Craig: It's the kind of electricity you only get for a sold out event from CNW.

Steve: Tonight we will find out who will be the final contenders in the HW and IC tourneys.

Craig: But that's not all, we have action packed matches but one week away from the PPV things are bound to happen here tonight.

Steve: Yes, These matches are unpredictable and anything can happen!

Kyle Cartier music hits the PA system and Kyle makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic and takes a deep breath.

Kyle: Well fans your once great champion has decided to call it quits. Things just don’t seem right here for me anymore. I wish I could explain better but I can’t.

The crowd starts chanting Please don’t leave ............... Please don’t leave........... Please don’t leave
Kyle looks around and listens to the crowd

Kyle: …I am sorry…it has been one hell of a ride…

Kyle sets the mic down and slowly leaves the ring. He walks up the aisle as the crowd begins another chant We Want Cartier............... We Love Cartier............... We Want Cartier We Love Cartier
Kyle stops at the top of the ramp and gazes out over the crowd and then turns around and walks through the curtains and the crowd goes silent.

Steve: I am completely speechless. Let’s just get started with the matches

IC Tourney 2nd Round -

Kruzty vs. Kasper vs. Mike Johnson vs. Matt Meyhu

~Ding! Ding! Ding! The match starts. ~Kruzty punches it out with Kasper. Kasper executes a Belly to Belly suplex on Kruzty . Mike Johnson comes up from behind and drops Matt Meyhu with a Reverse DDT on the mat. Matt Meyhu steps out of the ring to catch his breath. Kasper clotheslines Matt Meyhu from the side ring apron.~

Steve: Matt Meyhu ain't gonna get any rest period during this four way contest.

~Kasper gives Matt Meyhu a reverse neckbreaker. Mike gets up. Mike covers Kruzty. The ref starts the count. ...1 kick out by Kruzty.~

Craig: Mike should have known better than to try for a pin at this point in the match.

~ Matt Meyhu gets back to his feet. Kasper rakes the face of Matt Meyhu in attempt to end his come back. Matt Meyhu spins around and Kruzty DDT's him. Kruzty with the hammerlock on Mike. Ref is checking for a tap out.Kruzty tightens the hold. ... Kasper attacks Krusty breaking the hold. Kasper elbow drops Kruzty. Kasper picks Krusty up and hits Kruzty with a baby chop. Kruzty knifehand chops Kasper. Krusty double clotheslines both Mike and Kasper over the top rope. Kruzty jumps over the top rope and onto Mike and Kasper. Ref starts the count (.1..2) Matt Meyhu Stands up. (---3) Matt Meyhu hits a spinning leg lariat on Kasper sending him to the floor again. (---4) Matt Meyhu gets hit with a dragon screw from Mike Johnson. Kruzty moves back to his feet. Kruzty runs in and drop kicks Mike Johnson. (---5)~ Kruzty climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and executes the diving headbutt on Mike Johnson . Kruzty chants start. (---6) Kruzty leg drops the throat of Mike Johnson. (---7) Kruzty and Mike Johnson move back to ringside. Kruzty hits a spinning leg lariat on Mike Johnson sending him to the floor. Now Kasper is standing. Kruzty chops Kasper.Kasper than gets thrown into the turnbuckle. Matt Meyhu comes over and smashes Kasper's head into it. Kruzty executes a arm bar takedown on Mike Johnson. Mike Johnson gets back to his feet. Matt Meyhu and Kasper than begin to fight up the aisle. Steve: This is out of control.

Craig: Damn right.

~(---8) Kruzty executes a swinging bulldog on Mike Johnson driving Mike's face into the floor. (---9) Kruzty hits the Acid Burst on Mike Johnson before sliding back into the ring.~ (--- 10).ref calls for the bell Ding! Ding! Ding! The match ends. ~

Steve: Kruzty has won the match!

Krusty advances to start of Meyhem !!!

{ Black Scorpion’s them blasts over the PA system, Pyros go off Black Scorpion comes out, Crowd erupts)< br>
Black Scorpion: You ask me for a match for the No Mercy title, in a TLC match, well Boca that type of match is not acceptable. Lets make this match interesting. It is a match much worse then the TLC match and some consider the second most dangerous match right under the Hell in a cell, the match for the No Mercy title between your scrawny ass and me is a Last Man standing match….and anything goes. After I kick Drugenstein’s ass and after I win the IC Title…no hard feelings with you Krusty but I will win… I will be glad to kick your ass one on one, and I have no problem teaming up with Kruzty. In a tag match, but why does it have to be a TLC match what are you and Crow to chicken to face us in a regular match because you know Kruzty and I will beat you to become the Tag Team Champions.

The crowd starts chanting Black Scorpion and Kruzty , Black Scorpion and Kruzty , Black Scorpion and Kruzty

Black Scorpion: Now on to you Kruzty listen to me and what these people are chanting, I would glad to team up with you to kick Boca and Crow’s ass for the CNW Tag Team championship, what do you say? Nah wait Kruzty you can think about it and let me know later in the show or at another time.

The crowd starts chanting Black Scorpion and Kruzty , Black Scorpion and Kruzty , Black Scorpion and Kruzty

{ Black Scorpion drops the mic and leaves, leaving Kruzty looking like he is pondering the situation has he walks out of the arena as the crowd keeps chanting. CNW cuts to commerical}

Stephan : Fans welcome back to Mayhem, where we’re blowing the top of this arena.

Craig : We’ve seen so many matches tonight and they have all been great and now this is Machine vs. Darren Van Dam

[The lights dim down as smoke fills the arena. A black figure walks out as One of a Kind blasts the arena. DVD walks down the rampway as fans try to high five him. He slides under the bottom rope and climbs the turnbuckle. He taunts to the crowd and stretches in the ring]

[Machine’s theme hits the speakers as Machine walks down to the ring, as he walks pyros fly up. Machine climbs up the steel stair ands into the rings. He looks at DVD and raises his arms]

Craig : 2 great wrestlers going at it and this is going to be amazing!


[Machine runs at DVD and clothelines him down. Machine starts it off by leg dropping him. He gets up but DVD gets a big foot up and kicks Machine. Machine backs up as DVD gets up and whips him off the ropes. Machine comes back and gets him with a chop to the chest by DVD. DVD backs Machine against the ropes as DVD goes for a big boot. Machine moves as DVD gets caught up in the ropes. Machine goes to the top rope and comes off with a big clothesline. DVD goes over the top rope as Machine stands up. Machine picks DVD up and tosses him shoulder first into the steel steps. DVD lies on his back as Machine starts stomping away. He whips him to the other side of the outside]

Stephan : Wow, this is an awesome match, who will advance in the IC title hunt?

[DVD rolls around as Machine tosses him in the ring. Machine gets in the ring, but DVD quickly rolls him up into a pin [1...2...] Machine lies on his back as DVD goes to the top rope. Machine stands up and hits a huge top rope DDT on DVD. Machine sets DVD up for a powerbomb, Machine hits it and pins DVD [1...2..] Machine picks DVD up, but DVD turns around and hits a DDT. Machine falls down as DVD pins [1...2..]

Craig : Not enough to pin the big man!

[DVD waits for Machine to get up. Machine stands up as DVD hits a belly to back suplex. DVD goes to the top rope for a 5 star frog splash. Machine bounces in the ropes as DVD falls down. Machine goes up and superplexes DVD off the top into a pin roll up [1....2....3]

Craig : Winner, Machine!!

Stephan : Machine advances to the next round!

[DVD goes to the outside to get a chair. He brings it in the ring but Machine boots DVD in the face. Machine sets the chair up and powerbombs DVD onto it. DVD’s neck snaps against the chair as EMT’s rush out to help Darren. The camera fades to black]

Craig : We’ll be right back CNW fans!

Stephan : Welcome back fans, now we’re gonna see 2 of the brightest stars in CNW go at it. Black Scorpion vs. Drugenstien

Criag : Let’s get it on!

[Black Scorpion’s theme hits as he walks out wearing his usual wrestling gear. He walks to the ring and stops as pyros shoot up from the ramp. He slides under the bottom rope and into the ring where he taunts to the fans]

[Drugenstien’s theme hits next as he walks from the backstage area and out to the fans. The fans erupt in cheers as DS waves to them. Pyros shoot up as he walks up the steel steps and into the ring. He raises his arms to the fans]


[The bell goes as BS and DS lock up. BS backs DS to the corner, but DS knees BS. BS bends down as DS hits a quick DDT. DS backs up, as BS knees to get a big boot by DS. DS picks BS up and whips him off the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but BS ducks it and neck breakers DS down. DS rolls around as BS goes to the top. DS turns around but BS hits a DDT from the top. DS lies on his back as BS runs and leg drops DS. BS goes for a cover [1...2..]

Craig : Ah man, that was so close..i can feel the 3!

[BS turns back to the ref and when he turns back DS cheaply low blows BS. BS staggers as DS hits a powerbomb into a cover [1...2...] BS kicks out but DS drops an elbow onto BS. He calmly covers [1...2..] BS kicks out again]

Stephan : BS is not going down at all.

[DS walks back as BS gets to one knee. Lunatik goes for a kick to the temple but BS ducks as DS horribly misses. DS turns around as BS goes for a piledriver. He hits it and covers [1....2....]

Craig : Almost had him, that was so close

StephaN : BS is like an animal!

[DS hits the mat and goes to the outside to get a chair. He walks back inside but BS dropkicks the chair into DS’s face. DS backs up as he drops the chair. BS DDT’s DS onto the chair. He covers [1...2..] Bs gets upset at the slow count and goes crazy on DS. He hits him with a fury of fists and than with the Sting of Death and finally gets the three count. Match #4: #1 contender for Extreme Championship - Mini Tournament - Round 2:
Eddie Nesbit vs. BH Rasputen vs. Brute

Sergio: This next match is the second round for the #1 contender Extreme Championship.

Alyssa: The winner will be in a triple threat match with the current champ, IRA King

Brute comes to the ropes and leans over the ropes and gestures for Eddie to enter the ring. Rasputen comes up behind Brute and hits him with a hard elbow to the back of the head. Eddie smiles and begins to walk around the ring towards the announcer's table. ~

Sergio: What is Eddie doing? Why isn't he getting into the ring?

Alyssa I don't know, I just know this is going to be a bloodfest.

~ Rasputen begins choking Brute on the ropes; Eddie walks over to the Announcer's table and sits down, putting the headphones on. Rasputen pulls Brute away from the ropes and nails him with a big bodyslam; Rasputen drops down and drives a knee into Brute's head. Rasputen sits on Brute's head and begins punching him hard in the head. ~

Sergio: Eddie, what are you doing? Why aren't you in the ring?

Eddie: I'm relaxing, I already got a title, and I don't need another one. I told Rasputen there that I'd let him win this match.

Sergio: But that belt isn't counted in the IUWF.

Eddie: Don't care, it's mine so it counts.

~ Rasputen gets up and pulls Brute to his feet and lifts him up for a piledriver. Brute blocks the move and back body drops Rasputen. Brute growls and pulls Rasputen to his feet and begins choking him before whipping him into the ropes. Rasputen bounces off the ropes and Brute nails him with a hard fist to the face. Brute reaches into his tights and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. Brute grabs Rasputen by the hair and slams the brass knuckles into his head, busting Rasputen wide open. Brute pulls Rasputen close and begins biting at his head. Brute drops Rasputen to the mat and begins stomping him in the back and stomach. Brute then pulls Rasputen to his feet and drives him back down to the mat with a chokeslam. ~

Eddie: Hey Alyssa, you'd like to see more weapons, right?

Alyssa: Yes, very much, this is an extreme match after all.

~ Eddie pulls the headphones off and gets up from the announcer's table. He moves to the ring and lifts the ring apron up and digs under the ring and grabs a trash can. Brute is in the ring and is pulling Rasputen to his feet again. Eddie lifts the trashcan up over his head and slings it into the ring, hitting Brute in the back of the head with it. Brute growls and turns around and goes to the ropes and tries to grabs Eddie. Eddie pulls a shovel out from under the ring and nails Brute in the head with it, knocking him backwards. Eddie then throws the shovel in the ring and digs under the ring for more weapons. He finds a toolbox and opens it and starts throwing tools in the ring. Eddie lifts the toolbox up and throws it in the ring and it hit Brute as he tries to get to his feet. Rasputen makes it to his feet and looks around the ring at all the weapons. Eddie yells at the fans and encourages them to start throwing their trash into the ring. Eddie grabs a cup of hot coffee from a fan and offers it up to Rasputen. Rasputen nods his head and takes the coffee and throws it in Brute's face as he tries to get up again. Rasputen grabs the trashcan and begins hitting Brute over the back of the head with it. Eddie grabs a table and slides it into the ring. Eddie slides into the ring with it and sets it up. He grabs Rasputen and motions to the table. Eddie and Rasputen grabs Brute and lifts him up and powerbombs him through the table. The fans start throwing their trash into the ring. Eddie smiles and ducks under the bottom rope and slides out of the ring. ~

Sergio: This is so unfair, that's a handicap match!

Alyssa: Well Eddie did say he was going to let Rasputen win.

~ Eddie looks under the ring for more weapons and finds a ladder and sets it up. Eddie then grabs a stop sign and begins climbing the ladder. Rasputen has a screwdriver and is digging into Brute's head with it. Eddie yells down at Rasputen and Rasputen nods his head and holds Brute's legs. Eddie dives off the top of the ladder with the stop sign and drives it hard into Brute's chest. ~

Sergio: Oh my god! That had to seriously hurt Brute, there may be internal bleeding!

~ Eddie pulls Rasputen close and whispers into his ear. Rasputen nods his head and Eddie slides under the ropes and grabs another table and begins to slide it in the ring. He stops when he sees Brute somehow managing to fight his way back up. Brute hits Rasputen with a hard right and then a sharp knee to the stomach. Brute reaches down and grabs the stop sign and slams it over Rasputen's head. Eddie climbs the ladder again and dives off; brute catches him in mid air and powerslams him to the mat. Rasputen then grabs the toolbox and hits Eddie hard in the head with it. Brute grabs the lid of the trashcan and begins beating Eddie with it. Brute rolls out of the ring and grabs a bottle of water from a fan and rolls back into the ring and busts the bottle over Eddie's head. Eddie begins bleeding profusely. ~

Sergio: I can't believe it! Brute is making a comeback after the beating he took.

Alyssa: All three men are bleeding, all three are hurt, and this is a great match.

~ Brute turns and yells at Rasputen and grabs a piece of the table and begins digging it into his head. Eddie begins slowly getting to his feet, Brute turns and grabs Eddie and begins to pull him up, and Eddie nails Brute with a low blow. Eddie shakes off the effects of the bottle and kicks Brute in the face, sending him to the mat. Eddie grabs Rasputen and drags him over on top of Brute for the cover. Brute kicks out at two. Eddie climbs out of the ring as both Brute and Rasputen get to their feet. Brute and Rasputen begin slugging it out. Rasputen leans in and nails Brute with a European uppercut. Eddie slides back into the ring with a baseball bat. Eddie hits Brute in the knee with the bat, sending him to the mat again. Eddie begins hitting Brute with the bat, over and over again. Eddie hands the bat to Rasputen and slides out of the ring. Eddie grabs the table again while Rasputen begins choking Brute with the bat. Eddie slides the table into the ring and sets it up. Rasputen grabs Brute and lays him on the table. Rasputen then runs to the turnbuckle while Eddie holds the legs of Brute. Rasputen jumps on the turnbuckle and hits Brute with the Wings of Buffalo through the table. Eddie smiles and pats Rasputen on the back and signals for him to make the cover. Rasputen nods and covers Brute, the referee begins to count, one Eddie grabs the bat, and two Eddie raises the bat thr&ldots; Eddie slams the bat into the back of Rasputen's head, breaking the couth. Eddie then dives onto Rasputen and makes the cover for the three count. ~

Sergio: I don't believe it, what a cheap win! He had Rasputen convinced he was helping him.

Alyssa: I'd say it was pretty smart, and it's still a win no matter what.