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Week One
Interviewed by: Frank Johnson

Hi folks this is Frank Johnson from the CNW and today we'll be catching up with newcomer Synn. Oh here he comes~

Frank: Synn what made you sign with cnw?

Synn: I signed with CNW for one reason, to be the best I have to compete against the best. And believe me I'm gonna be the best.

Frank: Now that you are here what do you like about CNW so far?

Synn: I like seeing wrestlers being active, in the gym training and striving to achieve what I already am, Perfection.

Frank: And how do you think you will do in your first match?

Synn: I'll win of course, the only thing I'm really worried about is how much pain and suffering the ref's will let me inflict on the poor souls facing me.

Frank: So what do you think CNW can improve on.

Synn: I see no room for improvement, they already have me.

Frank: Last question, what are your goals for here at CNW?

Synn: I am pretty sure I already stated that, but since you weren't listening, I'm here to compete against the best wrestlers, and I'm here to beat the best wrestlers, and then you'll know I'm the Best there is, Period.

Frank: Well thanks for your time that and good luck in your match. And I am Frank Johnson saying so long and see you next time.