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Week Two
Interviewed by: Frank Johnson

Hi folks this is Frank Johnson from the CNW and today we'll be catching up with Intercontinental Champion Black Scorpion. Oh here he comes~

Frank: How do you feel about the events that have taken place this past week?

Scorpion: I am furious that Bronx elbow drop me, I believe Bronx worked out a plan with Pitbull, The Doctor and the Masked man, why else would a man put his and My belt on the line if we lost. I never said I would but because Bronx stuck his nose in my business without consulting me I have to defend my belt against someone that doesn't even deserve a IC Title shot.

Frank: Are you and Bronx still friends?

Scorpion: Bronx and I friends, would you be a friend with someone who elbow dropped you in the middle of the ring and cost us the match. Bronx is nothing but a backstabbing match throwing bastard, I will get my revenge my defeating him for his Heaveyweight championship belt.

Frank: Did you two mean to leave Crow by himself?

Scorpion: I can and will not answer for Bronx, I was kicked out of the ring, after i was thrown into the steel steps, I would have got back in the ring, and i did try to break the count but the ref made a fast 3 count. Where was Bronx he was battling in the crowd he betrayed both me and Crow, his personal vendetta clouded his judgement to work as a team, but Bronx would not know anything about that since he never has done that before.

Frank: What do you think about your two on three match this Thrashing?

Scoprion: I will not team up with Bronx EVER again after his actions last week i can not trust him, as far as I am concerned that match is a three on one, Bronx deserves whatever beating those three give to him. Hopefully Pitbull,The Doctor and The masked man, beat him so bad that he will not be able to defend the Heavyweight Championship belt at the PPV, so I can defeat Pitbull and have the Heaveyweight championship around my waist.

Frank: Rumor has it that The Doctor is asking for a Ladder match at the PPV you up for that?

Scorpion: Doctor can't stand losing apparently, He loves getting his ass kicked, Ladder Match is fine, Hell any match is fine because The Doctor can never beat me one on one. The Ladder match is fine i will make it so the Doctor needs a real Doctor to repair his broken knees.

Frank: So there you have straight from the champs mouth. And I am Frank Johnson saying so long and see you next time.