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Week Two
Interviewed by: Frank Johnson

Hi folks this is Frank Johnson from the CNW and today we'll be catching up with new Intercontinental Champion Black Scorpion. Oh here he comes~

Frank: Besides the already known outcome how to you feel Meyhem went?

Scorpion: It went alright, If Pitbull didn't come down and cheat me I would be the Heavyweight Champ.

Frank: What is your reactions to winning the IC title and not the HW Title?

Scorpion: I was robbed Pitbull will pay the price, I can't wait until I get him one on one. I will get my revenge on Bronx and that belt will be where it belongs around my waist. But for now i am content with the IC Championship.

Frank: Do you think you can trust Crow and Bronx on Thursday?

Scorpion: yes I believe Bronx, Crow and I can trust each other. The three opponets we have deserve the beating we will give them..

Frank: Do you regret not pinning Bronx when you had the chance?

Scoprion: No, I do not need an assist by someone who couldn't get the job done. I will become the Heavyweight champ don't you worry about that.

Frank: What is your next move here in CNW?

Scorpion: Kicking the hell out of Pitbull in a one on one match, I don't want it a regular match, I want a hardcore match. He wants to bring a weapons. Well lets see what he can do with that weapon when he is face to face with someone.

Frank: So there you have straight from the champs mouth. And I am Frank Johnson saying so long and see you next time.