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Week One
Interviewed by: Frank Johnson

Hi folks this is Frank Johnson from the CNW and today we'll be catching up with Pitbull. Oh here he comes~

Frank: How do you feel about the events that have taken place this past week?

Pitbull:Well, I now have a shot at my rightful title... Bronx whines too much and needs to step up and be a man

Frank: Rumors have it that The Doctors mistake are causing tension between you two?

Pitbull: The Doctor and I have spoken since and I believe he understands what needs to take place... he is a good guy to have in your corner

Frank: There is a rumor that the womens division is going to get canned will you have Jerzee has your manager than?

Pitbull: Of course... have you seen the t**s on her?

Frank: What do you think about your three on two match this Thrashing?

Pitbull: We have the numbers... I just hope Bronx will still be able to defend his title from a wheelchair.

Frank: Do you think you are ready for the PPV?

Pitbull: Ready? Of course I'm ready... I WILL shut Bronx's mouth once and for all... that is a promise.

Frank: Well thanks for your time that and good luck in your match. And I am Frank Johnson saying so long and see you next time.