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Week One
Interviewed by: Frank Johnson

Hi folks this is Frank Johnson from the CNW and today we'll be catching up with The Doctor. Oh here he comes~

Frank: Besides the already known how do you think Meyhem went?

Doctor: Well, Black Scorpion was a challenge but he just caught me off guard... wait till next time.

Frank: Why did you team with Pitbull on the attack?

Doctor: Pitbull gave me two choices... roll with the doghouse or get my ass beat

Frank: Can you give us any hints on who the masked man is?

Doctor: Ywah... he's... ummm... the masked man? He was helpful but Pitbull and I have NO idea who it was.

Frank: Do you think you can win the match against the trio of Bronx,Crow and Black Scorpion?

Doctor: Of course... I am ready for all challengers

Frank: What is your next move here in CNW?

Doctor: I'll let you in on a secret... Pitbull and I may soon be making the M&M Express melt in your mouth and not in your hand.

Frank: Well thanks for your time that and good luck in your match. And I am Frank Johnson saying so long and see you next time.