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Week One
Interviewed by: Rebecca Jones

Hi folks this is Rebecca Jones from the CNW and today we'll be interviewing Candance. Oh here she comes now~

Rebecca: Besides the already known how do you think Meyhem went?

Candance: How do you think I would feel? Jerzee took out the weaker opponent and stole my title. On Thrashing see will have no one to bail her out and I will get what belongs to me.

Rebecca: What do you think of Tiffany?

Candance: I think she is a skinny nobody and not worthy of the women's title just yet.

Rebecca: What does do you have planned for Jerzee?

Candance: A beat down like she has never had before.

Rebecca: Rumors say Pitbull has been seen a lot with Jerzee do you think he will try and interfere?

Candance: Maybe because he has been attacking people from behind like a coward so who knows.

Rebecca: What is your next move here in CNW?

Candance: To capture the Women's championship and wait for some real competition to come along.

Rebecca: Well thanks for your time that and good luck in your match. And I am Rebecca Jones see ya next time.