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Week Two
Interviewed by: Frank Johnson

Hi folks this is Frank Johnson from the CNW and today we'll be catching up with new Heavyweight Champion Bronx. Oh here he comes~

Frank: Besides the already known outcome how to you feel Meyhem went?

Bronx: Mayhem was a bittersweet night for me. Obviously it's so very sweet to be the best in CNW. There are a ton of great competitor's but I believe I beat the entire upper echelon on my way to the Title.

First taking out Crow, the former Champ, was huge, and gave me the needed boost to know I could win the tournament.

Secondly, knowing that Pitbull was so scared of me he had to bring a weapon with him just in case, that's a good ego boost right there.

And last fighting such a great match against Black Scorpion, and coming out a winner.

That being said. Crow, Black Scorpion, you guys fought tough matches, you guys can have a shot at this title anytime you want.

Just ask.

Pitbull, F*** Y**! You won't get another shot at this title until you prove you are worthy. CNW is filled with great competitors who deserve a shot at this title. You're nothing but a coward, and Coward's will never EVER get a shot at this...

MY title.

Frank:What are your reactions to becoming HW champion and how you became HW champion?

Bronx: It's a great honor, and I will uphold that honor to the best of my ability.

Frank: Do you think you can trust Crow and Black Scorpion on Thursday?

Bronx: We'll find out won't we? Both are great competitor's and they want to win, so I think they'll bring a winning mentality to the ring Thursday. Pitbull won't even know what bit him.

Frank: What do you feel about Pitbull and The Doctor?

Bronx: I've already covered this topic. Let's move on.

Frank: What is your next move here in CNW?

Bronx: Well you aim for the top. I'm at the top, so there is no place else to aim. So I will look below me, and make sure that this organization is run with honor and integrity.

So people on the CNW roster, consider yourselves warned. Dirty play will not be tolerated in the CNW. Not so long as I am here.

Frank: So there you have straight from the champs mouth. And I am Frank Johnson saying so long and see you next time.