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Gym Training

When you are ready to go to the gym and train there are some things you might like to know. These things include what do you need to train for, how your training will affect you, what does the gym help you with and lastly how do you use the gym.

1)You can find out what you need to train for by going to the roster page and clicking on your name. Everything you can work on will be there. From the gym to other training areas and beyond just find the gym stats and look for what you can improve on.

2)This is an important section of the gym. Here will tell you how much you will gain from the gym. When working on a particular part of your body there are four stages of growth. Considering your body parts to be 100 when you finish building it, the first stage is 0-18. In the first stage you will recieve 4 workout points everytime you visit the gym and complete a workout. The second stage is 19-31. In this stage you will receive 3 workout points for each completed workout. The third stage range is 32-48 and you will receive 2 workout points for a completed workout. Lastly when you get to the fourth stage it will be harder to build, thus getting only 1 workout point for every completed workout. You will get all your points even if you they take you into the next level. Since there is two sessions to every workout each day you will receive the work out points for each according to what stage you are at.

EX. If you want to work your quads and your biceps for your two sessions and your quard are at 29 and your biceps are at 42. You will receive 3 points on your quads and 2 points on your biceps.

If you choose the same work out twice you will receive each seperatly. So if the first sessions points brings you to the next level you will receive the new levels work out points

EX. Same quad at 29 first session would receive 3 points and move you to the next level and the second session would only receive 2 points.

3)Training in the gym will help you increase your Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Quickness. Other ratings are effected by some of these but the gym only directly effect these four ratings.

4)To use the gym you must click on the link below and fill out the form that follows. All space are required to be filled out on the form. You can choose to do the same workout for both sessions or different ones. You will not be accepted in the gym from 12pm EST to 11:59pm EST on Sundays, Thursdays, and PPV event days. Also you can not train more than once a day or on any day that you have a match training session. If this stipulation is broken the first scheduled training (match or gym)will only be accepted. If you are absent from the gym for a week or more every body part will decrease by 2 and than by 1 for every day that follows until default ratings are reach.

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