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Cruel And Unusual Punishment
Cruel And Unusual Punishment

PPV Index
  • [ Segment 1 ] - Shocking Announcement
  • [ Segment 2 ] - Hardcore Title: Lunatik vs Mike Johnson
  • [ Segment 3 ] – Answer to a challenge!
  • [ Segment 4 ] - Destiny Title: Wyck vs Karnage
  • [ Segment 5 ] - Recorded Moments Ago
  • [ Segment 6 ] - European Title: Eminem vs Matt Meyhu
  • [ Segment 7 ] - Something Smells Fishy
  • [ Segment 8 ] - No Mercy Title Match: Kasper vs. Nightmare
  • [ Segment 9 ] – New Hardcore Champion Already
  • [ Segment 10 ] - IC Title: Black Scorpion vs. Machine vs. Kruzty
  • [ Segment 11 ] - Heavyweight Title : Boca Del Inferno vs. Crow vs. Rich Gazinya

    The scene opens up in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center as the crowd capacity is jam packed for the first sell out since the return of CNW. The scene opens up with Steve and Craig. ~

    Steve: The atomosphere is electric here in Los Angeles.

    Craig: It's the kind of electricity you only get for a sold out PPV event from CNW.

    Steve: Tonight we will find out who will hold the No mercy, European, Hardcore and the new Destiny Title.

    Craig: But that's not all, we have action packed matches but with the IC and HW title being determined anything is bound to happen here tonight.

    Steve: Yes, These matches are unpredictable and anything can happen!

    [A Shocking Announcement! ]

    Kyle Cartier music hits the PA system and Kyle makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic and takes a deep breath.

    Kyle: Well fans your once great champion has decided to call it quits. Things just don’t seem right here for me anymore. I wish I could explain better but I can’t.

    The crowd starts chanting Please don’t leave ............... Please don’t leave........... Please don’t leave
    Kyle looks around and listens to the crowd

    Kyle: …I am sorry…it has been one hell of a ride…

    Kyle sets the mic down and slowly leaves the ring. He walks up the aisle as the crowd begins another chant
    We Want Cartier............... We Love Cartier............... We Want Cartier We Love Cartier

    Kyle stops at the top of the ramp and gazes out over the crowd and then turns around and walks through the curtains and the crowd goes silent.

    Steve: I am completely speechless. Let’s just get started with the matches.

    --Hardcore Title--

    Mike Johnson vs. Lunatik

    ~Ding! Ding! Ding! The match starts. ~Mike Johnson punches it out with Lunatik. Lunatik executes a Belly to Belly suplex on MIke . Lunatik than drops Mike with a Reverse DDT on the mat. Mike steps out of the ring to catch his breath. Lunatik clotheslines Mike from the side ring apron. Lunatik tries to give Mike a reverse neckbreaker. Mike reverses it. Mike covers Lunatik. The ref starts the count. ...1 kick out by Lunatik. Lunatik gets back to his feet. Lunatik rakes the face of Mike in attempt of a come back. Mike spins around and Lunatik DDT's him. Lunatik with the hammerlock on Mike. Ref is checking for a tap out. Lunatik tightens the hold. ... Lunatik breaks the hold. Lunatik elbow drops Mike than tosses him back into the ring. Lunatik picks Mike up and hits Lunatik with a baby chop. Mike knifehand chops Lunatik. Lunatik clotheslines Mike back over the top rope. Lunatik jumps over the top rope and onto Mike into a pin. Ref starts the count (.1..2) Mike kicks out. Lunatik hits a spinning leg lariat on Mike sending him to the floor again. Lunatik than goes and grabs a chair. Mike than hits a dragon screw into the chair which hits Lunatik in the face. Mike than sets up a table he places Lunatik onto the table. Mike climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. As he does Lunatik slowly starts to move he stands up just as Mike reaches the top. Mike tries a cross body anyways but is caught and power slam at the same time right through the table. The two lay motionless but with Lunatik begin on top of Mike the ref goes down for the count (1..2..3)ref calls for the bell Ding! Ding! Ding! Ref declares Lunatik the new Hardcore Champion.

    Steve: Lunatik has won the match!

    Craig: An odd way to win it but yes he is the champ !!!

    [Answer to a challenge!!]

    { Black Scorpion’s them blasts over the PA system, Pyros go off Black Scorpion comes out, Crowd erupts)

    Black Scorpion: You ask me for a match for the No Mercy title, in a TLC match, well Boca that type of match is not acceptable. Lets make this match interesting. It is a match much worse then the TLC match and some consider the second most dangerous match right under the Hell in a cell, the match for the No Mercy title between your scrawny ass and me is a Last Man standing match….and anything goes. After I kick Machine’s ass and after I win the IC Title…no hard feelings with you Kruzty but I will win… I will be glad to kick your ass one on one as soon as one of us gets the no Mercy Title, and I have no problem teaming up with Kruzty after tonight, in a tag match, but why does it have to be a TLC match what are you and Crow to chicken to face us in a regular match because you know Kruzty and I will beat you. See we don’t need any help from foreign objects to win our matches we are just that damn good and you will soon find that out first hand.

    The crowd cheers for the idea of a tag match and also starts chanting
    Black Scorpion and Boca , Black Scorpion and Boca , Black Scorpion and Boca

    Black Scorpion: Now on to you Kruzty listen to me and what these people. I would glad to team up with you to kick Boca and Crow’s ass for the CNW Tag Team championship, what do you say? Kruzty you can think about it and let me know later after the PPV is over.

    { Black Scorpion drops the mic and leaves with an evil smile across his face}

    Stephan: Scorpion looks to be a very determined wrestler, but now we’re gonna see two new stars in CNW go at it. They are both determined to be the first Destiny Champion.

    Criag : Well lets not hold them up. Let’s get it on!

    --Destiny Title--

    Wyck vs. Karnage

    ( The two make their way to the ring one by one. The ref is about to ring the bell as the two just stare at each other. Suddenly smile grow across both of their faces and the two shake hands. They start to talk and walk out of the ring. The ref yells for both of them to come back. They both enter the ring and talk to the ref. They ref gets angry and rings the bell and says that it is a double DQ. Karnage and Wyck look at each other shrug their shoulders and both of them super kick the ref. They laugh at him and both leave the ring and head for the back.

    Steve: What the hell just happen here, who is the champion.

    Craig: I have no clue but I am sure will will find out more about this as time goes on.

    [Recorded Moments Ago ]

    The scene shifts to Dave Styles office. In the bottom right of the screen, the words "Recorded Earlier" can be read. Dave is at his desk when the Lance Minion comes bursting in.

    Dave: Hey Lance where have you been?

    Lance: Dave you are not going to believe this but I meant this incredible women and I have been spending all my time with her

    Dave: You are wrong I do believe you. You have always been a ladies man. That doesn’t excuse you from work.

    Lance: I know but the thing is I asked her to marry me and she said yes…I am settling down and I want you to be my best man Dave.

    Dave: …me…well I would be honor and as a matter of fact if you want I will make room for your wedding on Mayhem this week.

    Lance: I knew you would understand. I can’t want to tell my wife the good news.

    Steve: Well we’re really starting to blow the top of this arena. A new Hardcore champion…Cartier retires and now a wedding!!

    Craig: And we are not even half way through the show yet. Infact here comes a match between two great competitors now.

    --European Title--

    Eminem vs. Mike

    Eminem and Matt size each other up and then they lock up. Matt gets the upper hand and hits a t-bone suplex on Eminem. Eminem gets right back up and is met by a clothesline from Matt. Matt stomps Eminem while he is down. Eminem grabs his foot and trips him up. He locks on an ankle bar but Matt gets to the ropes. Eminem stomps his leg and pulls him back out to the center where he locks on a half crab. Matt yells in pain but gets to the ropes again. Eminem looks pissed. He stomps away at Matt and then steps back and lets him get up. Eminem charges him and goes for a clothesline but Matt ducks under it and hits a reverse DDT. He picks Eminem up and goes for a powerbomb but Eminem turns it into a back drop. Both men lie there and think. Then slowly they both get up. Once on their feet they trade punches and Eminem wins. He then picks Matt up in a suplex and hits a hard brainbuster. Matt lies there as Eminem gets up and stumbles to the ropes. He goes up top and when Matt gets up he jumps off hoping for a clothesline but is caught by Matt and slammed down in a spinebuster. Matt gets up and hist a leg drop across Eminem’s throat. He then goes up top and calls for a frog splash. But Eminem jumps up and catches him. Matt sits on the turnbuckle and Eminem jumps up and hits a hurraconrona. Matt hits the canvas hard. Eminem then jumps up top and hits a leg drop across Matt’s chest. He picks him up and goes for a piledriver but Matt fights back. He flips Eminem over and drops an elbow onto his chest. He goes to drop another but Eminem trip him. Eminem gets up and when Matt gets up he spears him and goes for the pin. 1....2...kickout. Eminem cusses and picks him up and goes for the piledriver and hits it. He goes for another pin but a kickout after 2 again. Eminem looks pissed and picks him up and goes for a DDT and its reversed into the Northern Lights Suplex. 1...2...kickout. Eminem gets up and him and Matt trade punches. This time Matt wins. He goes for a suplex but Eminem reverses it into the M&M Stunning. Both men lie there and then Eminem slowly gets up and climbs up top. He jumps off and hits the frog splash. He covers Matt. 1...2.....kickout. Eminem rolls over and gets up and waits for Matt to get back up and when he gets up Eminem hits the M&M Stunning again and goes for the pin. 1...2...3 The bells sounds.

    [ Something Smells Fishy ]

    The scene flashes to what looks like a backstage dressing room. In the bottom right of the screen, the words "moments ago" can be read. Lunatik is in the room when the Kruzty comes bursting in.

    Lunatik: What the hell do you want?

    Kruzty: I just saw you won the hardcore title and want to know if I can get your autograph!!

    Lunatik: Are you serious our are you just being an a##hole?

    Kruzty: No I have been following for a while now and think you are good.

    Lunatik: Glad to see someone knows great talent when they see it….there you go…don’t lose it someday it will be worth a lot of money.

    Steve: What do you think is the meaning of that.

    Craig: I don’t know but something feels funny.

    Steve: I am sure we will find out but for now we have another title up for grabs.

    --No Mercy Title--

    Nightmare vs. Kasper

    Nightmare runs at Kasper and clothelines him down. Nightmare starts it off by leg dropping him. He gets up but Kasper gets a big foot up and kicks Nightmare. Nightmare backs up as Kasper gets up and whips him off the ropes. Nightmare comes back and gets him with a chop to the chest by Kasper. Kasper backs Nightmare against the ropes as Kasper goes for a big boot. Nightmare moves as Kasper gets caught up in the ropes. Nightmare goes to the top rope and comes off with a big clothesline. Kasper goes over the top rope as Nightmare stands up. Nightmare picks Kasper up and tosses him shoulder first into the steel steps. Kasper lies on his back as Nightmare starts stomping away. He whips him to the other side of the Outside. Kasper rolls around as Nightmare tosses him in the ring. Nightmare gets in the ring, but Kasper quickly rolls him up into a pin [1...2...] Nightmare lies on his back as Kasper goes to the top rope. Nightmare stands up and hits a huge top rope DDT on Kasper. Nightmare sets Kasper up for a powerbomb, Nightmare hits it and pins Kasper [1...2..] Nightmare picks Kasper up, but Kasper turns around and hits a DDT. Nightmare falls down as Kasper pins [1...2..] Kasper waits for Nightmare to get up. Nightmare stands up as Kasper hits a belly to back suplex. Kasper goes to the top rope for a 5 star frog splash. Nightmare bounces in the ropes as Kasper falls down. Nightmare goes up and superplexes Kasper off the top. He grabs a table from the outside and hits Dreammaker on Kasper through the table. The ref checks Kasper’s hand and it falls three time and the ref calls for the bell.

    Craig : Winner is newcomer Nightmare!!

    Stephan : He looks like he shows no mercy right down to his name!

    [New Hardcore Champion Already]

    (Once again the scene jumps to the back but this time you see Lunatik walking towards his car with his newly won title. Suddenly Kruzty comes running up behind him, a ref close behind. Lunatik hears him coming and side steps himn throwing him right into the hood of a car! Lunatik jumps up for a roundhouse kick and nails it on Kruzty! Kruzty tries to shake it off but Lunatik grabs him for a running bulldog! Kruzty hit face first. Lunatik looks over to the cars. He pulls up Kruzty and rolls him on top of a black Diablo. Lunatik pulls up Kruzty on the front of the car and delivers a piledriver on top of the car! It's DENTED! Kruzty falls off the top of the car as Lunatik gets right off. He stands over Kruzty. Kruzty than pulls Lunatik's legs from under him and Lunatik hits with his back on the concrete!!! Kruzty looks over to the cars NOW! He picks up Lunatik over his shoulder and looks at the front of a Dodge Jeep. Kruzty places Lunatik on top of the hood of the car. He gives Lunatik a few punches! Lunatik is now just laying on top of the jeep. Kruzty sees the doors are open and he yanks the shift back to N and closes the doors. Kruzty then gets behind the jeep. He sees another car about 250 meters away facing the jeep. Kruzty begins to push the jeep! He begins to gain speed, and more speed, til it is moving pretty fast! The jeep closes in on the other car and both cars have a head on collision as Lunatik flies off the jeep and onto the next car and lands through the windshield. Than Kruzty calls the ref over with the hardcore title. He than reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of and yells that he never wanted Lunatik autograph just his signature and throws the paper on Lunatik’s chest. Kruzty reaches through the windshield and places a hand on Lunatik. The ref counts three and gives the title to Kruzty. Kruzty hops in a car and drives away, as from out of the debris and the glass and some blood, comes Lunatik! He gets out of the mess and the paper. It is a contract with his signature and Kruztys for a match for the Hardcore Title. Lunatik gets an anger look on his face and begins to chase after Kruzty! The Titan Tron shuts down again.}

    Craig : We’ve seen so many matches tonight and they have all been great and but here comes one of the ones we have been waiting for.

    --IC Title--

    Black Scorpion vs. Machine vs. Kruzty

    Machine knees Scorpion and rolls back to his feet. Scorpion hits Machine with the double arm DDT into the canvas. Scorpion grabs Machine and applies an arm wrench. Machine is back on his feet. Machine executes the jumping sidekick on Scorpion. Machine measures Scorpion up and drops a closed fist. Machine stands up. Scorpion gets up. Scorpion nails Machine with a belly-to-back suplex. Scorpion is up again. Machine gets up. Spinning neck-breaker from Machine takes Scorpion down. Machine gets bounced off of the ropes and hit with a backdrop diver by Kruzty. Kruzty climbs to his feet. Machine gets locked in the double chicken wing. Ref asks Machine if he quits. ... Machine trys to escape. ... (AHHHH!) ... Machine is fighting the hold. Scorpion attacks Kruzty breaking Kruzty’s hold and machine rolls out of the ring for a breather. Then Scorpion gets back to his feet. Scorpion gives Kruzty a reverse neckbreaker. Scorpion stands up. Kruzty moves back to his feet. Kruzty hiptosses Scorpion. Scorpion moves back to his feet. Kruzty gets hit with a dragon scerw from Scorpion. Now Scorpion standing. Scorpion fist drops Kruzty on the canvas. Scorpion gets back to his feet. Kruzty trys for a dragon suplex but Scorpion avoids it. Kruzty bites Scorpion's arm out of desparation. Scorpion gets taken down with a corkscrew armdrag. Kruzty puts The Scorpion in an arm grapevine submission. Kruzty fist drops Scorpion on the canvas. Kruzty gets up. Kruzty fist drops Scorpion on the canvas. Now Scorpion standing. Scorpion springboard DDT's Kruzty onto the canvas! Scorpion gets back to his feet. Scorpion puts a knee to Kruzty 's back and pulls hims arms back. Ref is checking Kruzty for a tap out. ... Scorpion breaks the hold. The Scorpion hits Kruzty with an elbowdrop. Scorpion climbs to his feet. Kruzty gets up and rakes Scorpion’s eyes. Kruzty punches Scorpion in the head. Scorpion takes Kruzty down with a knee. Kruzty gets up. Kruzty gouges Scorpion's eyes out again. Kruzty gets thrown into the turnbuckle. Scorpion comes over and smashes Kruzty's head into it. Machine moves back into the ring. Kruzty gets taken down with a corkscrew armdrag. Kruzty climbs to his feet. Kruzty short-arm clotheslines Machine to the canvas. Now Machine standing. Machine knifehand chops Kruzty. Machine executes a headlock takedown. Kruzty stands up. Machine executes the jumping sidekick on Kruzty . Machine gets sent into the turnbuckle while Kruzty hits him with a splash. Machine gets locked in the double chicken wing. Ref asks Machine Machine if he quits. Machine trys to escape. Kruzty breaks the hold. Scorpion executes a split legged moonsault on to Kruzty. Machine climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and executes the diving headbutt on Kruzty . Machine stands up. Machine hits Scorpion with the back of his elbow. Machine executes a swinging bulldog on Scorpion driving Scorpion's face into the canvas. Machine is up again. Machine goes for a pin. Ref counts the pin. ...1 Scorpion kicks out. Scorpion is up again. Machine nails Scorpion with a belly-to-back suplex. Machine climbs to his feet. Machine rolls onto Scorpion connecting with a knee. Scorpion is up again. Scorpion hits a tiger driver on Machine . Scorpion than grabs Krusty and pile drives him. He picks him back up and hits him with the Sting of Death. He goes for the pin 1-2 Machine dives onto Scorpion but he is too late…3.

    Steve: Black Scorpion has become the IC champion!! What a great match.

    Craig: Yes it was but lets get right to the match of the night. The main event. Three great wrestlers going at it in a steel cage and this is going to be amazing!

    --Heavyweight Title--
    Boca Del Inferno vs. Crow vs. Rich Gazinya

    Boca Del Inferno and Crow check the cage as the bell rings. They each circle around the ring staring eye to eye and face to face. They start trash talking each other when suddenly Rich goes to punch Boca Del Inferno, but Boca Del Inferno blocks it. Boca Del Inferno now takes the advantage with punches of his own. He keeps punching Rich and then irish whips him. Crow then hits a big clothesline on Rich, which knocks Rich to the ground, effectively knocking the wind out of him. Crow then starts taunting Rich and picks him up and punches him back to the ground. The fans give a mixed reaction to the last punch. Crow picks him up and goes for the superkick, but Rich ducks the kick but is hit with a spearfrom Boca. Boca Del Inferno then picks Rich up and rams his face into the cage. He starts rubbing his face against the cage while talking trash to him. Boca Del Inferno raises his arms in the air and the fans start cheering. Boca Del Inferno now starts punching him into the corner. He repeatedly punches him in the face and then hits a spinning roundhouse kick to Rich and Rich staggers from the blow. Boca Del Inferno clotheslines Rich in the back of the head sending him to the mat. Rich is down on the mat and Boca Del Inferno starts stomping him. He now picks him up and rams his face against the cage again and then does a Russian leg sweep. Rich is holding his face as Boca Del Inferno stomps away on his back and gut. Rich slowly gets to his feet , fighting of the blows from above. Boca Del Inferno then stops the stomps and attempts another clothesline, but Rich manages to duck this time but gets hit with a reverse DDT from Crow. He starts stomping away on Rich. He picks Rich up and places him in the corner. He starts punching away on him and Rich falls to the mat. Crow whips him into the ropes and hits a big drop kick as he comes back. Crow grabs Rich and locks in a headlock and keeps squeezing harder as time goes on. Rich elbows him in the stomach several times and Crow breaks the hold. Rich runs at him, but Crow hits the Crow’s Nest to a huge ovation. Boca picks Rich up and hits the Mouth of Hell as well. Rich is out cold and Boca and Crow just look at each other and than at the crowd. The crowd chant Midnight Stalkers as Boca and Crow tie up and the crowd goes nuts. Crow get the advantage and whips Boca into the ropes. He than hits Boca with a hugh clothesline. Crow goes to climb the cage but only gets halfway up before Boca Del Inferno climbs up as well. Boca Del Inferno rams Crow’s head into the cage and hits big reverse DDT from halfway up the cage to another huge ovation. Busting Crow wide open. Both men are down for several minutes before Crow slowly gets to his feet, followed by Boca Del Inferno. The two exhausted men start going punch for punch before Boca Del Inferno ducks and hits a DDT on Crow. Crow is down on the mat and isn’t moving. Boca Del Inferno looks at Crow and the Crowd. Boca Del Inferno now picks up Crow and snap suplexs him hard on the mat. He picks him up a second time and does it again. Boca Del Inferno backs up into the corner and waits for a groggy Crow to stand up. He then goes to kick him in the gut, but Crow manages to reverse it into a corkscrew leg takedown. He slowly gets up and Boca Del Inferno punches him to the ground. Boca Del Inferno picks him up again and whips him against the ropes. As he comes back Crow lifts him up into the steel cage.Boca Del Inferno is now busted wide open on his forehead. Crow sits over him and starts punching away on his face , widening the cut. Boca Del Inferno is screaming in pain as Crow locks on an arm bar. Boca Del Inferno yelling increases and after a while Crow lets go. He picks Boca Del Inferno up and throws him first face into the cage again. Crow than goes for the door too tired to even climb the cage. When suddenly to the crowd delight Kyle Cartier comes running to the ring. Crow is just about out of the ring when Kyle slams the door not once but twice against Crow’s head. Kyle than enter the ring with a steel chair. He yells at Crow that he wants Boca not him and hits him with the steel chair. He than walks over to Boca and picks him up. Boca is barely standing on his own when Kyle knocks him of his feet with a chair shot to the face. Rich starts to make it to his feet finally and he is meet with a chair to the head. Kyle than picks Boca up and toss him out of the cage by his hair. Ref rings the bell and declares Boca the new Heavyweight Champion. When out from nowhere comes Matt Meyhu, Mark Meyhu and yes…Mike Meyhu too. Kyle yells to Boca he will see him soon and runs up the ramp. The Meyhus go over to Boca and help him up. Than suddenly Mark picks up a chair and smashes Boca once again with a chair. Crow tries to come and help but Matt and Mike stomp him to the ground. Mark screams to Boca that he shouldn’t have tried to end his career and that the meyhus were back to end his. Than Black Scorpion comes strolling down the ramp and he too starts to beat on Boca. The four just stand and look at the destruction when out from the crowd comes a hood man. He is carrying a bat and the Meyhus and Scorpion head for the back. The man kneels down and checks on Boca and than throws back his hood to reveal that he is none other than Jason Hodge. Eminem than makes his way to the ring and Crow and Eminem help Boca to his feet as Jason Hodge makes his way back through the crowd.

    Steve: What carnage!!! Looks like Boca has made a lot of enemies but that is to be expected now that he is the World Champion.

    Craig: Yeah but better than that Kyle looks to be staying, and Jason Hodge and the Meyhu family are back.

    Steve: Yeah things are starting to pick up. Tune in this week for more action on Mayhem!!!