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:::A jammed pack Corel Centre in Ottawa Ontario Canada rises to their feet as the Backstab theme blares over the speakers, pyros go off one after another lighting up the pitch black arena, camera circle the arena as fans see their selves on the cybertron they hold their signs up as high as possible so they can be read by the millions watching on pay per view. Then Vince Gertner walks down as his “Corporation” music hits and more pyros go off. The crowd looks stunned as they have never heard Vince Gertner speak.:::

Vince Gertner: “Hello fans! Welcome to Cyber Net Wrestlings first ever pay per view! I am truly excited! I can’t wait to see the amazing matches that are set for tonight! I’m so thrilled that the CNW has had such a great start and I hope it keeps growing like it has in the past couple of weeks! Thank you everyone for supporting the CNW!”

:::The fans cheer and start a “CNW” chant::::

Kris Kash: I think I just saw Vince shed a tear!

Shane Gertner: My father is a sensitive person Kris.

Kris Kash: Well hello fans and welcome to, as Vince said he first pay per view ever since the re-opening of the CNW! And if you didn’y yet know the Vice President, Interviewer and son of the owner Vince….Shane Gertner!

Shane Gertner: Thanks Kris I’m glad to be here.

Kris Kash: I’m glad to have you.

Shane Gertner: All you CNW fans out there the CNW Magazines first issue is due out later next week so look for it and grab a copy it will be awesome!

Kris Kash: I will definitely pick one up!

Shane Gernter: Well it looks like our first match is starting Kris.

Rick Tenay: This match is a three way dance for the CNW No Mercy Title! First making his way to the ring at this time….Misfit!

[Misfits theme blares over the speakers, pyros go off as Misfit makes his way to the ring.]

Rick Tenay: Now making his way to the ring from Detroit, Michigan, a great rapper and wrestler in his own right…E.Z Money!

[“Get Your Roll On” by Big Tymer’s blares over the speakers, pyros go off, the arena lights turn orange and blue and E.Z Money makes his way to the ring.]

Rick Tenay: And their opponent he is a hardcore icon…..Justin Credible!

[Justin Credible’s theme blares over the P.A System, pyros go off, the arena lights go out and when the lights turn back on Justin is in the ring with a kendo stick in hand. The bell ring and the match gets under way. JC (Justin Credible) nails EZ with the kendo stick. Then Misfit gets hit with the kendo stick by JC. JC then picks up EZ and irish whips him into the corner. JC gets a running start and hits a stinger splash on EZ Money. Then Misfit gets up and runs at JC but JC hits a powerslam on Misfit. EZ then slides out of the ring and grabs a chair at ringside. EZ gets back in the ring and nails JC with the chair. Misfit gets up. EZ starts to beat down JC with the chair. EZ goes to hit Misfit but Misfit dropkicks the chair back in EZ’s face. JC is back to his feet. JC clotheslines Misfit out of the ring. Then JC picks up EZ and hits right hand chops to EZ’s chest. EZ’s chest starts to turn red. Then Misfit grabs a ladder from under the ring and slides it in the ring. JC then suplexs EZ hard to the mat. Misfit grabs the ladder and nails JC with it. Misfit then sets the ladder up in a corner and starts to climb it.]

Kris Kash: This is what No Mercy is all about!

[EZ Money is the first to get up as Misfit hits EZ with a moonsault of the ladder.]

Shane Gertner: What a move by Misfit!

Kris Kash: He knocked EZ into next week!

[Then JC gets up and hits Misfit with a spinning heel kick. EZ then gets on his feet and hits JC with a Russian leg sweep. Misfit trips up EZ. Then Misfit puts a figure-four on JC. EZ gets up and breaks the hold. Then EZ hits Misfit with a hurricanrana.]

Kris Kash: What a move!

Shane Gertner: EZ just put himself back in this match!

[JC gets up and nails EZ with a chair. Misfit grabs a kendo stick that’s lying besides him and hits JC with it but JC blocks it with his chair. EZ gets up but gets nailed by JC and Misfit with a chair and kendo stick. JC then nails Misfit with the chair. JC sets up the ladder and starts to climb it. EZ Money is up. JC then jumps off the ladder and nails EZ with a flying clothesline.]

Kris Kash: What an amazing move!

Shane Gertner: Justin Credible is putting it all on the line tonight!

[Misfit gets up. JC then puts a camel clutch on EZ Money. EZ reaches for the ropes but can’t quit reach the ropes. Then JC puts the hold on harder. EZ is about to tap when Misfit grabs a chair and hits JC with it to break up the submission hold. Then Misfit climbs the ropes. Just as Misfit is about to hit JC with a frog splash EZ gets up and pulls down on the ropes sending Misfit outside the ring. Then JC gets up and nails EZ with a belly to belly suplex not once but twice. Then JC signals for the Credible Drop and nails it on EZ Money. Then just as JC hooks the leg of EZ Misfit runs in the ring…1, 2…Misfit breaks up the count. Then JC hits the Credible Drop on Misfit. JC then pins Misfit….1, 2, 3!!! New No Mercy Champ!]

Rick Tenay: Here is your winner and new No Mercy Champion….Justin Credible!

Shane Gertner: What a match that was!

Kris Kash: Well the CNW has just crowned their first ever No Mercy champion!

Shane Gertner: How can it get any better than this!

Kris Kash: It’s possible in the CNW Shane.

Shane Gertner: Well next up is another three way dance between Johnny The Blade, Longshot and Luke McSweet!

[The music of Longshot plays as the announcer introduces the match and Longshot!! LS comes down with a chair an a stop sign! He gets in the ring and drops his weapons! Next was Luke McSweet and then finally Johnny The Blade!! He comes to the ring with a table and sets it up outside the ring! JB gets in the ring and runs at LM! But on his way he is speared from the side by LS! LS and LM punch back in forth but LS took over with a snap suplex onto a chair.]

Kris Kash: Did you hear that crack!

[JB gets up from the spear and dropkicks LS into the ropes. LM gets back up and attacks JB from behind. LS gets on the apron attempting a spring-board. But before he could hit it...LM runs and dives through the ropes, spearing LS off the apron through the table.]

Shane Gertner: Holy Shit! Can I say on tv?

Kris Kash: Yes It’s pay per view Shane.

Shane Gertner: What Insanity!!

[LM gets back in the ring but JB blows the fire extinguisher in the face of LM!! LM holds his eyes while JB takes him down with a wrist clutch suplex, taking him to the mat. LS is still knocked out on the outside. JB goes out and picks him up. JB whips LS into the steps. He bounces off them. JB turns around but is hit with a missle dropkick from the recovered LM. Where did he come from. LM goes to pick up LS but LS retaliates with a DDT onto the mat. JB gets back up and throws LS into the ring. He then picks up LM and puts him in the ring also. With all 3 men in the ring, JB goes to the top rope. Both men get up and get hit with a double cross-body from JB. JB is left standing. He goes to the outside and grabs 2 trashcans and throws the in the ring. LM and LS both get up and hit back and forth with the cans. Each wrestler, nailing the pieces of trash over and over the heads of their opponents. In the ring ... JB grabs a table and sets it in the ring. LS nails LM over the head with a huge chair shot and LM lays on the table unconscious. JB dropkicks LS to the outside. JB goes to the top rope. He signals the crowd. The crowd starts a Johnny The Blade chant. JB nails a leg drop putting LM right through the table.]

Kris Kash: What leverage!!

[JB barely covers LM!!! 1....2....3!!! Johnny walks to the back holding his belt high above his head!! Longshot and Luke McSwet are left lying in the ring]

Rick Tenay: Here is your winner and still Hardcore Champion…Johnny The Blade!

Shane Gertner: Wow!

Kris Kash: Speechless, eh Shane!

Shane Gertner: Yes and Kris you said that like a true Canadian!

Kris Kash: We are in Canada and all.

Shane Gertner: Well I still can’t get over how amazing the last match was but next up is Krash and Shadow V versus Reaper and Chris Prime!

[Prez Kid Thugga's music hits. He walks down to the ring looking very happy.]

Prez: As you all know, Krash has been sidelined with an injury for the last week. But, that is not all the news I have for this PPV. Bring em out guys.

[A bunch of guys in CNW T-shirts walk down to the ring with tables, ladders, and chairs. There is 1 30-foot ladder, 1 15-footer, 3 tables, and 6 chairs]

Prez: Tonight all of the CNW fans will see the first ever TLC TAG TITLE MATCH!!!!!

(Fans Scream)

Prez Thugga: So, without further ado, Krash and Shadow V!!

["Rollin" hits the speakers while Krash and Shadow V step out from behind the curtain as the crowd boos. Then, Totally Elite's music hits and Chris Prime and Reaper step from behind the curtain as pyros hit and the arena lights turn green. The match starts out with Krash (Krs) and Chris Prime (CP). Krs gets CP into a headlock, but CP easily breaks the hold with some elbow shots to the ribs. CP goes straight for the 30-foot ladder and throws it in the ring. Krs grabs the ladder, swings it around, and goes straight into Reaper's (RP) face. Krs looks back at Shadow V (SV) and he wants a tag, but Krs turns his back on SV. When he turns back around he gets a chair shot right to the head from CP! then, SV just runs in and kicks CP right in the head, making him drop the chair, and letting SV execute a X-Factor on CP.]

Kris Kash: What a great move by Shadow V!

[Then, Krs gets up, and knocks RP right off of the ring apron, and through one of the three tables! RP lays there, stunned!! CP gets up, runs at Krs, an stops, points at the CyberTron, and down runs Justin Cruzac, who has a lead pipe in his hand. He gets into the ring, and clocks SV right in the head with the chair.]

Shane Gernter: What in god’s name is going on!

Kris Kash: Yeah why is Cruzac down here!

[Krs looks straight at CP and eyes him down. They go face to face, the Krs turns toward the crowd. He grabs his T-shirt, and rips it off- only to reveal a Totally Elite shirt under it. Then, CP, RP, Krs, and Cruzac all shake hands. Then, SV gets up, and gets clocked again with the lead pipe. Krs goes outside the ring, grabs the 30-foot ladder, and sets it up. Then, he grabs the two remaining tables, stacks them up, with 1 chair under each one. Then, they all hoist Krs and SV up to the top of the ladder, and Krs executes a Big Jacknife-Powerbomb onto the 2 tables off of the ladder. Krs then looks at the belts, and grabs them, he throws them down to reaper and Prime, and grabs the mic.]

Shane Gertner: What the hell?

Kris Kash: What is happening!

Krash: Reaper, Prime, you guys deserve these belts, not me. Go ahead, you have them.

[Krash hands the mic to Cruzac, and he starts talking]

Cruzac: Shadow V, you never answered my challenge, so guess what, I’m putting you in the match anyway! You and I this Thursday on Thrashing. Oh yeah and Krash is the special guest referee.

Shane Gertner: What just happened?

Kris Kash: I have no clue!

Shane Gertner: Well folks, this is why the called the pay per view Backstab!

Kris Kash: Krash turned on his long time friend Shadow V.

Shane Gertner: Well next up is Maniac and Krash.

Rick Tenay: Already in the ring at this time Krash! And his opponent he is crazy and the master of the Dead Man’s Curve…..Maniac!

[Maniac makes his way to the ring as his theme hits. Krash attacks Maniac and the two start to brawl. The two men brawl for awhile when Maniac decks Krash with an uppercut. Krash pulls out a steel chain from his pocket and wraps it around his hand.]

Kris Kash: That’s illegal, ref, look, look!!!

[Krash picks up Maniac and punches him seven times with the chained fist. Krash drags Maniac out of the ring and the Krash throws Maniac into one side of the rail then the other. The ref counts out Maniac and Krash 1--2--3--4. Krash gets in the ring then back out again. When Maniac has his back turned Krash capitalizes with a belly-to-back suplex. Maniac gets in the ring all bloody because of the chain. Krash takes a while to get in the ring and he finally does. When Krash is on his knees and hands Maniac gives him a kick to the ribs. Maniac tries one more time and Krash grabs his foot and does a leg sweep. Both men are on the ground when Krash hops up and puts Maniac in a Boston crab. But Maniac being the tough person he is he doesn’t submit. Maniac is looking for a way out. He picks himself up and tries for the ropes. Krash pulls him back to the center. Maniac has nothing left to do. Maniac grabs Krash’s legs and reverses the boston crab.]

Shane Gertner: Wow, that was great move but I don’t think Krash will tap!

[Krash is close to the ropes so he grabs them right away. Maniac and Krash both stand up and walk in a circle around each other. Krash runs off the ropes and Maniac leap frogs him but when Krash bounces back he clotheslines Maniac. The fans go wild as Maniac gets back up. Krash picks up Maniac and drop kicks him hard. Krash then turns his back and starts to flex his muscles and show off in front of the people.He souldn’t have done that because Maniac low-blows him. They are both lying on the ground and the ref begins to count them out. 1--2--3--4--5--6--7-.]

Kris Kash: They better get up!!!

Shane Gertner: I hope it doesn’t end like this.

[At seven Maniac begins to get up. Maniac climbs to the top and guillotine leg drops Krash. Maniac goes for a pin. 1--2--.]

Kris Kash: NO IT’S NOT OVER.

[Krash holds his neck and rolls to his corner to take a breather. Maniac is pumped and clotheslines Krash with authority. Maniac picks up Krash and spinning heel kicks him. Krash is down for awhile. Maniac picks up Krash and tries to hit Dead Man’s Curve but Krash reverses it into a reverse ddt. Maniac stays down for a bit and Krash goes to get the title belt. Krash grabs the title and goes to hit him with it. Maniac ducks and Krash goes right over his head. When Krasj turns around he is met with another attempt for Dead Man’s Curve and this time he hits it. Maniac falls to the ground and puts one arm over Krash. The ref goes to count the pin. 1--2--3. It takes a second but then Maniac gets up and grabs the title and puts it over his head.]

Shane Gertner: Oh my, oh my, Maniac the man who people thought was a loser just became the European champion.

Kris Kash: Wow, I thought that it was over when Krash had the Boston crab on but no it's Maniac's night!

Shane Gertner: I can’t wait for the next match between The Canadian Crippler and The Idol!

Kris Kash: Again long time friends and former tag partners face off!

[The Idol's theme blares over the arena speakers, pyros go off one by one, the arena lights turn red and white and The Idol steps into the light. The Idol then walks down to the ring with his I.C Title around his waist. Then as The Idol tests out the ropes The Canadian National Anthem blares over the arena speakers, red pyros go off, the arena lights turn red and The Canadian Crippler walks out from behind the cybertron and down to the ring. The Canadian Crippler slides into the ring just as the bell rings. Idol takes down Crippler with a double leg takedown, but CC came back with a bodyslam. Idol then took down Crippler with a takedown of his own. CC came back with a back elbow, and he then backdropped Idol to the outside. Idol then took down CC with a flying headscissors. Back in the ring, Idol went for another headscissors, CC caught him and gave him a modified inverted powerbomb, and then a spinning heel kick. The two wrestlers exchanged punches in the corner, until Idol tried to go for a tombstone, but CC reversed it and Krash reversed it again to escape. As CC tried for a suplex, Idol escaped around the back and he tried for a tazzmission but CC picked him up and dropped him on the mat. Idol picked CC up and hit a strong powerslam on him. Idol picked CC up again and hit a powerbomb.]

Kris Kash: The Canadian Crippler is dominating this match so far.

Shane Gertner: The Idol needs to mount a come back.

[Finally, Idol gets the upper hand on CC by locking in the regel stretch. CC rolls to the ropes and breaks the hold. CC tries to fling Idol into a turnbuckle, but he is lifted up and slammed down hard. CC shoots back up, holding his back and runs over to Idol like a wildman. CC runs close to him and clotheslines him. He falls over onto the canvas, and kicks his legs up wildly. He hits Idol in the eye, causing him to stumble over to the ropes. CC is just getting a second win again, and takes adavantage by sweeping Idol over the rope. Idol scrambles back into the ring, having the ready advantage on CC. Idol slides under the ropes as CC climbs to the top. He jumps down and misses horribly, making a perfect opening for Idol’s regel stretch. The Canadian Crippler grabs the ropes and gets up. Then The Idol runs at CC and hits a spear sending CC threw the ropes and hard to the outside. Then The Idol leaves the ring and puts figure-four on CC outside of the ring. CC yells and tries to reverse but can't seem too. Then the crowd starts to clap and CC gets his blood flow running. CC then reverses the figure-four.]

Kris Kash: Did you just see that?

Shane Gertner: The crowd is behind The Canadian Crippler all the way!

[The ref tells The Canadian Crippler that he can't score the win outside of the ring so CC breaks the hold and rolls back in the ring. The Idol holds his knee in pain. Then The Idol slides in the ring. The Idol gets up. The Idol clotheslines The Crippler. Then The Idol hits a german suplex. The Idol then puts on a sharpshooter. The Canadian Crippler yells but The Idol puts the hold on harder. Then Canadian Crippler reaches for the ropes but can't seem to grab them. CC tries again and still can't grab the ropes. CC tries one last time and grabs onto the ropes. The ref breaks the hold. Then The Idol starts to argue with the ref. The Idol turns to CC and hits a piledriver. Then The Icon runs to ring just as E.Z Money runs out from the crowd. The fans start to boo. E.Z Money nails CC with a chair shot to the head. Then The Icon starts to stomp away on The Canadian Crippler. The Idol buts on an ankle lock and The Icon puts a camel clutch on The Crippler also.]

Kris Kash: The Canadian Crippler is being double teamed!

Shane Gertner: He also has two submission holds on him!

[E.Z Money yells in The Cripplers face as Crippler taps. The ref calls for the bell and The Idol is the winner. The Crippler keeps taping but niether The Icon or The Idol will let go. Then the crowd rises to their feet as Sean O'Haire runs to the ring with a chair. E.Z Money spots O'Haire and runs out of the ring and threw the crowd. The Idol nor The Icon have no idea that O'Haire is in the ring with a chair. The crowd is in an uproar as O'Haire strikes Idol and Icon with the chair. The Idol and Icon roll out of the ring and regroup with Idol's IC Title on the ramp. Sean O'Haire stands in the ring pointing the chair at The Idol. O'Haire helps up The Canadian Crippler and The Crippler shakes O'Haire's hand out of respect. The Idol and Icon walk backstage as E.Z Money catches up to them.]

Kris Kash: O'Haire just saved Crippler's career.

Shane Gertner: The Idol almost broke Crippler's leg!

Kris Kash: Idol would have broke it if O'Haire didn't show up.

Shane Gertner: Well The Idol retains his title and next up is the main event!

Kris Kash: I can't wait! We have already crowned our first No Mercy champ and next we will have a World Heavyweight champion!

Shane Gertner: Chris Prime vs. Sean O'Haire next!

[CNW Commercial]

Rick Tenay: As Backstab draws to a close, the only match left is limited to one hour with three cages above the wrestlers! This will be for the World Title of the CNW between Chris Prime and Sean O'Haire. Now to Shane Gertner and Kris Kash!

[Sean O Haire slowly walks out to the ring, using his casual dress. The lights flash, black and blue, and Sean O Haire's banner flashes and dances in the ring. He stands on all four turnbuckles in order then waits for his opponent. Finally the fans stop cheering and Shane and Kris come back on.]

Shane Gertner: ALRIGHT! He is favored to win tonight by none other than me! Next, the baddest of the boys, CHRIS PRIME! He is part of Gewneration X!!

Kris Kash: We'll see if they help him tonight underneath all that pressure! OH WAIT, HERE HE COMES!!!!

[Chris Primes runs out to the ring underneath red lights as pyros go off. Chris Prime walks in the ring. Charles Anderson is the referee for this contest. Sean O'Haire walks around the ring. (ring, ring, ring) Chris Prime hits Sean O'Haire with a clothesline. Sean O'Haire gets back to his feet. Chris Prime bends over as Sean O'Haire elbows him in the midsection. Chris Prime executes a hiptoss on Sean O'Haire. Chris Prime hits Sean O'Haire with an knees to the stomach.]

Shane Gertner: Ouch!

Kris Kash: Slow start for both men.

[Chris Prime is up again. Chris Prime puts Sean O'Haire in an arm-bar submission. Chris hits a suplex and climbs the ropes. Chris Prime, standing on the top rope posing for the fans, is caught by suprise. Sean O'Haire German suplexes him. Sean O'Haire and Chris Prime move to ringside.]

Kris Kash: Did you see that last move?

Shane Gertner: Yeah, you know it.

[Sean O'Haire goes for a flying clothesline but Chris Prime dodges the attack. Chris Prime is back on his feet. Chris Prime rolls into the ring. Sean O'Haire follows. Sean O'Haire jumps from the second turnbuckle, kicking Chris Prime in the head, taking him down. Chris Prime is locked in an elbow submission by Sean O'Haire. The referee is checking the situation....... (AHHHH!) ... Sean O'Haire tightens the hold.... Chris Prime trys to escape. Chris Prime escapes.]

Kris Kash: Sean O'Haire is doing quite well at this point in the match.

[O'Haire powerbombs Prime. Sean O'Haire hits a frog splash on Chris Prime. ]

Shane Gertner: If Sean O'Haire keeps using moves like that frog splash he could win the match!

[Sean O'Haire stands up. O'Haire hits a ddt on Prime. Then O'Haire picks up Prime and irish whips him into the turnbuckle. Then O'Haire climbs the ropes and starts to punch Prime as the crowd counts with him 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9........10! Then O'Haire jumps off the ropes and hits a neckbreaker on Prime. O'Haire helps Prime to his feet and then clotheslines him back down.]

Kris Kash: O'Haire is taking control of this match!

[Sean O'Haire hits Chris Prime with a moonsault from the second turnbuckle. Sean O'Haire is up again. Sean O'Haire gets caught with an elbowsmash to the face.]

Shane Gertner: Sean O'Haire takes a elbowsmash.

[Sean O'Haire elbowsmashes Chris Prime in the nose. Sean O'Haire tries to even the match with a flying shoulder block. Sean O'Haire is up again. Sean O'Haire hits Chris Prime with an stalling suplex followed by a belly to back suplex.]

Shane Gertner: O'Haire is starting to make a come back.

[Now Chris Prime standing. Sean O'Haire gets hit with a fisherman suplex by Chris Prime. Chris Prime stands up.]

Kris Kash - My God!! What a match!

[Chris Prime knee drops Sean O'Haire. Chris Prime sucks chants start in the crowd.]

Shane Gertner: Sean O'Haire takes a knee drop.

[Chris Prime climbs to his feet. Chris Prime climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and executes the diving headbutt on Sean O'Haire.]

Kris Kash: That diving headbutt has put Prime on top.

[Sean O'Haire gets up. Chris Prime slams Sean O'Haire hard to the mat.]

Kris Kash - Chris Prime is doing quite well at this point in the match.

[Chris Prime hits a dragon suplex on Sean O'Haire.]

[Chris Prime starts to climb the cage. Charles Anderson follows him. Prime picks up a shovel and awaits Sean O'Haire. Then O'Haire starts to climb the cage and enters the second cage. Both men are in the second cage now. Prime nails O'Haire with the shovel. O'Haire is split wide open above his right eye and is bleeding heavily. Then O'Haire grabs a fire extinguisher that's lying besides him. O'Haire gets up and sprays Prime with the fire extinguisher. O'Haire then puts Chris Prime in an arm hammerlock submission. Charles Anderson is checking for a tap out. Chris Prime breaks the hold. Chris Prime swings a steel chair and hits Sean O'Haire. Now Sean O'Haire standing.]

Kris Kash: Sean O'Haire is taking alot of pain!

[Prime tries to piledrive O'Haire threw the cage but O'Haire reverses it and back body drops Prime. The second cage appears to give way but holds Prime. Then O'Haire picks up Prime and bashes his head of the side of the cage. Prime starts to bleed. O'Haire starts to hit right hands. Prime connects with a hard left punch. O'Haire then snapmares Prime. Then O'Haire baseball slides Prime in the face. O'Haire then puts a half boston crab on Prime. The ref looks to see if Prime is going to tap. Prime fights the pain as O'Haire puts more pressure on Prime's leg. Prime grabs a steel pole and some how hits O'Haire with it breaking the submission hold. Then Prime grabs a cell phone and breaks it over O'Haires head. Then Prime grabs two trash can lids and clocks O'Haire with them. O'Haire gets up but Prime nails O'Haire with the trash can lids. O'Haire then picks up a bat at hits Prime in the leg with it knocking him down.]

Kris Kash: O'Haire knocks down Prime with a bat in desperation.

Shane Gertner: This match is awesome!

[O'Haire grabs a trash can and hits Prime with it. Prime gets up but O'Haire hits him with an axe handle. Then O'Haire starts to climb to the top cage. Prime slowly gets to his feet. Prime then starts to climb to the top cage. O'Haire is ready for him and hits him with a dropkick. O'Haire suplexs Prime hard to the cage. Prime gets up and low blows O'Haire. Prime scoop slams O'Haire. Prime puts a surfboard stretch on O'Haire. O'Haire reverses it. O'Haire hits a slam on Prime. Then O'Haire climbs to the top of third cage. O'Haire is on top of all three cages. Prime gets up and follows O'Haire to the top cage. O'Haire picks up Prime and looks to hit a piledriver that would send Prime threw the cages when....]

The lights go off and the cybertron goes nuts, then the cybertron shows fire and the word "Diablo" is spelt out in red, then a deep voice says "Hell has Come". The lights flicker. A Mysterious man lowers himself down from a rope to the top of the third cage. The mysterius figure picks up Prime and shoves him off the three cages, sending him threw 4 stacked tables at ringside. Then the mysterious man is raised back to the rafters. O'Haire stands on top of the three cages and reaches for the title. O'Haire can't reach the title so he climbs back to the second cage and grabs a ladder. O'Haire then carries the ladder to the top of the cages and sets it up. O'Haire climbs the ladder and grabs the belt.]


Shane Gernter: O'Haire is the new CNW Champ!

[The crowd gives O'Haire a standing applause as the scene fades to black]