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Heavyweight Title Cage Match

The match begins with Kyle Cartier already in the ring. The cage begins to lower as Vincent Schneider walks down the entrance ramp toward the ring and lowering cage. The cage hits the floor and the ref opens the door for Schneider to step inside. Schneider climbs into the ring and Cartier begins pummeling him with punches from out of nowhere. Vincent battles back with punches of his own, but is countered by an Irish whip into the steel cage. Vincent bounces off of the steel and is caught by a German suplex as he walks backwards into Cartier! Cartier lifts up Vincent, and is surprised by a sudden DDT by Schneider! Schneider gets to his feet and begins climbing the cage wall, he turns completely around and instead of climbing out he jumps and lands with a big elbow across Cartierís neck! Vincent lifts Cartier to his feet and goes for an over head suplex but it is reversed and Cartier hits his own over head suplex!! Cartier begins stomping Schneider in his wounded ribs like crazy, he then sits down on Schneiderís ribs and begins punching him in the face with hard fists. Cartier is lifted up and Irish whipped into the cage, and then he is whipped into the other side of the cage. Cartier falls onto the mat with a hard thud blood slowly dripping from his forehead. Vincent holds his ribs sorely as he takes a few seconds to regain his momentum. Kyle stands up and runs toward Vincent but is hit with a powerslam hard on the mat. Vincent begins kicking Cartier in the ribs now stomping with all of his might. He then begins climbing the cage but Kyle stands up and pulls him down by his feet, Vincent falls backwards and hits his head on the mat hard. Kyle begins climbing the cage for the first time the blood slowly trickling down his face. Vincent gets up and runs toward the cage wall and throws his body against the cage knocking Cartier down to the mat. Vincent climbs on top of Cartierís body and begins pummeling him with punches opening his cut even more. Vincent begins crawling for the open door but Cartier is up again and grabs him by the legs, he turns around and puts the Boston Crab on him!! Vincent is holding on, but he begins tapping out! But you canít win this one by submission, you have to be the first person out of the cage! Cartier angered by the stipulations runs off the ropes and dropkicks Vincent in the head while he is still on the ground. He then picks Vincent up and launches him into the cage cutting Vincent open now as well. Vincent staggers back and is hit with a reverse DDT from Cartier. Cartier begins climbing up the cage but Vincent gets up his ribs hurting very badly now. He grabs Kyleís leg and begins hanging on it as Kyle continues to climb to the top. Cartier reaches the top with Vincent still hanging from his leg, and he begins kicking him off hard. Vincent falls from the middle of the cage and to the mat as Cartier stands on top of the cage and jump with a huge 540 splash onto Vincent!!! Vincent and Kyle both howl in pain as their ribs collide hard!! They both lay there for a minute than Vincent begins crawling for the cage and Cartier is slowly moving too. The two start to climb the cage side by side. Out of the crowd jumps a man!! It looks like a mad fan, but no its RAGE!!! Rage runs up and hits a huge neckbreaker on the referee!! He than starts to climb the outside of the cage with a steel chair. Vincent and Kyle are arms length apart they start throwing punches at each other and Kyle gets the upperhand and Vincent is hanging on to the cage with one hand. Kyle starts to climb the cage again. However he is slow and Vincent soon catches as Kyle is trying to climb over. The two reach the top and Rage is sitting there waiting for them. Vincent is the closest and Rage swings the chair wildly. Vincent ducks and Rage nails Kyle who is almost over knocking him backwards back into the ring. Vincent than lands a solid right hand to Rage who is now off balance and Rage falls to the ring also. Vincent jumps from the cage and lands hard on the ground blood still pouring from his head, and the ref calls for the bell!!! The match is over!! Vincent Schneider is the Heavyweight Champion!!!!! All wrestlers are left laying in pools of blood as the camera fades black.