Carolina Championship Wrestling

- May 13th 2001 in Lexington, SC

Mother's Day Mayhem

The Amazing Velvet def. The Carolina Soldier via sunset flip.

Bubba Hogg Jr & Gravedigger def. The Black Angel & The Zebra Kid via foreign object.

Cruizer Lewis def. Tommi Feathers via jackhammer.

CCW Heavyweight Title Tournament Qualifying Match Big Money def. Mack Truck via 2nd rope Vader splash.

The Swift Studds(Kevin Anderson & Bruce Fields vs. Risk Factor(Darren Danger & Chris Chance w/ EMA. This match was ruled a no contest. The match had to be stopped due to a laceration.

CCW Heavyweight Title Tournament Qualifying Match Boris Dragoff w/ Nikita Koloff def. The Redneck Bubba Kirk via clothesline with the russian chain.

Johnny Z def. The Felon via ddt.

Carolina Championship Wrestling made it's debut May 13th in Lexington, SC. Mother's Day Mayhem was a stellar card, the fans got their moneys worth and left fully entertained. The eccentric Amazing Velvet opened the card defeating The Carolina Soldier with a sunset flip. The crowd went wild for Velvet and the youngster Carolina Soldier showed lot's of potential. CCW badboy Cruizer Lewis defeated everyone's favorite transvestite Tommi Feathers. Tommi looked to have the win after he hit Cruizer in the back with a chair, he then sat Cruizer on the chair and delivered a dropkick knocking Cruizer to the mat. Finally Tommi Feathers finished this 3-step process by nailing Cruizer with a vicious drop toe hold onto the chair. Cruizer soon recovered and caught Tommi with a jackhammer and hooked the tights for extra insurance. Mack Truck made a few enemies when he brought his northern ways down to the south. Truck had his hands full with 401 pound fan favorite Big Money. In this CCW Heavyweight Title Tournament Qualifying Match Big Money got the win and advanced to the tournament. The Swift Studds vs. Risk Factor w/ Every Man's Angel EMA shaped up to be the show stealer of the night. These two teams have met each other on numerous occasions. The match had to be stopped due to the SC Athletic Commission regulations when Darren Danger accidently juiced. Boris Dragoff with his manager Nikita Koloff also advaced to the Heavyweight Title Tournament by defeating The Redneck Bubba Kirk. It looked to be over when Boris hit the Russian Sickle, but somehow Bubba Kirk managed to get his foot on the rope. Soon after the sickle The Russian Nightmare Nikita Koloff distracted the referee and Bubba wents towards Nikita. When The Redneck turned around Boris was waiting with the russian chain and clotheslined him with it for the win. In the main event, hometown superstar and former WWF & WCW wrestler Johnny Z went toe to toe with Williamsburg County Detention Center's own, The Felon. There was no love loss between these two as the match went back and forth. Johnny put the nail in the coffin with a ddt. After the match The Felon attacked Johnny Z, luckily The Redneck Bubba Kirk ran to the ring to make the save. Then The Felon got on the mic and stated to the booker that he wants a rematch with Johnny Z.

July 14th 2001 at the B&L Leisure Center in Batesburg, SC

Brawl In Batesburg

"The Russian Lion" Boris Dragoff def. Mike Draven via Russian Guillotine.

The Black Angel def. Mack Truck via Cross Ring Headbutt.

Four Corner Elimination Match(For the CCW Cruiserweight Title)-Tommi Feathers & Jess Bradley were eliminated via double pin. Pinnacle Dragon was eliminated by The Amazing Velvet.(The Amazing Velvet wins the CCW Cruiserweight Title.)

CCW Heavyweight Title Tournament Qualifying Match- Big Hoss def. Johnny z via Big Splash.

CCW Women's Title-Susan Green def. Desiree Peterson via Bulldog(Susan Green wins the CCW Women's Title.

CCW Tag Team Title-Total Destruction(Shane & Steve) def. Risk Factor(Chris Chance & Darren Danger) via Total Elimination(Total Destruction wins CCW Tag Team Titles)

This is a night CCW fans in Batesburg won't soon forget. It was an action packed card with the first three champions of CCW being crowned. Johnny Z openedf the card talking about how he wanted to turn it up a notch. Johnny said he wanted to find the biggest challenge, and he did in Big Hoss. In a back and forth match The Black Angel defeated Mack Truck with a flying headbutt all the way across the ring. After the match Mack put a beating on Angel and it looked like Johnny Z was coming to make the save. Johnny got in Mack's face and wanted to know what Mack was doing. Then came the shocker of the night as Johnny Z turned his back on the fans and joined in on laying the boots to The Black Angel. Finally Big Hoss ran to the ring and made the save on Black Angel. The show stealer of the night was the Four Corner Elimination Match to determine the first CCW Cruiserweight Champion. Jess Bradley, Pinnacle Dragon, Tommi Feathers and Amazing Velvet all had a shot at winning the belt. This match was wild with suplexes on the floor, managers being laid out left and right, and high flying action. Tommi & Jess eliminated each other when they were counted out with a double pin. This left Pinnacle Dragon and Amazing Velvet to vie for the title. Velvet took a beating the whole match but his chance came when Reverend Sadie Grimm tried to throw powder in the eyes of Velvet, Velvet ducked and the powder blinded the Pinnacle Dragon allowing Velvet to get the roll up and win the belt. Pinnacle Dragon and the Reverend then pummeled Velvet after the match. Ring Announcer Russell Knotts nearly got caught the the Flying Legdrop by Dragon, Tommi Feathers came to save his fallen compatriot and Velvet celebrated his much deserved title win. It seems Big Hoss took it personal when Johnny Z turned his back on the fans Telling Johnny " You remind me of a Catfish, a big mouth and full of s**t." Total Destruction stood and watched the entire match. After Hoss got the victory Total Destruction jumped Big Hoss. By this time Risk Factor had enough and they joined the maylay. Women's wrestling Legend and Veteran Susan Green danced with the fans at ringside and put on a technical wrestling clinic with Desiree Peterson. This was a very clean match, with both women having respect for each other. Susan won but Desiree was there to congratulate her after the match. Now it was time for the main event where the first CCW Tag Champs would be crowned. Total Destruction came out and told CCW Owner Jason Hutto that he might as well just give them the titles, but Risk Factor wasn't going out without a fight. This match was hard fought with both teams salivating over the Tag Team Titles. Risk Factor seemed to have the fans and the belts in their pockets, when Johnny Z came back out, threw Every Man's Angel(Risk Factor valet) over his shoulder and walked to the back, Darren Danger gave chase which allowed Total Destruction to hit Chris Chance with the Total Elimination and take home the belts.

August 25th 2001 in Batesburg, SC

"The East Coast Giggolo" Jess Bradley def. Tommi Feathers by DQ.

Big Money def. Christopher Dream

Warlock & Nighthawk def. The Elite Swingers

Black Angel def. Cruizer Lewis(Advanced to CCW Heavyweight Title Tourny)

(CCW Cruiserweight Title) Pinnacle Dragon and The Amazing Velvet battled to a draw(Velvet retains title)

Second Chance Handicap Match-Mack Truck and Johnny Z def. Big Hoss(Mack Truck advances to the CCW Heavyweight Title Tourny)

Sept 22nd 2001 in Batesburg, SC

Warlock w/ Sorceress defeated "The Italian Goodfella" Tony Giuliani

Pinnacle Dragon def. Nighthawk w/ Sorceress to become the #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Title.

Cruizer Lewis def. a fan(Who later I found out his name is Sonny Landel

Black Angel def. Maxx Mayhem by DQ

"Exotic" Mikal Adrian w/ Luscious def. Darren Danger to qualify for the CCW Heavyweight Title Tournament.

Big Money def. Mack Truck by DQ

Oct. 28th 2001 in W. Columbia, SC

"Masscare at Merlin's"

Sonny Landel def. Deon Johnson(Advanced to CCW Heavyweight Title Tourny)

Norton and Jeff Lewis def. Kevin Anderson and Vincent I. Pain(Wins Vacant CCW Tag Titles

Manslaughter def. Corp. Punishment

Rev. Sadie Grimm def. Uptown Larry D and Pinnacle Dragon(Wins Vacant CCW Cruiserweight Title)

Mack Truck def. Black Angel(Becomes the 1st CCW U.S. Champion)

Nov. 11th 2001 in W. Columbia, SC

"Harvest of Hell"

Cruizer Lewis def. Deon Johnson

Manslaughter def. Norton Lewis(Advanced to the CCW Heavyweight Title Tourny)

Vincent I. Pain def. Kevin Anderson and Jeff Lewis(Became #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Title)

Johnny Z def. Bubba Kirk

Pinnacle Dragon def. Rev. Sadie Grimm(Wins CCW Cruiserweight Title)

Mack Truck def. Crazy Train(Retains CCW U.S. Title)

Bobby Eaton def. Black Angel

March 10th 2002-W. Columbia, SC

"The Evolution"

Rev. Sadie Grimm def. "Everyone's Favorite Transvestite" Tommi Feathers w/ The Amazing Velvet

"The Unholy Terror" Scar Stevens w/ Destiny Devine def. El Lupe Manejando Jr.

The Amazing Velvet w/ Tommi Feathers def. "East Coast Giggolo" Jess Bradley w/ Reginald Vanderhoff in a Hardcore Match

The Black Angel def. Mack Truck to win the CCW United States Title

Mack Truck won the Battle Royal to become the first ever CCW Heavyweight Champion

Jason Hutto's Carolina Championship Wrestling ran it's first show of 2002 March 10th in W. Columbia, SC.

In front of the largest crowd so far "The Big Bad Mothertrucker" Mack Truck became the 1st CCW Heavyweight Champion by winning the Battle Royal eliminating The Black Angel. Earlier in the night The Black Angel faced Mack Truck for Truck's CCW U.S. Title. The referee Jason Anderson was knocked down and soon after The Black Angel went for his patented Cross-Ring Headbutt, Mack Truck put the U.S. title between him and Angel and The Black Angel landed face first on the title. It looked like Truck would have another dirty victory as the ref counted to three. Jason Hutto let the ref know that Mack Truck used the belt and the ref restarted the match, following the restart Black Angel rolled up Truck and became the new CCW U.S. Champion.

The Amazing Velvet defeated "The East Coast Giggolo" Jess Bradley. Tommi Feathers put a beating on manager Reginald Vanderhoff as Velvet and Bradley went Hardcore in the ring. This match saw Jess accidently bleed and after the match Bradley's estranged wife Jasmine ran to the ring and hit her husband with a tilt a whirl head scissors.

Mexican superstar El Lupe Manejando Jr. and Scar Stevens debuted in CCW with Scar getting the win with his finisher Fatal Descent.

Rev. Sadie Grimm defeated Tommi Feathers with his No Salvation/ No Forgiveness combination. Sadie wondered why he had to wrestle when he was sick and could hardly breathe but he got the job done against Feathers.

Carolina Championship Wrestling Results April Anarchy-April 14th-W. Columbia, SC

Mack Truck def. "Magnificent" Michael Devine(Retained CCW Heavyweight Title)

Pinnacle Dragon vs. El Lupe Manejando Jr(Ruled a No-Contest)

Chris Chance def. Rev. Sadie Grimm by DQ

Scar Stevens w/ Destiny Devine def. Mike Nova

Talon def. "The Shooter" Vordell Walker

------------------------- Talon and "The Shooter" Vordell Walker made an impressive debut in CCW. Both men exchanged vicious chops and Vordell threw in some stiff kicks to boot. Walker also hit a running shooting star press that was just amazing. These guys put on a helluva 20 plus minute match. Talon picked up the win with an Impaler type move. A rematch is in the works for the One Year anniversary show. Scar Stevens defeated Mike Nova by rolling him up and hooking the tights while Nova was distracted with Destiny Devine. The match was scheduled for last month but Mike Nova was unable to make it so it happened at April Anarchy. Scar made the claim that Mike was scared the last time to face him and Mike cleared that up saying he wasn't scared he just had transportation problems and he would do the show for free just to pound Scar in the dirt. Chris Chance returned to CCW and defeated Rev. Sadie Grimm by DQ when The Pinnacle Dragon ran in and interfered. Grimm always get the crowd involved by talking smack and is probably the most talented in CCW with a microphone. After the match Dragon and Grimm put a pounding on Chance(Due to this Chris Chance has been granted a CCW Cruiserweight Title Shot against Dragon May 26th), El Lupe Manejando Jr. made the save and walked away until Dragon berated him calling El Lupe a "cheap Mexican" this infuriated El Lupe and an impromptu match for the Cruiserweight Title began. Pinnacle Dragon hit his Top Rope Legdrop and uncharacteristicly called for it again, at this time Mack Truck's music hit and everyone was wondering what the hell is going on, Truck casualy walked to the ring, removed his title and hit El Lupe with a chokeslam, Dragon was happy that Truck was on his side until he was met with a powerbomb. This match was a no-contest. Mack Truck was scheduled to face Redneck Bubba Kirk but Kirk didn't show. Truck called out his opponent "Magnificent" Michael Devine. At the finish Devine leap frogged Truck(I didn't think I would see that) but when Devine turned around he was hit by a Mack Truck as Truck delivered a Gore. Earlier in the match Devine would take a sip on someones drink then throw it in the face of Truck which was pretty funny. After the show Mack Truck told everyone to come back next month and see him do the same thing to CW Anderson. That match is signed for the anniversary show.

Carolina Championship Wrestling

One Year Anniversary Show

May 26th 2002


W. Columbia, SC

Mack Truck def. CW Anderson(Truck retains Heavyweight Title)

Black Angel def. Darin Fate(Angel retains U.S. Title)

Xavier Night def. Chris Chance(Night retains Cruiserweight Title)

"The Shooter" Vordell Walker def. Talon

"Magnificent" Michael Devine def. Mike Nova

"The Best Around" Tony Giuliani def. Krazy K

Mykata def. The Amazing Velvet and Jess Bradley in a 3-Way Match

Carolina Championship Wrestling Results

June 30th in W. Columbia, SC


Triple Jeopardy Match Black Angel(CCW US Champ) & Chris Chance vs. Darin Fate & Xavier Night(CCW Cruiserweight Champ)

Phase One Winners: Darin Fate & Xavier Night(Wins CCW Tag Team Championships)

Phase Two Winner: Chris Chance(Wins CCW Cruiserweight Championship

) "The Big Bad Mother Trucker" Mack Truck def. "Redneck" Bubba Kirk(Retains CCW Heavyweight Championship)

"The Shooter" Vordell Walker def. Talon in 2/3 Falls Match

"Notorious 69" Michael Devine def. "The Best Around" Tony Guiliani

"Your New Addiction" Krazy K def. Mykata

"Unholy Terror" Scar Stevens def. Jason Anderson