CCW VIDEOS-$10 Each for CCW Vol. 1,2 or 3. Or $5 for an individual show.


CCW Volume 1(Item #004)-Includes Mother's Day Mayhem, Brawl in Batesburg and August 25th 2001

CCW Volume 2(Item#005)-Includes September 22nd 2001, Massacre at Merlin's and Harvest of Hell

CCW Volume 3(Item #012)-Includes The Evolution, April Anarchy and the One-Year Anniversary Show

Mother's Day Mayhem Video-Item #001. CCW's first show. Matches include:

The Amazing Velvet vs. The Carolina Soldier

Gravedigger & Bubba Hogg Jr. vs. The Black Angel & The Zebra Kid

Cruizer Lewis vs Tommi Feathers

CCW Heavyweight Title Tournament Qualifying Match-Mack Truck vs. Big Money

The Swift Studds vs. Risk Factor w/ EMA

CCW Heavyweight Title Tournament Qualifying Match-The Russian Lion Boris Dragoff w/ Nikita Koloff vs. The Redneck Bubba Kirk

and Johnny Z vs. The Felon.

CCW Brawl In Batesburg-Item #002. The first three CCW Champions are crowned. Matches include.

CCW Tag Team Titles-Total Destruction vs. Risk Factor w/ Every Man's Angel

CCW Women's Title-Susan "Tex" Green vs. Desiree Peterson

CCW Heavyweight Title Tournament Qualifying Match-Big Hoss vs. Johnny Z

CCW Cruiserweight Title(Four Corner Elimination Match)The Amazing Velvet vs. The Pinnacle Dragon vs. Jess Bradley vs. Tommi Feathers

Mack Truck vs. Black Angel

Boris Dragoff vs. Mike Draven

August 25th Batesburg Video w/ promos Item #003

"Second Chance" Handicap Match-Big Hoss vs. Johnny Z & Mack Truck

CCW Cruiserweight Championship-The Amazing Velvet vs. The Pinnacle Dragon

CCW Heavyweight Title Tournament Qualfiying Match-Cruizer Lewis vs. The Black Angel

Tag Team Match-The Elite Swingers vs. Warlock & Nighthawk w/ Sorceress

Big Money vs. Christopher Dream

Tommi Feathers vs. "The East Coast Giggolo" Jess Bradley

September 22nd Video w/ promos (Item#006)

"Warlock" Norton Lewis w/Sorceress vs. "The Italian Goodfella" Tony Giuliani

Pinnacle Dragon vs. Jeff "Nighthawk" Lewis w/ Sorceress(#1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Title Match)

Cruizer Lewis vs. Sonny Landel

Black Angel vs. Maxx Mayhem

"Exotic" Mikal Adrian w/Luscious vs. Darren Danger(CCW Heavyweight Title Tournament Qualifying Match)

Big Money vs. Mack Truck

Massacre at Merlin's Video (Item # 007)

Sonny Landel vs. "Black Cat" Deon Johnson(CCW Heavyweight Title Tourny Qualifying Match)

"Warlock" Norton Lewis and Jeff "Nighthawk" Lewis w/ Sorceress vs. Kevin Anderson and Vincent I. Pain(For The Vacant CCW Tag Titles)

Manslaughter vs. Corp. Punishment

Rev. Sadie Grimm vs. Uptown Larry D vs. Pinnacle Dragon(3-Way Match For Vacant CCW Cruiserweight Title)

Mack Truck vs. Black Angel(To Determine the 1st CCW U.S. Champion)

Harvest of Hell Video w/ promos(Last Show of 2001)(Item #008)

Cruizer Lewis w/ Sorceress vs. "Black Cat" Deon Johnson

Manslaughter vs. "Warlock" Norton Lewis w/ Sorceress(CCW Heavyweight Title Tourny Qualifying Match)

Vincent I. Pain vs. Kevin Anderson vs Jeff "Nighthawk" Lewis w/ Sorceress(3-Way Match to Determine the #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Title)

"The Bad Seed" Johnny Z vs. "Redneck" Bubba Kirk w/ Tracy Richards

Pinnacle Dragon vs. Rev. Sadie Grimm(CCW Cruiserweight Title)

Mack Truck vs. Crazy Train(CCW U.S. Title)

"Beautiful" Bobby Eaton vs. Black Angel

The Evolution w/ promos (First show of 2002) (Item #010)

Rev. Sadie Grimm vs. Tommi Feathers

Scar Stevens w/ Destiny Devine vs. El Lupe Manejando Jr.

Amazing Velvet vs. Jess Bradley (Hardcore Match)

Mack Truck vs. Black Angel (CCW United States Title Match)

Battle Royal to determine the 1st CCW Heavyweight Champion

April Anarchy w/ promos(Item #011)

Talon vs. Vordell Walker

Mike Nova vs. Scar Stevens w/ Destiny Devine

Chris Chance vs. Rev Sadie Grimm

El Lupe Manejando Jr. vs Pinnacle Dragon

Mack Truck vs. Magnificent Michael Devine

One Year Anniversary Show w/ promos (Item# 013)

Mykata w/ Jasmine Bradley vs. Jess Bradley w/ Reginald Vanderhoff vs. The Amazing Velvet

"Your New Addiction" Krazy K vs. "The Best Around" Tony Giuliani

"Notorious 69" Michael Devine vs. Mike Nova

Talon vs. Vordell Walker

(CCW Cruiserweight Title) Xavier Night vs. Chris Chance

(CCW U.S. Title)The Black Angel vs. Darin Fate

(CCW Heavyweight Title)Mack Truck vs. C.W. Anderson

Our Tenth Show "TEN" (Item# 014)

Jason Anderson v. Scar Stevens w/ Destiny Devine

Krazy K v. Mykata

Tony Giuliani v. Michael Devine

Vordell Walker vs. Talon(2/3 Falls)

Heavyweight Champion Mack Truck vs. Bubba Kirk w/ Tracy Richards

(Triple Jeopardy Match-Three Titles on the line in 2 falls)Black Angel & Chris Chance v. Darin Fate & Xavier Night


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