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Interview with "The East Coast Giggolo" Jess Bradley

Interviewed on Dec. 20, 2002 by Jason Hutto

Why did you decide to become a pro wrestler?

JB:I had dreamed of being a professional wrestler since I was 8 years old. So I just followed my dream and now I'm living that dream.

How did you get started in the business and who were you trained by?

JB:I met a guy named Dave Kerr who everybody in CCW knows as The Amazing Velvet. Dave introduced me to Wildcat Lee Scott who then trained me.

I saw you in attendence at a recent WWE taping. What do you think about their current product?

JB:I think WWE has went overboard with their "cutting edge" storylines. Gay Weddings, Necrophilia and things like that have no place in the wrestling business. Sooner or later they will figure that out.

What are your thoughts on the SC Indy scene and the bunch of assholes known as the SC Athletic Commission?

JB:The Athletic Commission has all but ruined professional wrestling in South Carolina. These money hungry bastards are putting promotions out of business because not every promoter can afford to pay their "fees" on a regular basis. Wrestlers are refusing to get licensed in this state. I think if the Athletic Commission would leave the wrestling business alone, then the SC Indy Scene would be as hott as it was when I first got into this business.

If you could face anyone in the ring past or present, live or dead, who would it be?

JB:I have been asked this question a lot lately. Actually their are two guys that I would love to wrestle. The first one is the guy that really opened teh door in this business for the smaller wrestlers, and that is HBK Shawn Michaels. The second one is in my eyes the best pound for pound all around worker in teh WWE, Billy Kidman.

Word and name association time.

-Amazing Velvet - A very confused individual. Doesn't know if he wants to be Velvet or 3D. Doesn't know if he wants to love the fans or hate them.

-NWA/TNA - At first these guys looked weak but lately they look like they are gonna make a major impact.

-myself(Jason Hutto) - Taking CCW in the right direction. Has done a tremendous job for no more experience than he has in this business.

-wrestling - the greatest form of athleticism

-Santa Claus - magic

-sports entertainment - too much like a soap opera

-the cannonball - needs to be left in the swimming pool and out of the wrestling ring

What do you think about CCW?

JB:I think CCW has improved by leaps and bounds since it's inception. The crowds were small in the beginning but the last show I did in CCW was awesome. We packed the house at Merlins and that crowd was on fire. I just hope CCW can pick up in 2003 where it left off in 2002 and I hope I can be a part of it all.

What do you think about your wife becoming a pro wrestler and how is she coming along?

JB:LOL...well she was a quick study. She learned to do a moonsault before she learned a lock up. Once she learns the basics she is gonna be good. She gives one of the best top rope leg scissors I've seen on the Indy's. It's great to be able to participate in something you love with your spouse. She really needs to train more regularly if she intends to wrestle on a full time basis.

You are the booker of the Southern Wrestling Federation. What are the pros and cons of being the booker?

JB:It is not all fun and games. When you are the booker you have to not only worry about your match, but you have to wonder if somebody is gonna no-show, if that happens who will replace them. Then you have guys wanting to change things on the show and stuff like that. It is stressful. But on the other hand you get to wrestle who you want when you are the booker.

As a booker what do you look for in talent?

JB:I look for guys that just want to wrestle. I look for guys that can work the crowd. I look for guys that don't have egos. I look for guys that I would want to watch if I was sitting in the crowd.

If you were the head of a major wrestling promotion what four stars would you choose to be the cornerstone?

JB:Gee I don't know, Stone Cold Steve Austin...The Rock...HHH...RVD

What do you like and dislike about indy wrestling?

JB:I love the Indy's because there is a brotherhood like no other sports business in the world. Everybody is trying to help everybody to be the best that they can possibly be. I really don't have any dislikes except that I wish the pay was better. But at this level you do it because you love it, If you do it for the pay then your in the wrong business.

Who are your favorite and least favorite opponents and why?

JB:My favorites are 3D and Mykata because when we get in the ring we just click together. I know these guys and they know meso well that we know what the other is doing by the look in each others eyes. I haven't really thought about my least favorite opponent. I can pretty much work with anybody.

Any interesting or funny stories about wrestling that you could tell us?

JB:Well there are a few but one that really sticks out is the time I was wrestling aguy and the crotch of his tights ripped out. There we are in front of about 150 people and I hear this ripping sound. We had to end the match before the fans got to see more than they ever thought possible at a wrestling show.

What are your goal(s) in the wrestling business?

JB:I just want to continue wrestling as much as possible for as long as possible. I would really like to put on some weight and someday be a Heavyweight Champion.

Which wrestlers world-wide do you like watching?

JB:Of course Shawn Michaels and Billy Kidman but one of my favorite matches to watch is Vordell Walker vs. Talon

You have had quite a few matches in CCW, which was your favorite?

JB:My favorite match was the three way dance between me, The Amazing Velvet and Mykata. I had a lot of fun in that match.

You also wrestle for ECPW, I've seen one of their shows and found it to be a quality event. What are your thoughts on ECPW?

JB:ECPW is a top notch promotion. They have the best talent in the Carolinas. The locker room is relaxed and everybody gets a long real well. ECPW puts a lot of time and energy to put on an awesome show. I think with the financial backing they could be a major promotion.

Earlier this year you worked The Funkster(Kwee-Wee, Bruce, Alan Funk),what are your thoughts on that match?

JB:Alan Funk is a great guy. I loved wrestling him and I hope to have some more chances to wrestle him. I will say he took my Fantasizer like a champ. But then again I guess I took his leg drop like a champ too LOL...He wants to come back to South Carolina and do it again so there are some plans in the works to make that happen.

Any advice for someone wanting to become a pro wrestler?

JB:Go to a GOOD wrestling school and learn everything you can. Do this beacause it's something you really want to do. Don't do it because you want to be the next Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Any advice for someone wanting to start their own wrestling promotion?

JB:Get some financial backing!!!! There is a lot of cost involved in starting a wrestling promotion. Learn everything you can from other promotions. Don't start a promtion thinking you are going to put other promotions out of business.

Any final thoughts?

JB:I want to thank CCW, ECPW and SWF for giving the opportunity to entertain the fans. Watch out in 2003 becasue Jess Bradley is ready to explode!!!!

Well Jess thanks for taking time to do this interview and good luck to you and your career.

JB:Thank You and I hope to be able to do this again.

Interview with "Your New Addiction" Krazy K

Interviewed on Dec. 23, 2002 by Jason Hutto

First off we will start with a typical question. Tell us a little about your background and why you decided to become a professional wrestler?

KK:Well I moved to South Carolina from Philadelphia when I was about 10 or so. I have always been a wrestling fan. It's basically like your typical answer, I guess you could say. When you love something you get into it. I couldn't see my self do anything other then this. When I moved to SC, My brother, my self, and friends we made down here, started a backyard fed. I can't sit here like some wrestlers can and trash backyard wrestling, because I used to do it. But I can say this, if you're serious enough about it, don't threaten your future by doing stupid backyard spots, get some training and do it in the ring.

How did you break into the business? Who were you trained by?

KK:When we moved to SC, we started going to independent shows. The first show we went to was an APW show. At the time we had heard about it through Rhonda Bragg, she used to cut our hair. So everytime she cut our hair we would mark on her and ask her all sorts of questions. Finally she told us about this wrestling school they ran in Chesnee, so me and my brothers went to check it out. It was rough, but we never thought about quitting. While at the school we had plenty of different trainers. Mack Truck, Jason Davis, Tony G., Neil Nitro, even Future Shock would come down and help. Although most of them were not as experienced as as Mack Truck or Jason Davis, they all helped in their own way. I met Thomas Simspon at APW and he asked me about working an OMEGA show for him, I wont go into all the details because some people are still bitter about that time but I still thank Thomas for all the help he has given me. I would like to also acknowledge Jeff Hamrick. He gave me some training and helped me in the ring formally, also the artist formaly known as Cham Pain (Marty Garner)

How long have you been wrestling? Do you remember your first match?

KK:May 5th 2003 will mark the 2 year run of Your New Addiction Krazy K. Do I remember my first match? I remember every little detail. It was Nick Fury of the Juvenille Deliquents and I vs. The Power Crew. I was nervous and lost like every other rookie in their first match. But we got through it and it came out pretty good.

What are your goal(s) in wrestling?

KK:I think everyone of us comes into wrestling with the same goal...The WWE. Now that goal may change over time with age but I think thats 99.999% of every wrestlers goal. I have a few critics, a few people don't like me. Thats fine. A few people think I'll never go anywhere,that's fine. But I've been working hard to improve and I'm doing a hell of a job. So my number one goal is to sign that WWE contract. If I accomplish more along the way that'll be kosher too. I mean I have alot a small goals set out. But each small goal builds up to equal my main goal. So when I do sign that contract I will have accomplished all of them, small and big. It's like a ladder you have to climb each rung before you reach the top? Unless your Jeff Hardy then you can just leap. Understand?

What do you like and dislike about indy wrestling?

KK:Politics and Egos. Is there even more to say on that? I don't care if your Hulk Hogan, or The Rock. You're no better then any of those who have paid their dues night after night. Just because your "over" in your angle or you have a top spot doesn't mean you're better than the curtain jerker. That just means you where given an opportunity and it worked. Whats to say if the same guy your jobbing out was given that opportunity and it worked for him, roles would be switched and you'd be on the operating table looking up at the lights.

What do you think about the current WWE product? What do you think about NWA-TNA?

KK:WWE is missing one thing. Wrestling. Their "cutting edge" story lines just get worse and worse. I mean they have a different angle every other night for every wrestler. They throw something at the wall and see if it sticks. If for one moment it starts to slide, they cut it and think the fans will just forget it ever happened. They don't utilize their true talents. Instead they put them on Velocity or allow Brock Lesnar to squash them. And personaly I think Kayfabe was great. I hate that Vince killed it. When he killed kayfabe he killed the magic. Back in the day some people knew what was up but kids like me swore, and would fight to the death because we just KNEW wrestling was real. But now...3 year olds will come up to you at a show and say "He didn't really hit you, its fake." But what do I know, I'm just a fan who's watched your product for 10 long years and recently stopped due to disinterest, but what do I know...right Vince? I can't say much about NWA TNA because I haven't seen much of it. But for what I can say is the NWA TNA is missing one HUGE part...selling. When they do spots like that and no sell they desensitise the fans. If you can't pin your opponent with a chest piledriver off the top rope to the concrete, whats next? A shot gun blast to the chest?

Speaking of NWA-TNA, I believe earlier this year you defeated AJ Styles. How was it for you to work him?

KK:Amazing. AJ Styles is not as good as everyone says he is. He's not as good as everyone thinks he is. He's better. I was an honor to work with him and to have him put me over for the OMEGA CW title was just AWESOME. It shows how humble he is and that he has him self in check. I wish the whole wrestling world had his attitude and prespective. Then everything would be perfect. But until then we just keep on bumping.

Out of all the wrestlers in the world who do you enjoy watching the most?

KK:The man who is wrestling to me...HBK Shawn Michaels. I get alot of mouth on this one but I also enjoy watching Billy Gunn LOL. Right T Diddy!

Since you have worked for almost every S. Carolina indy promotion around what do you think about the state of indy wrestling in SC?

KK:It's good for the most part. It's limited now with the business being in such a bind some promotions took a break from running or some don't run as often... bad thing about it is the young inexperienced talent. And by young I don't mean by age, I mean by experience. See I was one of those young inexperienced guys and people didn't want me in the ring at one time, and they had a damn good reason not to. But I was sorta pressured into starting my career early. I knew I wasn't ready but I was told to come in. I went into my first match knowing how to bump and that was it. I couldn't even spell psychology let alone know how to work it. But now I am at the point where I know what to do. People who are lost shouldn't be in the ring. When you have bad workers in the ring it makes all of the rest look like one big joke. No matter how good the rest is. No matter what bumps are taken. And to me this business is far from a joke.

What are your thoughts on the SC Athletic Commission?

KK:I don't know much about them. But from what I do know all they want is money. Why do we need to pay to run shows? People don't pay an athletic commision to play street ball in front of a crowd. So why do we have to?

Currently you are leading the rookie of the year poll on the CCW site. When CCW returns what should we look forward to from Krazy K?

KK:I look to set a name for my self in fulfillment I'm not looking for gold...I'm not looking for "respect".I'm looking for a feeling. A feeling of pride, and accomplishment and fulfillment. Some know what I mean. As far as Krazy K himself? Nu Skool. It's a style. It's not like a whole new working style. I like to keep things switch things up. When people know what to look for and they know whats coming next, completely blind side them and hit them with something bigger. Always live past expectations.

What are your thoughts on CCW?

KK:Great fed with the talent to match. I had the pleasure of working for CCW twice this year and I had a blast everytime. Good live crowds, great locker room atmosphere and again great talent. CCW is one of the better federations in the Carolinas. I gotta give my props to the boys of CCW cause they made the name, I just got the experience to work with them.

What has been your best and worst wrestling experience?

KK:I can't say I've had a worst wrestling experince. I've had some bad matches and long travels where pay was stiffed but I don't recall any one that I can say was my worst experience. But if I had to pick one, breaking my arm was probably the worst. Sidelined 6 weeks....killer on a wrestler emotionally, cause his passion is gone. As a matter a fact a buddy of mine broke his collar bone. And was mocked for it by the way he reacted. People don't put themself in the injureds position. They don't think about the fact that they won't be able to do the one thing they live for for 1-8 months It eats them alive. Now I won't come out and act like I am some kind of hard ass and act like I don't care who I offend because the truth is I do. So I'm not going to name any names in this interview. But the people who I am referring to know who they are. And I hope they see just how much some people dispise and have no respect for them. And I pray they change for the better. I don't know why they think they are just on a completely different playing field then everybody else, but just hope they wake up and see. One of my best ones today was working with AJ Styles or a couple of the matches I have had with Tony G. I classify them as the best.

If you had the opportunity to wrestle anyone past or present, alive or dead who would it be?

KK:This is a no brainer. The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. The greatest...

You have been in the business for a for a little while now, do you have any advice for someone who wants to become a pro wrestler?

KK:Always stay Humble. Don't ever let your ego get out of check. As a matter a fact never ever develop an ego. There is a big difference between confidence and egos. Some one once said to me...get an ego but don't let people know you have it. Egos are the worst thing to have, But confidence builds a humble man.

What does Krazy K enjoy doing in his spare time?

KK:I enjoy life man. Hang out with my friends is the best thing. I enjoy watching, studying, and practicing wrestling. I sing in my band The SandBox Turtles. I like to write raps, songs, poems anything I can do to pass the time and to make me laugh and get an extreme high. Just life it's self.

Have you had any injuries during your career?

KK:I have. Fortunitly they weren't serious enough to sideline me. I mean I broke my arm but that was way early in my career. I've been wrestling with a bruised thumb that I broke on 7/31/2002. Keep falling on it and it keeps getting knocked out. I have cracked both of my heals, my right one twice. I have pulled nerves and muscles in my back. Bruised elbows and knees. Your usual wrestlers injuries. Nothing major. Thank god.

word or name association time.


-me (Jason Hutto)- Young fresh knows what he is doing with CCW.

-Tony Giuliani-The FNing Man, My fav opponent. Tough as nails.Awesome Talent

-traveling to shows-Long, tiring, but well worth it.Great bonding experiences

-Anna Nicole Smith-Who? Oh you mean that elephant that tried to fly who had a pet mouse as a friend?

-wrestling fans- The drive of every wrestlers match. A hot crowd can spark an inferno

-Santa Claus- Santa doesn't come to NeverLand.

If there was any place in the world you could wrestle, where would it be?

KK:Thats a tough one. But I'd probably wanna be on the center stage. Madison Square Garden. If not the garden. Then Japan. BBBBBBBBBBBBRAAAIN BUUUUUUUUSSSSTAA!!!

Who is your favorite opponent?

KK:Hands down my favorite Indy worker to wrestle is Tony Guliani. Me and him can go pound for pound on each other and have a hell of a match. Its true. I seen us do it before...Many-o-time LOL. Much love to my boy Tony. Another person I'm growing fond of wrestling is AleXxX Stone. He is a new guy but reminds me so much of Parker. And can also hang in with the Krazy spots.

At this time I would like to thank you for taking part in this interview and I wish you good luck in your wrestling career and life in general. Thanks for your time.

KK:Back at ya man. Just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be part of the CCW family. And thanks to the Boyz for all your help and advice. Thanks to T-Diddy and the OFNG boys and thanks to everyone else who has or anything. MADE

A Column from Steve Slice

January 20th 2003

Jason asked that we contribute our thoughts on the state of wrestling or whatever is on our here it goes.

First off, I don't think Pro Wrestling as a lot of us remember is still functioning. Gone are the days of sleepers and figure fours and forget about long angles. In todays world where we must grab the attention of 18 to 25 year old drooling college guys and idiot children to sell the product to thats now called Sports Entertainment. These are the people McMahon and Jarrett play to. The money comes from the kids buying The PPV'S and buying their CD'S, who have not got a clue as to what wrestling should be. These people grew up on Hulk Hogan, Rock-N-Wrestling and clowns! These people are idiots! Yeah, Vince is sick and I personally don't care if he goes broke tomorrow. Putting porn and homosexuals down our throat is just perverted..or is that what the kids want? Anyone see ECW when they came to Columbia? Anyone see WWE when they came? ECW put on one of the best live shows I have ever seen, without the massive light show. The sad truth is that if I am to accept wrestling being turned into "sports entertainment" then wrestling is now dying or will soon. I know most fans realize by now that the WWE has been virtually ran by Vinnie's main member of the "kiss my ass club" HHH. This proves to me that Vince isn't as smart as some of these books I read say about him. To let a egotistical Mr. America wannabe keep the great athletes in WWE from reaching success is a damn shame! The old NWA was the same way with Dusty Rhodes calling alot of the shots. I wish the wrestlers would just their job to the best of their ability,and let the paying crowd decide who the stars should be. A good booker listens to the fans, not pander to a bunch of big headed steroid freaks who want their push at any cost! I can only hope that for ruining my Monday night's that some fed up wrestler decides enough is enough and ends HHH's career for good. We would all be grateful to whom ever does it! OK..I have spoken my mind. I hope Jason can get CCW back up and running and deliver more old school wrestling that we have been missing for too long of a time! I really think CCW was picking up alot of fans during the last few shows. The product Jason is delivering is really a great change of pace from Rikishi's giant ass and gay weddings. On a personal note to Jason....I sure wish you could get Abdullah the Butcher for a show. That would be too cool!