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Major Gunns

Height: 5'6"

Measurements: 34-24-35

Hometown: California

Pro Debut: May 15, 2000

AKA: Tylene Buck

Faster than an ambulance at the scene of an accident, Major Gunns appears on the scene to administer emergency CPR to injured (and willing) wrestlers. A former nWo girl, Major Gunns (the former Tylene Buck) quickly allied herself with the new Misfits In Action group, lead by the outrageous Captain Rection. She's become a staple of WCW programming and one of the most popular females in the entire world of wrestling.

Career History Major Gunns got her start as a regular on the bikini contest circuit... Her success on the beaches of America lead to modeling gigs, including the cover of "Muscle Sport" magazine... Found great success as a ring girl and spokesmodel... Her work in several muscle and automobile magazines lead to her first appearance in World Championship Wrestling... She became the standout of a group of women assigned to escort the newly reformed nWo... After the nWo dissolved, Tylene found herself without a role... Thankfully, with Vince Russo's return to WCW, Tylene Buck found herself rechristened as Major Gunns and was placed into a quickly emerging program... Was recently kidnapped by Lance Storm, who has dragged her to the ring against her will.